My August To Do List

August Goals!

Happy Wednesday! Also happy August! It’s my monthly goals post and last month’s really sparked creativity and got me to be so productive. I wanted to let you know with my progress so I did it again this month. I can’t believe it is another new month and It is August. I just realized it is so close to the end of the year again and that is so freaky to me. I feel like I just finished Blogmas and starting the new year. July was a month to move fast for me but maybe it was because I had so much going on and didn’t realize how fast time was going. So today I wanted to share all my goals I had in July as a recap and then this months to do list!

 Things From Last Month:
Finish Camp Nano

Write a few chapters of my story Tonight or Never

Shoot at least 5 outfits for the month

Shoot an outfit of the week video

Go to a food truck park

Get my US passport renewed

Start editing my Palawan vlogs

Upload at least 4 videos to Youtube

Update Instagram daily

Stay on top of my blog schedule

I did it! I finished my Camp Nano and wrote all 31 days. Of course some days I wrote more or less than others but I got it done. My goal was 30,000 and I got it done in about 15 days so I increased it and wrote about 51,000 words all together in July. I feel so accomplished and it feels so good to write again. So I was writing Tonight or Never and I managed to write 16 chapters and still going. It isn’t done yet but I plan on continuing it and maybe finishing it within the month. I did write 51,000 but I feel like I can write more on it. I managed to shoot 5 outfits for the month and as well I shoot an outfits of the week video for my channel. I am so proud of it and I’m glad I got it done. I managed to go to the food place as well and it was so fun. I’m happy I went but can’t wait to go back and eat more yummy food. I managed to renew my passport after so many years and wrote a bit about that and my day here. Finally I started editing my Palawan vlogs and already uploaded the first 2 on to my channel. I’m working on the third right now and it will be up soon. I also got to upload 4 videos like I said I was. I thought I didn’t but I checked and it looks like can cross it off the list. I’ve been updating my Instagram lately and still growing it. If you’d like you can follow me here as a cheeky plug to it. Last is staying on my blog schedule and I think this is the half and half one. I did stick to it but changed it up a bit. I did blog more than normal last month so that was good but I feel like I wasn’t full on my schedule. It was nice switching things up for a bit. 

Things To Do This Month:

Go on a staycation

Film 3 videos for my channel

Vlog a bit more for the month

Experiment with editing videos and photos some more

Edit more Palawan vlogs (at least 2)

Renew my Philippine passport

Shoot 5 outfits for the month again

Plan my cousin’s birthday and celebrate it.

Get my nails and brows done

Continue Writing Tonight or Never

I planned a mini staycation for me and my parents coming up! I am so excited. I’ve been inspired to do Youtube again and so hopefully I will be able to shoot 3 videos for the month. I want to vlog more and I have a lot of things planned for the month so why not film some of it and look more into my life and see what I’m up to. Since my outfit of the week video I have played around with editing and that inspired me to experiment more and develop my style for editing videos. As for pictures I want to try Lightroom and use presets and try those out for blog pictures. Again I’m hoping to edit more vlogs from my trip. I did go for 10 days and vlogged almost the whole thing so there is a lot of footage and used 3 cameras so it is a huge task. I’m hoping to get 2 done or maybe more. Now last month I got my US passport done and this month I am getting my Philippine passport done. I’m a dual citizen for both countries so I have two passports so that means I have to get 2 done instead of 1. I better travel soon after renewing both my US and Philippine passport. Again 5 outfits or more for the month. Next is super exciting. I talk more about it here but I am planning my cousin’s 18th birthday and I am going to be doing a lot of things for that. I usually get my nails done in gels every month but the past 2 months I took a break so I’m wanting them done again and miss my gel nails. At the same time I am going to get my brows done as it has been a while too so I need them done as well. Last is just continue writing my novel. I don’t want to say finish it but keep writing even though Camp Nano is over. I know I might not be writing everyday like last month but I want to continue writing as I ended my night with that and it was very therapeutic and got me to fall a sleep every night. I’m going to miss it so I am continue it.

Those are my goals for this month! It’s cool getting them done and writing them out and seeing them written out makes it easier to keep track of and following. I was so productive in July and did so much. I went on a tweeting spree about it and was so proud of myself. Maybe it was writing it out the first of the month or what but I had such a great July blog and Youtube wise as well as life wise. I can’t wait to see what this month has to offer and what else I’ll be up to. Let’s hope I can cross off all of my goals on this to do list like last month because the feeling is so satisfying. I’m going to go now as I’m off to do something exciting with my cousin which you will be hearing more about later on I’m sure. I hope you have a fab day, week and month lovelies!

Check out my goals from last month here and even my August to do list from last year here!


What did your July look like and how was your to d list if you had one?



  1. Paige Ladisic
    August 2, 2017 / 8:42 pm

    Way to go on Camp Nano! I haven't done it myself but I really want to start writing every day, just to get my juices going again. xoxoPaige |

  2. Carmen Varner
    August 2, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    Awesome! It sounds like you had a productive month. It's so good to set up monthly goals. :] //

    August 3, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    I LOVE that you're keeping a running list of things you want to do! There are so many things that I wanted to do this summer and places I wanted to go that I never ended up getting around to. I'm going to try this! Better late than never, right?

  4. The Sunday Mode
    August 27, 2017 / 8:12 am

    This is such an awesome way to stay on track and this inspired me to make my own goal list for the month. Even though it's almost the end of August, for next month I think I'd also like to go on a staycation :)Julia // The Sunday Mode

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