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Hot Pink Stationery

Happy Friday! A bit of a lifestyle post for today. I couldn’t sleep the other night as I had so many ideas floating in my head for things I had to do so I decided to just get up and start writing in a notebook I keep beside my bed. It led me to have such a productive day and I got everything done I had on that list and felt so good afterwards. I didn’t get much sleep that day but I still finished everything. I then couldn’t stop writing again. I usually keep my to do lists on my phone or just type it up on my laptop. I didn’t buy a planner or weekly diary this year which I know regret. Now I am sticking to notebooks. If you couldn’t tell I do love my hot pink so all my stationery I own are in that shade. I feel like I want more stationery now.

My cousin is turning 18 and having a pretty big birthday part. It’s a Filipino tradition for a female to have a debut at 18 and it is a huge milestone birthday. My 18th birthday was massive and my debut was over the top. I wish back then I could have blogged the planning and the result but I started my blog 2 months after my 18th birthday. She is the last female cousin of the family to have an 18th birthday so it is pretty special.

So I’ve mentioned Jelly a few times as she is now my blog PA and helping me out. Yes her name is Jelly and yes we have made fun with her name ever since she was a baby. I am 6 years older than her but we are still really close. Whenever I came to the Philippines when I was young she would be the first one I go to and I always treated her as my little sister as I didn’t have one. The family knows she is my favorite and to this day they joke that she still is and that is why I hired her to work with me. Since it is her 18th birthday coming up I am planning some fun things for her before her party. She wasn’t going to have a party but my parents, myself and some aunts, uncles and cousins are all pitching in and will throw her a party. My plan is to take her to get a beauty makeover so her hair, nails and brows done before the party. Also I’m loaning her a gown I wore to my sweet sixteen but she doesn’t know I am buying her a complete outfit and makeup for the day. I don’t think she reads my blog so it will be a great surprise. I’ve been busy planning it all in my spare time. It is the least I can do and a little celebration of her starting to work with me. She has been such a big help and that is why I have so many outfits and videos coming out. It has totally inspired me and a bit of the reason is I have her helping. Jelly does know there will be a party but not all the details. All she knows is I’m in charge of balloons, my aunt has the cake, my parents are the decorations and food. 

This is where this blog post got inspired by. I was going to start designing her invitations and souvenir programs on Photoshop like I did for my nephews first birthday. I need to start early as it was going to take me a while and I like making them perfect. It took me quite a long time to design my nephew’s invitations and his mom and I spent a lot of time redoing it and deciding the theme and stuff. That is when Paperless Post got in contact with me. I didn’t tweet about this or mention it anywhere so it was like fate when I got the email in my inbox. This meant I didn’t have to design it on my own and it would save me time.

There are so many choices like birthday cards and birthday invitations. It took me a while to choose as there are so many fun designs. There are different categories and you can choose by color and age if the birthday is a certain number. From kids to adult birthday cards and invitations that you can customize.

Once you choose the template then you can go into their menu and customize it. If you want to put your own log it costs 3 extra coins. They have a coin system that you can avail so each card without the custom logo is 4 coins. I like the coin system and i makes it easier to use. I used another site before for my nephew’s baptism and it was hard to navigate and it cost money per customization. They don’t and they only have coins to make changes. There are lots of colors to match your color scheme and theme. Also you can match them us and changed the fonts. There are simple ones or fancy ones whatever you prefer. I like having choices as I’m used to having my own preferences when I design myself.

Not only do they have invitations for all kinds of occasions but they
have personal stationery. I designed some as well with my name and my
blog name to have. I could print it out or create a booklet with it to
have a personal set in case I need it and to write stuff down on. I like
having my things that have a little personal touch to it. I guess I need to find a place that can make it into a notepad so I can display it on my desk.

So this came at the right time. I cannot wait to show Jelly the invitations once I finish them. We need to go do the photo shoot for the invitations like I did for my 18th. It is going to to be weird taking her pictures instead of her shooting me for my outfits. We are planning that and then I could pop the picture in and it will be done before her birthday and she could give them out to her friends in person or digitally.

That is my little side project at the moment. I can’t wait for her party and the girly day I have planned filled with makeovers and shopping. We dreamed of this when we were younger and now that the day is here it seems so weird how grown up we are. I have another surprise for her but I will be keeping that a secret for now. It is so exciting! So this weekend I think I’m headed to her house to do some planning for her and for me. I think that is all my plans are for the weekend. It is going to be a chilled one as there is a pretty big storm right now and it is raining non-stop. I’m looking forward to that and then snuggling in bed with my pajamas and Netflix all weekend. Let me know if you had a big birthday that you planned for. I’d love some more birthday ideas. Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

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What was your biggest birthday party you’ve had?



  1. Fun In The Closet
    July 28, 2017 / 5:08 pm

    I am such a sucker for stationary! This is such a cool idea for online cards! Thanks for sharing! I hope she has a great time at her debut! šŸ™‚ xo, Chloe //

  2. Vanessa Kingson
    July 28, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    Paperless Post is such a lifesaver when it comes to mass inviting. Their designs are also quite cute.

  3. Tori M
    July 30, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    It looks like great fun and your cousin will have a fab party I'm sure!

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