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Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Happy Friday! I’ve been using my new brush set that I got from the Happy Skin Store Opening and showed them in the haul I just did as well. As soon as I got the pictures for them I began playing with all my new goodies and the first that I knew I wanted to use was the brush set. I’ve been in need of a new brush set for a while and was getting so tired of washing mine over and over. The brush set I was using was from before I even went to makeup school so that meant they were pretty old and it was time to upgrade them. I have been loving everything that is rose gold at the moment and these are exception. They are so pretty and add such a pretty touch to my vanity as they sit there glowing from the lights. So I thought today I would share what my opinion is of them and a review of the Happy Skin Glam Squad Custom Brush Set!

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Description (from website): The Happy Skin Glam Squad Custom Brush Set features six professional but
petal-soft brushes that give you an expert finish in one sweep. This 6-piece makeup brush set is created from the softest man-made
bristles. We opted for superior-grade and animal-friendly synthetic
bristles so we keep our furry friends happy, too. All brushes are safe
to use wet or dry.

Where to buy: It is available online on their website which do international shipping for all my international readers. As well as Zalora PH and more recently they are now available at Beauty MNL.

The brushes come in this handy case. It is metallic rose gold as well to match the brushes and makes a lovely addition to my vanity. It is pretty sturdy and will be great to transport the brushes in or it is big enough to carry your makeup essentials. It is a hard case and the shape is easy to add into a suitcase if you are traveling. It’s padded on the outside and the fabric is strong. I don’t think it will be good to carry around in your everyday bag as it is big and can be heavy so displaying it in your vanity like I do and when I am off somewhere that’s the time I pack it up and take it with me. There’s a fairly good size mirror inside in case you forgot your own and need one for touch ups and this is with you. It has a chocolate brown lining inside and is quite luxurious so the brushes won’t get scratched up. Unfortunately there are no slots to place the individual brushes. I thought since the brushes came in this case it would hold the brushes in place. There’s a good and bad side since you have more space and can use it for another purpose but also it can’t keep your brushes from rolling around and can be knocked around in transport. I don’t really mind by it but it would be a nice touch but you can either DIY it or put the brushes in a separate makeup bag and store it inside with some makeup. I really like the design of the case though as the outer part is this rose gold/copper but the zipper and the plaque in the front that says “Happy Skin Glam Squad” is silver to contradict the different metal colors. If it was all rose gold then it would be too much but I like the design and it gives it more dimension.


The packaging of this is so pretty even though the main focus is supposed to be the brushes. It comes wrapped in plastic to protect the case and it has a sleeve what explains the brush set. It is a part of the Glam Squad collection from Happy Skin where 4 top makeup artist in the Philippines curated a few pieces to be a makeup artist at home. It explains it on one side of the card, the other side has a mini excerpt of the brushes. On the back of the card sleeve it explains all the individual brushes included. I love the case they come in and it is included when you buy the whole set of 6 brushes.

The brushes sat nicely inside their case. The lovely ladies at the store opened it up fully for me and let me see the brushes and we looked to see if it had any factory defect. They didn’t just do it with the brushes but all the products purchase from them. Each brush came individually wrapped in plastic and the two big brushes had clear plastic brush guards on them to keep their shape. I keep those and add them whenever I am not using them to keep them pristine. As you can see very spacious inside and you can add in more brushes if you need.

The Custom Brush Set contains powder, angled flat top, eyeshadow/concealer, crease, eyeshadow blending, and lip brush.All were created to achieve that flawless makeup application. Each one has a different use and all are super soft to the touch. There is no fallout and the bristles all stayed in place so far. I haven’t washed them yet but that would put them to the test. I’m not sure if they are cruelty or vegan but I will have to find out and will edit this blog post. The site doesn’t say anything. It is dual haired brush and they are super soft and light and the handles are quite easy to handle even though they are shiny and look like they can be slippery. It does get fingerprints and some product powder on them but they are really easy to wipe off with a wet makeup wipe and will look like new again.

