L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation & Setting Spray | Review & Swatches

Flawless Foundation & Superb Setting

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been absolutely loving doing my makeup lately. I’m usually not the kind of girl who does her makeup daily and I get annoyed by the process but when I tried this foundation it changed my mind. I’m very particular and my skin does not get along with many foundations. It is a struggle for me to find one that doesn’t look bad on me. I can’t describe it but my skin is finicky. This was a blogger/Youtuber made me buy it product and I can see the hype. Another product I bought with the foundation is the setting spray. The combination of the two are mind blowing and literally changed my makeup game so today I thought I would review it and give you my thoughts on both the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation and Setting Spray.

Description (from here): An ultra long-lasting foundation with a natural matte finish. It delivers picture-perfect, buildable coverage; enriched with perlite technology to absorb excess oil and shine; creates a dimensional (rather than flat) matte effect; reduces the appearance of shine up to 24 hours; luxurious texture is lightweight and feels comfortable; ultra-melting emulsion glides on smoothly to adhere closely to skin; waterproof and steam-proof formula won’t cake.

Where to buy: L’Oreal Paris is available in SM Beauty Stores nationwide, Watson’s, makeup counters and online at Zalora & BeautyMNL

Price & Weight: 700php for 30ml


The foundation comes in a squeeze-tube type and can drip if left open. It contains 30ml of product and is important to shake the container first before application. I try to massage the tube so that it warms up the product a bit and can make it easy to blend in. It has a pretty secure cap and isn’t hard to open and it doesn’t open up easy to let the product out when you don’t want it to. In the front you can see the product and see the color of the shade and the name of the shade too. On the back it has all the information about it like the product description, how to, the shade name and the ingredients. It is a sleek tube and comes in sleek packaging and it isn’t anything fancy which I like.

Color & Pigmentation

The color I got was in 104 Golden Beige and it is a pretty good match for my skin color. I was matched at the L’oreal counter. When I first tried it I did think it was a bit too pale for me but that is when I had a bit of a tan. I was thinking of getting it in 105 and to just mix the two together but now that my tan has faded it matches better. I just add in some bronzer and it brings more color back to my face. This shade has yellow undertones and since my go to shade is honey or anything with a yellow undertone it usually matches perfectly and hides the pinkness of my face.

It is demi-matte finish and claims to last up to 24 hours. The texture is air-light and has oil control. It says it’s matte but it’s not entirely. It has a velvet finish with a soft glow but with powder it dries down to a full matte.
Since it has a matte finish it emphasized dry and flaking areas around
my face. I do have oily skin but then again I have dry patches around my
chin and underneath my eyes and around my cheeks so if I don’t prime
and moisturize it can show the flakiness when I first used it. It has medium coverage. I suggest using a concealer on top for darker blemishes and dark circles. If I really wanted I could just use this though if I want to go for that light no makeup makeup look.

Application & Staying Power

I tried this foundation with a sponge blender and it does wonders. I haven’t used it with a foundation brush or any kind of blending brush yet so I’m not sure how good it blends with one but with a damp beauty sponge it gives a nice flawless finish. It instantly evened out my skin tone, concealing the redness on my cheeks and brightened my under eye area. I love the coverage and how it felt on the skin which really is air-light. Once I set it didn’t feel sticky on the face and looked really nice on. It was like I wasn’t wearing anything. I tried to apply another layer just to check if the coverage is buildable and yes it is buildable but it can be quite cakey if you over do it so I recommend light layers to build it up. The formula is pretty thick so it’s some getting use to for me as I am used to much thinner formulas. It’s easy to apply even with fingers, a sponge applicator or with a brush. The only downside though is you have to have blending skills for this
foundation to buff in flawlessly. It looks great but when you look up close and in front of a ring light you can see
my patchy areas especially on my chin and between the nose and the mouth.
I think a really good brush or a beauty blender is a must to avoid this. Other than that, this foundation does wonders for me and I am loving it so far. It is also fragrance-free which is great as I have a sensitive nose and
can sneeze with anything that does have a hint of fragrance. So another
good point for me to use this foundation whenever I need to.

After almost 12 hours and considering I was out the entire day and sweating and stuff it held up on my oily face. I only powdered once! I am impressed how it lasted.  I highly recommend this foundation for oily skin because it does control the oil on our faces! I was surprised that even after 6-7 hours it still looked good and no shine beside the highlight. Overall, it’s pretty good and lasted for a long time which I was not expecting it would but I was proved wrong. Indeed it lasted 12+ hours but I haven’t tried it for 24 hours as it claims. I did go swimming in it after a photo shoot and it looked good after getting out so I think it might last the whole 24 hours if anyone is even up that long. I now love this foundation and  I reach for it every time I do my makeup.


As you can see on my hand I did multiple swatches. On swatch you can see how it provides really good coverage. The top one is the initial outcome of the product and how it comes out of the tube. The second is blended out a little bit with my finger. The third swatch is blended out with my beauty sponge. It obviously doesn’t match my arm but I blended it out as much as I could. I love the velvety texture and it blends so effortlessly if you can see in the swatch.

