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Wonder Woman Followed Her Heart

Happy Saturday! Also Happy National Lipstick Day! Now that is a day I can celebrate. I knew it was today and I had to do a post about lipsticks of course. If you’ve been reading my blog for long then you might have caught on that I love writing about lipsticks. It is actually one of my favorite makeup items to wear and I am obsessed with collecting them. If I could have only one makeup product and needed to use it for the rest of my life I would say lipstick. If you ask me which one and which color then that will be hard and take me forever to give you an answer. I’m smitten with my lipstick collection and I recently added to it. A few months back I went to the Happy Skin Store Opening and I knew once it opened close to me I would be back. Well I did a few weeks ago to pick up some makeup remover from there and only intended on buying that but as I checked out this lippie set caught my eye. Why do those last minute items by the cashier so tempting? So into my cute shopping bag it went to come home with me and here we are with two new colors in my possession. So for National Lipstick Day, I thought it would be right to review my latest lipstick purchase and give my thoughts!

| Box Of Kisses With Follow Your Heart And Wonder Woman // 899php |

Description (from here & here): Wonder Woman – The country’s first cosmetics hub is turning 18! To celebrate, Beauty
Bar collaborates with the country’s favorite skin-caring makeup brand,
Happy Skin, to empower women with working girl-friendly beauty tools.
This Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie is sure to
help you make that lip-smackin’ statement. Highly pigmented and
moisture-packed, it glides on irresistibly smooth and leaves
behind a rich, creamy pout that’s way tempting to kiss.
Follow Your Heart – Say goodbye to parched and dry matte lips! Happy Skin’s Shut Up &
Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie is impressively hydrating while
providing an ultra-matte finish. It moisturizes so superbly that it
doesn’t magnify dry skin on dehydrated lips. It glides on lips
with high impact and intense color. Its long-wearing formula wonderfully
stays in place! Finally, kissable lips no MATTEr what!

Where to buy: Happy Skin is available at Glorietta 3, Ayala Grand Mall,
Greenbelt 5, 2/F, Powerplant Mall, 2/F, Robinsons Magnolia, 2/F, SM
Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, 2/F, Eastwood Mall, 1/F, UP Town Center,
1/F Trinoma, 1/F, SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall, 1/F, Robinsons Place
Manila, Midtown Wing, 1/F, SM City Pampanga, Building 3, 1/F, SM City
Cebu, North Wing, UG/F, SM City Clark, 1/F, SM City North EDSA, 2/F City
Center, Alabang Town Center 1/F. Also Rustan’s, Beauty Bar, Plain’s and
Print’s, The SM Store, Wantson’s and Landmark. Available online at happyskincosmetics.com & Zalora.com.ph.

Price: 899php for 2 Lippies or buy individually separately

 Wonder Woman – 599php

Follow Your Heart – 649php


The packaging for these lipsticks comes in a box. Of course Happy Skin always has the best packaging. The cute prints and design are always eye catching. It sort of reminds me of the Too Faced Christmas ornaments I got last year. I love the hot pink satin ribbon to hang it somewhere. I’m not sure where to put it but I like the concept of it. On the back, it has the info and the combinations of all the lippie sets to create a different color that comes in the set. So since there are four different sets to choose from there can be 12 possible lip sets but if you collect all four and mix and match then that is even more possibilities to create different colors. That would be so fun to play with. So the individual lip crayons are pretty standard and like other lip crayons I own. The color of the tube is the same color of what the lip shade is so it will be easy to distinguish what color to grab for without opening it up. The pink one has a gold twist up knob and I love the colors of the hot pink and gold together. The darker lip color has a silver twist up knob and it matches that color. They look similar but maybe the tips are different to identify the formula. The only thing with the packaging I don’t like is it is so hard to close. If you don’t do it properly you can ruin the lip product which have done in the past. There is different packaging when you buy them individually too.

Application & Staying Power

The formula of these are amazing and I love them. They both have different formulas. I’ll start off with Wonder Woman first. WW is a part of their moisturizing range which I think was part of their original collection. This one however is from their Beauty Bar collaboration. It is a moisturizing and glides on well on to the lips. It has a sheen to it and doesn’t dry to a matte but if you blot it of course it will. Follow Your Heart is a part of their matte collection that came out. It is a matte formula but it is promised not to dry out or drag and it is true. It dries to a matte but when you apply it is super smooth and very moisturizing. it has a bit of sheen but not as much as WW. It is easy to draw on the lips and both are so smooth. It has a big tip so it can go around my lips in one go or I can draw around the edge of my lips and then fill them in if I want.

The staying power is pretty good for the lippies. I think pretty standard for this formula. WW goes away a lot faster as it is a moisturizing formula and will leave a stain on my lips. It can last about 3-4 hours at most which is pretty good but can go longer if you don’t eat or drink too much. As for FYH it has a matte formula so it last a bit longer for me. It can stay about 4-5 hours without eating or drinking heavily. It goes down to a lighter pink stain and doesn’t fade on the lips.