They come with three eye brushes and a lip brush. The first is an eyeshadow and concealer brush and I use it has both. It is really good to pack on eyeshadow and to get the whole lid in a few swipes especially if you are going for the pigmented look and want to focus the shadow on one area while packing it on. I’m sure it will work great with pigments as well and glitter to press on the lid. It is also great for applying concealer from pots. I like using brushes to apply my concealer and it really blends it in. This is a perfect size and really does a good job patting it in to gives me a flawless finish. The next is the crease brush. It’s been a while since I bought a new crease brush and I should have more as it is so handy and the only tool to give me perfectly blended eyeshadow. It’s great with blending any colors in and gives a nice finish and let’s me achieve many different eye looks. It is quickly becoming my fave. Next is another eyeshadow brush and i use it for applying eyeshadow and blending it. It is so useful and can get in to blend or apply. Last is the lip brush but I actually haven’t used it on my lips yet. I use it on my eyes like the inner corners or to smoke out my lash line and lower lash line to create a smokey eye. It’s the perfect size and shape for that. The lip brush actually is quite small in size and has a matching rose gold lid to cover it but you can add the id to the bottom of the brush’s handle and it is an extender.

The flat top brush blends and buffs in product well. I have used it for contour and blush but only powder formulas and not cream or liquid. It is really good in blending in my foundation as well so there are a couple purpose. The powder brush is essential for me and I’m always needing a powder brush the most out of all the brushes I use as if I am lazy I just use a powder foundation with full coverage a lot more and use this kind of brush to apply it with. It is really good and can can pick up a lot of product and can blend it in perfectly.

Overall Experience

Overall I love these brushes and it has great value for it’s money
and amazing quality. I’m extremely happy with this and I do recommend them if you are looking for some essential brushes. For the price of this it is pretty steep but they are fabulous quality and so soft. It gives an
outstanding finish and blends extremely well all the products I used with it so far. I mean at first I was scared to use them as they were too pretty to use but it’s not just the looks that are impressive but the quality is great as well and does its job. It comes with the essentials and all have a use and it is not a waste like most brush sets. So far these are my go to and I love using them for doing my makeup. Have you tried the Happy Skin Glam Squad Custom Brush Set

My rating is:
I’ll give it 5/5 because I love everything about it. It is a great starter brush set and has all the right tools for everyday. I use them everyday to apply makeup and they haven’t failed me yet. They are a bit pricey but the quality is so good and they have been doing a great job in blending out my makeup and doing their job. I can totally see me getting my moneys worth and they are super soft too and a bonus they look so pretty too.

That’s it for my review of the Happy Skin Glam Squad Custom Brush Set. I love these and they look so pretty on my vanity. I look up every now and then while writing this and just stare at how pretty they are just displayed up there. I honestly want to add rose gold details to my room because of all the rose gold products I’ve been getting at the moment. I linked a similar version of the brushes above and the blog props in the picture just in case you wanted them as well. So that is
it and you found this helpful if you are looking into getting a new brush set then maybe this took your fancy. Have a great
weekend lovelies!


What do your makeup brushes look like and how do you clean them?




  1. Katja Knox
    June 9, 2017 / 3:31 pm

    These are so beautiful I don't know if I would bare to use them. I'd just hold them gently. :DKatja xxxwww.katnapped.com

  2. Glam Karen
    June 9, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    I think this is lovely set! The packaging is gorgeous and I'd love to get a set for myself! I love that it's spacious and has a mirror too!

  3. Leslie Soto
    June 9, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    Your pictures are always gorgeous. I'm obsessed. These brushes are so stunning and pretty. I'd love to display them in a pretty little make up brush holder on my counter.

  4. M. Akamatra
    June 9, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    They look awesome! It's always nice to pamper yourself with something beautiful isn't it?

  5. Jessica Hughes
    June 9, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    These brushes are just gorgeous! I am a sucker for anything rose gold and these are beauties. The packaging is so lovely as well!

  6. Corinne & Kirsty
    June 9, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    I am a sucker for anything rose gold so I am already telling I love these brushes! they are so gorgeous! xx corinne

  7. Jessica Taylor
    June 9, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    I have been needing new brushes, and these look amazing! Love that they are rose gold! Super cute!

  8. Angela Tolsma
    June 9, 2017 / 6:49 pm

    Oh the packaging on this is lovely (as are you pictures!)! I so need to replace my makeup brushes!

  9. Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm
    June 9, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Wow. So pretty and fancy. I would feel beautiful just opening the brush kit up. 🙂

  10. AiringMyLaundry
    June 9, 2017 / 11:48 pm

    Ooo I just love the look of these brushes. They are so pretty!

  11. melissa
    June 10, 2017 / 12:17 am

    Those brushes look so perfect and the different sizes make them so versatile. I don't need any now but I will remember Glam Squad.

