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Some Things Never Change

Happy Monday! It’s the last day of July! I thought since it was the final day of July I would share the last outfit I shoot for the month. I shoot this almost 2 weeks ago now and just getting around to showing you. It was a part of my Week in Outfits I did over on my channel. I wanted to show what I wore for the entire week and this was one of my more casual looks. It is my go to do errands outfit. Since the weather has cooled down a bit it meant I could bring my black ripped jeans out again. They are pretty thick and a heavy material so during summer I couldn’t wear them but now I can. I love that I can start transitioning my wardrobe and probably do a clear out of my summer clothes and begin shopping for more fall autumn pieces and colors. It is August tomorrow so perfect timing.

For my outfit I went the classic slogan tee and black jean combo. It’s just the perfect outfit for everyday. I still have my own aesthetic style in there but it is pretty casual for my standard. I think I’m just so used to seeing me in skirts and dresses lately that jeans and black pants have been put in the back of my closet until now. The top was a recent purchase from Forever 21. It was on discount and I ended up buying Jelly and my aunt one so now all three of us have the same top and going to start a dance trio now. My aunt joked that but now I’m so tempted for us three to wear them for a family get together. It is so comfy and I love these tees for causal days out. My black jeans are my dressed up version instead of wearing leggings all the time. I kept the accessories pretty simple in my eyes. My black cross body bag that is a great size for just grabbing and going. My jewelry I threw on my gold rope bow necklace and blush pink rose bud earrings. Lastly Jelly braided my hair and I added a blush pink bow and sandals to match my top. I’m back to bringing the black details in slowly as the seasons are changing soon.

| top: Forever 21+ {similar}, black jeans: Forever 21+, bag: Forever 21 {similar},
shoes: SM Parisian Plus, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, sunglasses: Forever 21 {similar},
bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit |

That was my going out outfit while doing errands and other boring adult things. It’s just one of those outfits that is put together while being comfy. I had to go out to the mall and pick up my headphones that I returned to the repair shop the beginning of the month. The place finally called to be picked up again. Before I did that I found this new park in the business district where the repair place was by so it turned out perfectly for shooting this outfit and filming this portion for my week in outfits video that is up on my Youtube now. It’s a pretty cool area where there is a nice park with a lot of locations to shoot and it is in the middle of tall buildings so it’s a little bit like Central Park kind of vibes. I might have to do a lookbook or something there when the weather gets better. I spent the rest of that day shopping with my cousin and looking at dresses for her party and then home decor for me that was why it inspired my most recent Pay Day Wish List. So it was a great outfit to just spending my afternoon out in town.

I spent my weekend pretty chill. It’s my first weekend not doing much and I quite enjoyed it. For the past two weeks I’ve been going non-stop with blogging and editing my last two videos. My Week in Outfits video took me about 3 days to edit last week after doing the titles, details and color correcting it. I was really proud of how it turned out and might do this monthly. It was hard work but so worth it. Then I had to edit my Palawan vlog which I had to watch and cut down more than an hours worth of footage to have it be watchable for the vlog. It took me a the whole day to edit and upload it but again I got it done. Besides all the shooting and blog writing I’ve been doing on top of that. I’m really happy I’ve been so productive and enjoy doing it so much but two solid weeks got to me so this weekend I decided to relax and not do as much so on Saturday I got to hang out with my cousin and then yesterday I just sat on my couch and watched Youtube videos all day. In the evening I did end up editing the pictures for this post but nothing too extreme and I did it in maybe half an hour. I forget to switch off sometimes and just keep going and then realize I worked the whole day on everything blog or my channel related. I don’t even consider it work and love it so I don’t stop. Then Saturday hit and I realized I was so exhausted so I decided to just take time to myself. It has helped and I’m ready to come up with more content for the new month. It’s August tomorrow which is crazy to think about. SO that is what I was up to this weekend and also a little back story of what I’ve been doing the past 2 weeks. Let me know if you get so into something you don’t do anything but that work for days straight. I hope you got to have a relaxing weekend and rejuvenate and rethink things for the new week/month! Have a great fresh start for the week loves!  


What outfit do you wear for going out on a day full of errands?


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