My July To Do List

July Goals

Happy Monday! Also Happy July! It’s the first Monday of a new month so that means extra productivity. July is always a fun month for me. It’s not my birthday month and there is no hidden meaning behind it but for some reason July has always been good to me. I have three favorite months and that are April, July and December. I thought since it is now one of my fave months again I would share a bit of what I have on my to do list for the month. I miss doing this and wanted to just write out on my blog some July to do lists. Let’s see what I have to cross of for the month!

Things To Do This Month:

Finish Camp Nano

Write a few chapters of my story Tonight or Never 

Shoot at least 5 outfits for the month

Shoot an outfit of the week video

Go to a food truck park

Get my US passport renewed

Start editing my Palawan vlogs

Upload at least 4 videos to Youtube

Update Instagram daily

Stay on top of my blog schedule

So my to do list/goals for the month are pretty simple. To start with I decided to do Camp Nanowrimo which is a write 20 day challenge to finish a novel. I didn’t do it in April like I did like last year because I had so much going on so since July is a bit calmer I thought I would try it. It’s funny because last year I wasn’t busy in April and had a lot going on in July. That leads us to the next goal which is the story I’m writing for it. I’ve had it in my head for a while and I thought doing this project it would be the perfect time for it to come out. I put that I will finish a couple of chapters because if I put finish it I know I won’t so I’ll be happy if I get a few completed fully. It’s called Tonight or Never and I’m quite proud of it so I will be busy doing that on top of other things you’ll see on the list. The third thing on the list is going to be pretty challenging this month because the weather is not in my favor and raining a lot so it is so difficult to go out and do them but I want to try and get at least 5 done. Next I want to get back and doing things on my Youtube so while I do outfit pictures I thought I could make an outfits of the week style video while I’m at it. An activity I want to do is go to a food truck park I saw while I was on a road trip to one of my outfit shoots. I want to go and check it out and maybe do a blog post/vlog for it. It sounds interesting so there is an upcoming post id I do end up going. A grown up essential I need to put on my to do list is get my US passport done and renewed. It’s been a while and I’ve been putting it off but it is finally time. The next thing is something I need to get my butt doing and it is start my editing my Palawan vlogs as it’s been a few months since I got back and the reason I went was to vlog and upload it so I need to get on that. Since I’m going to start editing I expect to upload more and hope to get 4 videos or more done this month. I’m hoping I will up my Youtube game again. The second to last thing on the to list is to upload a picture daily on my Instagram and to try and beat the algorithm and build it up even more. Last thing is to stick to my schedule and hopefully I do as it is so hard to take pictures lately and I want to but the stupid rain is getting in my way. I’m going to try my hardest as I am loving being so consistent with everything.

Every month so far I’ve been trying to build up all my social medias and my blog. I am making this month focused on just getting it up even more. Make sure you are following me on all my social pages as there will be a lot of content and stuff coming.

So that is what I have on my to do list this month. I’m glad I got to share it with you and maybe you have a couple similar to mine that you are doing. I will have to report in how I did next month as I’m excited to see how I did. Here’s to hoping July is going to be a good month and very productive. I’m off now as I have to reshoot the outfit I had planned to do but it ended up raining so let’s hope I actually get it done this time. Have a lovely month and rest of the week!

What is July looking like for you?


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