Color & Pigmentation

These lippies have such gorgeous colors on their own but also they look so pretty together. First is Wonder Woman which is a dark vampy brown. It kind of reminds me of my recent review of Ofra Lipstick in Americano but in crayon version. I think as Autumn/Fall is around the corner the dark and vampy shades are starting to pop up in my collection. I’m also loving trying new colors and adding some unique ones to my collection that aren’t my standard ones I buy.  I don’t have it in my collection so it is justifiable to keep. WW is a is red brown lip color that is so on trend now. I would describe it as a powerful espresso shade. It has great pigmentation and with it being a darker color it can go one in one swipe. You can build it up for more intense and vampy look if you prefer the true brown shade.

The next color is Follow Your Heart and if you see this color it is a very “me” color. I love a good hot pink lip and it is my confident color. So this color was one of the reason I choose this set. I wasn’t very keen on WW at first but FYH drew me in. Obviously it is a hot pink. I would describe the color as a bright neon pink with slight hint of peach in it. It is definitely a cool toned hot pink but has pinky peach undertones as well. Again it has great pigmentation. It isn’t as bright on though which I was a little sad about. I love the bold in your face hot pinks but this is a really subtle one anyone can rock. It is so easy to just add a little on the lips to add a little color or really amp up the intensity to get the true hot pink shade.   

This set is meant to combine two of their lip offerings to create a third. I love that idea and find it so good. So if you combine WW and FYH then you get mauve. That is what it says on the back packaging. I kind of agree as it looks like a mauvey pink when you put them together. I’m a big fan of mixing lip colors to create a new shade. When I learned that hack for readjusting a light lip color it change my life and I can reuse my lippies without feeling bad they don’t go to waste. I talk more about the lip color in the swatches below of what they look like together but I do love the combination of them.


As you can see on my hand I did multiple swatches. On the top is FYH and the first line is one swipe of the color. The one below it is the color built up. See the color isn’t as bright as the packaging and not too intimidating on. It dries to a matte and sets nicely especially on the lips it doesn’t crack or crease on the lines of my lips. Below that is WW and it is a reddish brown with a bit of an orange undertone on fair skin. Just like FYH I swatched it once and then I built it up underneath it. It is a nice browny red on the lips and can be solid or lightly applied to get a subtle look. Next we have the combination of the two. So it is descibed to be a mauve and I can see that. It is so pretty when you add them together. The first swatch is WW on the bootm and FYH on top to get a more pink outcome. The last swatch is FYH under WW to get a more browny outcome. I think I would do the first one more and I think WW is more moisturizing so it glides on easier. Either way they both create a nice color and are pretty similar so depends on how much you add or don’t.

Overall Experience

Overall I love these lipsticks and they both have great value for
it’s money
and amazing quality. I’m happy with them and I do recommend the set or the other variant sets. For the price I say get a set. It costs more to buy each individually so getting the set you get both of the colors for less. It gives nice
color and both have amazing pigmentation. I’m going
to be adding the other sets to my wish list to try out and get more lippie options.
Have you tried any of the Happy Skin lip offerings

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4/5 for Wonder Woman and 4.5 for Follow Your Heart because I love
everything about it but they both had their differences. It has
great pigmentation and both are gorgeous colors so I give them that.
The best thing is the
and it’s really nice color payoff. The only issue with them both is the lip crayon packaging and breaking the lip colors. They are quite soft and can be easily broken when the lid gets put on. Another is since they are a soft moisturizing formula it can melt easily and the lid comes off easily in my makeup bag so I don’t travel with these. A lot of lip crayons are like this so it isn’t just them. So beside that bad quality it still is a good product I
think and I would love to buy the other lets they have.

That’s it for my review of the Happy Skin Box Of Kisses Lippie Set in Wonder Woman & Follow Your Heart. I love them and they are such good summer and coming up a fall color. It is a great set to pick up as it can be good for the seasons. So that was such a fun way to celebrate National Lipstick Day with a review of new lippies. Since I am a big fan of lipsticks I categorized them to be all in one
place so you can see all the lipstick reviews I have done over the past 6
years on the blog.You can peruse all my lipstick reviews here. I hope you enjoyed this review and celebrated today with your favorite lipsticks. What I love is all my favorite brands are celebrating today as well with discounts and freebies for lipsticks. I was going to go out to a mall who do a huge lipstick fest but I didn’t make it plus it would be bad for my wallet to have all those lip choices and discounts. I wouldn’t stop myself so glad I didn’t go but maybe next year I’ll have to check it out. I guess that is it for me but make sure you visit any of my other lipstick reviews above. Let me know your favorite lip color at the moment as well!


What is one makeup item you can never live without?


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