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Bye Bye, Blues

Happy Wednesday! It’s hump day so there are a few work days left and it will be Friday again which this week I am looking forward to. I’m currently ill and not sleeping too good and I have a blog shoot tomorrow to shoot some outfit photos. So because I’m not sleeping that means my under eye circles are all out on show. It doesn’t help either that I am a night owl and don’t get to bed at a reasonable hour too. Before I would have worried because I hadn’t found a good concealer to cover them up and would feel self-conscious. However I discovered this concealer as well as a good foundation that I don’t have to worry about it now. It makes all the difference and makes me enjoy putting my makeup on again instead of a chore. I get a flawless base and thought I would never find a concealer to disguise them. It’s the closest one to hide them and also brightens them up. I’ve been enjoying using this so I thought it was time for a review and give you my thoughts on the Happy Skin Bye Bye, Blues Concealer.

| Happy Skin Bye Bye, Blues Concealer Wand in Medium Beige |

Description (from website): Say goodbye to tired eyes! The Happy Skin Bye Bye, Blues Brightening Concealer Wand is a revolutionary liquid concealer you can count on to diminish dark circles and brighten & highlight the undereye area. It provides high coverage that is buildable but weightless. Featuring an ultra-smooth, lightweight formula, it never settles into fine lines and remains undetectable. Its light-diffusing technology evens out complexion so skin appears fresh and natural with a radiant finish.

Where to buy: Happy Skin is available at Glorietta 3, Ayala Grand Mall, Greenbelt 5, 2/F, Powerplant Mall, 2/F, Robinsons Magnolia, 2/F, SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, 2/F, Eastwood Mall, 1/F, UP Town Center, 1/F Trinoma, 1/F, SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall, 1/F, Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Wing, 1/F, SM City Pampanga, Building 3, 1/F, SM City Cebu, North Wing, UG/F, SM City Clark, 1/F, SM City North EDSA, 2/F City Center, Alabang Town Center 1/F. Also Rustan’s, Beauty Bar, Plain’s and Print’s, The SM Store, Wantson’s and Landmark. Available online at happyskincosmetics.com & Zalora.com.ph.

Price & Weight: 899php for 7.5ml


The box the product comes in is gorgeous. Well pretty much everything from Happy Skin is just #goals. This one in particular is from their Festival of Colors Collection that came out early this year. It was a new product from that collection. I discovered it when I was invited to their store opening and hauled it. It is so colorful and it is so hard to not hoard all their product boxes as they are just as pretty as the product itself. The top has Festival of Colors embossed in gold foil and the bottom part had the product name printed on it. On the back it has all the info about it like the description, ingredients and instructions on how to use it. On the lid where you open it up it has the shade name. The concealer itself is a typical liquid concealer packaging. It has a pretty print on it with the product name. It sort of reminds me of a fairytale kind of packaging for some reason. I love the turquoise color too and the lid. It has the ingredients printed on it and then on the bottom it has the shade again just in case you forget. When you open it up it comes with a sponge tip applicator wand.I love these kind of liquid concealers and I find it the easiest to apply concealer with.


It’s available in 2 shades: Light Beige and Medium Beige. The shade I went for is Medium Beige. I have quite dark and prominent dark circles that need enough color to hide them. It’s yellow with a strong peachy undertone to it making it the perfect under eye bag cover up. I had the saleslady help determine my color but I’m usually always a medium in concealer. Since there is two colors it wasn’t hard anyways but they have two other concealers but not like this one.

Application & Staying Power

According to instructions, you need to apply it generously all over the under eye area. If you have dry patches there like I do sometimes than I recommend moisturizer first. I apply a generous amount in a triangle formation using the wand since I need the coverage I can get. I then blend it out with a Real Techniques sponge gently dabbing it in to blend with my foundation. If I need extra coverage than I put on another thin layer and the best thing is it doesn’t cake up or crease. I also use it to brighten my skin and cover the redness by my nose and a few areas around my cheeks that are also pink in color. It does a great job hiding them too. After everything is all blended in I like to “bake” the concealer. I use a translucent powder and leave it there for a few minutes. I then sweep it off and it lasts so much longer. If it does crease because of the heat I just reblend it in with my ring finger and pat it down. 