I’ve recently started using setting sprays regularly. I do have a couple in my makeup collection but I sometimes forget to use it or don’t really need it. The first one I bought is the MAC Fix+ Spray which I used to use a lot in makeup school. Then I got a Korean one and used it once but I forgot about it and don’t really reach for it because I’m usually lazy which I shouldn’t be. When I picked up the foundation I decided to just buy this to try out and I love buying the “set” so if it has a foundation, powder and setting spray in that collection. So I did and I knew I shouldn’t but future me is thanking past me since it turned out that I like it.

Description (from here): A setting spray that seals your makeup and extends its wear. It’s mild, oil-free mist locks in makeup and keeps it looking freshly applied all day; prevents makeup from smudging and settling into fine lines; significantly reduces melting, fading, and the need to touch-up; enhances makeup’s staying power; lightweight, dermatologist-tested formula.

Where to buy: L’Oreal Paris is available in SM Beauty Stores nationwide, Watson’s, makeup counters and online at Zalora & BeautyMNL

Price & Weight: 600php for 100ml


The setting spray comes in a sleek black bottle. It comes with 100ml of product which seems like a lot. It is easy to hold and hold up to the face. On the front it has the product name and then on the back it has all its info like how to use, what it is good for and the ingredients. The nozzle makes i able to spray it easily and gives a nice spritz to cover the whole face. It’s easy to spray and does a fine mist. 

Application & Staying Power

I applied it according to the instructions on the back. I sprayed it about 6 times a few feet away from the face in an X and T motion to get the whole face. Then I fan it down to dry and it settles in and dries down. I love how refreshing it is and it does get a bit hot applying makeup so this is so nice to spray on the face.

The first time I used this was actually not on myself but my cousin. I did her makeup for her 18h birthday photo shoot for the invitations and since we would be shooting outside all day I thought it was the perfect time to use it. I sprayed her good and we went out in the hot Manila sun and we both were so impressed. The makeup literally lasted and she was so in love with the makeup I did on her which I’m glad she loved it.

The ultimate test with this setting spray was shooting outfit pictures under the sun in the afternoon and then sitting by the pool with a full face of makeup on. Right after I got done taking pictures I decided to relax and hang out by the pool. It was very hot and humid too so I knew my makeup would be sliding off by now. I even went in the pool but didn’t dunk my head under. When I got out and went to go touch it up for dinner it was still pretty good. All I needed was a little powder to control my oily T-zone but nothing too extreme. This proved it set my makeup and really lasted through so many things that day.

So I think the staying power is pretty great on this and does its job perfectly. It lets the makeup stay on and doesn’t budge. I guess this is the only product I needed to make me reach for my setting spray. That proved this stuff works for me and I am loving it.

Overall Experience

Overall I love the foundation and the setting spray! They both have great value for their money
and the quality is amazing. If you couldn’t tell I’m so happy with them and I do recommend both for a great coverage foundation and a long lasting setting spray. For the price I say they are both reasonably priced for their value. It gives a flawless base and amazing pigmentation. Also the setting spray does it job well. I’m hoping to get the primer and the powder as well from the collection after trying these.
Have you tried either the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation or Setting Spray

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4.5/5 for the foundation and 4.5 for the setting spray because I love everything about it but they both had their differences. The foundation has great pigmentation and gives me great coverage. The best thing is the formula and it gives me a great base. The only issue I had with this was the packaging can be squeezed easily in my makeup bag and can make a mess. It is more travel friendly like I said and isn’t as heavy like a glass bottle but it can be a pain if you stuff your makeup bag like I do for shoots. So beside that detail I can look past it as it has been an awesome foundation to use. As for the setting spray I did love the product overall and it does such a great job. I was so impressed with it and didn’t think I would love a setting spray as much as this one. The only thing with this is packaging as well I didn’t like. I took this away with me for a trip and put it in my makeup bag and it did leak because the spray got pushed I guess. It isn’t travel friendly and I don’t think it really should be. I have to find a way to take it with me on trips. At home before you leave is fine as you don’t have to touch up but for a week trip away not so much especially if you throw it in your makeup bag like me. Other than that I think it deserves a great rating.  

That’s it for my review of the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation & Setting Spray. I loved this foundation so much that this is technically my second tube of it. It sounds like I go through foundation like crazy but the reason was I lost the first tube. I have no idea how I lost it but I lost it with a Beauty Blender and I was so angry. I used it twice and loved it and I was going to go use it for a shoot and I could not find it. I was so sad but luckily there was a sale and it was fate I could repurchase it. Don’t you worry I am safeguarding it now and make sure it is always in my makeup bag because I am not buying another one without finishing this current one. I don’t think I can lose the setting spray as it is a pretty big bottle but knowing me I might but fingers crossed I don’t. I get so excited to do my makeup now and don’t mind applying it now. So glad I listened to the reviews and pick this up as well. I hope you enjoyed this review and my thoughts on both of the products were helpful. Let me know your current foundation and setting spray as well as if you tried any of these too. Have a lovely rest of the week!

What foundation have you been influenced to buy?


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  1. Cara Owens
    August 10, 2017 / 12:05 am

    I love loreal foundations! This one really does have great coverage, which is awesome!

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