How To Style Bows with Braids Hairstyles


Happy Thursday! It’s a bow-tiful day as I am sharing with you how I style my hair with bows. If you’ve been here long then you know that there is always a bow in my hair with my outfit pictures and I can count on my hand when I haven’t worn one. I’ve actually been wanting to do a blog post like this for a while but never got around to it until now. I think I’m going to turn it into a series. This version will be how I do my hair in braids and add a bow to it. My cousin Jelly is a master at doing hair and lately she has been braiding my hair. I’m not as good doing my hair but she has been teaching me. This weekend while shooting this popped into my head and since I had three hairstyles of braids with bows it would be perfect to show you. So here are three hairstyle ideas to recreate on yourself and if you’d like you too can add a bow like I have!

The first hairstyle was a braid I’ve always wanted to recreate. I love this one as the front bits of my hair are out of my face and when it is hot and you don’t want it always falling and messing up your makeup then this is perfect. I wanted it braided to one side and and then the other was loose and down. So instead of tying it with a hair tie I used my bow and it does work and keeps it in place.

The second hairstyle is my go to swim do. I love just braiding my hair as it is the perfect way to get out of your face when swimming. It is just a french braid to the side and at the end I also clipped a bow in. Of course I take it off in the water but to be cute I add it if I am not.

The last hairstyle is just a twist to my everyday do and what I usually do everyday. I pull my hair back in the crown and pin a bow to hold it in place like you see in many outfit pictures. This time around I had my hair braided down in the middle then pinned it with the bow. I think now this might be my favorite style.

So those are three hairstyles I have gone through for the week. I love braids and had them everyday growing up. I got tired of them and thought they were too immature but now I miss them and I think if I style it in a more mature way it works a bit better.

The only disadvantage I have with braids in my hair is that they aren’t that thick as my hair is not very thick. I naturally have really thin hair so as you can see my braids are rather skinny. That’s why I think extensions would help and add volume and thickness to the hair. My Hair Bay has a lot of choices and there are tons of style to choose from. So if you want the perfect braid that looks thick in full I think this will solve that issue.

Those were how I style my hair with braids and bows! I hope you like this and took it as inspiration for any of you girls or guys. I’m so looking forward to doing more of these. If you want to see maybe a bow collection or how I store them then I would gladly do that if you want it. I want to do more hir posts as well as I quite enjoyed it. Let me know your favorite hairstyle or if you use any hair accessories on the daily!

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When in doubt, put a bow on it!

What is your go to braided hairstyle?


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