It fades minimally during the day when set. It does well in the heat but it can crease after about 3-4 hours but when you go powder yourself just blend it back and it is fine. It also covered my pores around that area and sits on the skin perfectly. By the end of day when I got home to take off my makeup  it was still visible and hardly no creasing or fading. I think I wore it for an estimation of maybe 8 hours but I think it can go up to around at least 10 hours if you are just in a cool place without doing much all day. So great for office work but for a blogger who is on the go and taking pictures in the heat than it is less time but very understandable the circumstances. Overall great lasting time for a concealer.


This has insane pigmentation. It can go from light coverage or go all the way to medium to heavy coverage at best. With just one layer my dark under eye area are very well hidden. It’s meant to brighten as well so not only does it cover my under eye area and any other places I need coverage it brightens as well. I love that this product can do both and it was just what I was looking for. The name says it all and you will say Bye Bye, Blues that are under your eyes as well as doing a great job in brightening.


Here are the swatches on my arm. The top is straight from the tube with one stoke of the brush. It is extremely pigmented right away with only one swipe. The second is the product built up with several swipes. It doesn’t cake up and the color can build to hide any dark circle on the face. The third swatch is a couple swipes blended out to see the blendability of the product. The last swatch is a few swipes even more blended out. It can still blend out more but for pictures I left it to be seen. The color for my arm though it doesn’t match and if I had a tattoo or something I would have gone with the lighter color. Underneath my eyes though it is a far better color match and can blend in seamlessly. So the swatches I didn’t blend in that well to show the color and pigmentation instead of how nice they blend.

If you want to see it in action on me than I just took a selfie wearing it. I used it in my last review so didn’t wasn’t to post it twice. I have it on in this lipstick review and you can see it disguise my undereye circles here. It’s after a full day of wear without any touch ups so it still looks pretty good considering.

Overall Experience

Overall I am in love with this concealer and it has great value for
it’s money
and amazing quality. I’m extremely happy with the coverage and I do recommend it
especially the pigmentation of it. For the price of this I can say it does it’s job and so worth it. It gives nice
coverage and has amazing pigmentation that I look for in a concealer. It impressed me since this is
my first time trying a base product from Happy Skin and love all their other stuff so much I knew I’d love this too. I’m going
to be adding the foundation and powder as well to try out next as the concealer does it’s job.
Have you tried the Happy Skin Bye Bye, Blues Concealer

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4/5 because I do love
everything about it but there was two downsides for me. First with the good is it has
great pigmentation and covers my dark circles completely.
The best thing is the
and it’s really nice and blends in flawlessly as well. The first issue for me is the price is pretty steep. It is 899php but since it does it’s job I wouldn’t mine buying another tube. If you are on a budget however than this is pretty high for one makeup item. To resolve the price than maybe only buying this to conceal and not have a foundation. I have pretty good skin so I can get away with it and just go with this on my problem areas. Next is not a
big issue but it only comes in two colors.  The shades are very limited to really light skin tone or medium. Maybe later on they will expand and add more color variants to fit everyone but right now they only offer 2 colors.
So beside those two disadvantages everything about this concealer gets my thumbs up as it was pretty amazing. I would consider to buy another tube if this runs out unless I find something better but for now it is my go to concealer.

That’s it for my review of the Happy Skin Bye Bye, Blues Concealer. I was really impressed and it makes me feel not so bad staying up late and being a night owl. I get so much more done and that’s why I try and relook at things the next day as I do get my work done in the middle of the night. I’ve always been a night own like my dad and hate the mornings. If I have to get up early it is best you don’t talk to me until I’m fully awake. So with this product I can disguise my dark circles and brighten them up too. I’m all about the glowy makeup recently and I can’t wait to see what look I go for tomorrow’s outfit shoot. I best be going now as it is quite late me writing this. I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and the weekend comes quicker for you!

What concealer has changed your life and covered your dark circles?


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