  12. John Dale Obedoza
    June 10, 2017 / 12:41 am

    My wife have a lot of those. She really likes Em.

  13. Amanda Love
    June 10, 2017 / 1:47 am

    This would be a nice gift for my daughter! I'm sure she's going to love this one. It's lovely and the packaging is just gorg!!!

  14. Kate - Team up girl
    June 10, 2017 / 3:02 am

    I am sharing you obsession for everything in Rose Gold 🙂 And I enjoyed this post! I was actually thinking about getting some new make-up brushes, too. So these might be in consideration. Thanks!

  15. Lisa B
    June 10, 2017 / 3:05 am

    I need to get some new make up brushes. I love the look of these. I will have to add them to my Birthday wish list.

  16. life'smanual
    June 10, 2017 / 6:16 am

    This is a beautiful set of brushes. My sister would love this. She's into using make up a lot.

  17. Dan Werner
    June 10, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    I think these would be a perfect gift for my wife.They look to be of fine quality.

  18. Six Time Mommy TEST
    June 10, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    These are beautiful. I don't do much with make up or have many brushes but these are so pretty. I'd love to have them in my little collection! – Jeanine

  19. Glenda Kruse
    June 10, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    I'm obssessed with makeup brushes. These brushes are definitely glam. I totally love the gold color and case.

  20. Louise Smith
    June 10, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Oh, wow! How beautiful are these brushes?! I love anything in rose gold, but it sounds like they do a great job as well. I need to see if I can hunt some of these down here in the UK now!!Louise x

  21. For the love of jars
    June 10, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    These are lovely! I need to get a second set of brushes so I can alternate when I wash a set!

  22. Aliza Strachan
    June 11, 2017 / 2:32 am

    I would love to try these brushes too! Your photography is gorgeous!

  23. Jalisa Harris
    June 11, 2017 / 2:39 am

    Rose Gold has become quite the color. Definitely a must have. Once my brushes need replacing I will definitely be replacing with rose gold ones.

  24. Prime Beauty
    June 11, 2017 / 2:40 am

    I love anything rose gold. These are very pretty and I love the luxe packaging. Your pictures are very pretty too!

  25. Mai C.
    June 11, 2017 / 3:22 am

    Love this! It's definitely the kind of kit that you'd like to have in your stash especially since the brushes are from their line that's in collaboration with awesome make-up artists! I think the packaging is brilliant!

  26. Cassie
    June 11, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    I need these in my life! I always have a need for new makeup brushes and I LOVE anything that is colored rose gold.

  27. Heidi Alina
    June 11, 2017 / 2:11 pm

    Those brushes just looks so beautiful! 😍💕Heidi🍓 | Heidi's Planner | Instagram

  28. Cameron Dufore
    June 11, 2017 / 6:42 pm

    These sound like great brushes! I'm with you on wishing they had something in the case so the brushes didn't roll around, but there are ways to work around that. The case itself is so pretty and would make a great travel makeup bag!

  29. Heather Riccobono
    June 11, 2017 / 10:17 pm

    These are so pretty and look like a great set as a gift or for yourself. I know I would love them!

  30. Danity Donnaly
    June 11, 2017 / 11:21 pm

    What beautiful brushes! These would definitely make an awesome gift! Amber N

  31. Renée @ The Good Hearted Woman
    June 11, 2017 / 11:49 pm

    I've been meaning to get new brushes for some time, and these look like a great option. I like that they have a nice case for traveling too.

  32. Elizabeth S
    June 12, 2017 / 6:51 am

    I've just got back into makeup after a 15 year break and could really do with a lovely new set of brushes like this. So pretty!

  33. Susan Sue
    June 12, 2017 / 8:36 am

    I too would be scared to use them at first. They just look so cute. Some products are just too pretty to be used lol

  34. Kristin C
    June 12, 2017 / 10:56 am

    I should probably invest in a good brush set. I really don't have any. haha

  35. Tee
    June 12, 2017 / 11:24 am

    I'm obsessed with gold so I love this. Kind of wish it included more brushes though!

  36. Daniella Flores
    June 12, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    I love all of these brushes! I need a new brush set too! I especially love the cute box they come in. I am a sucker for packaging.

  37. K
    June 12, 2017 / 2:21 pm

    these brushes look so nice! honestly, I am the worst when it comes to makeup so reading your posts is helping me get a better understanding of how to use these things

  38. Blonde Seeking Ambition
    June 12, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Those are really pretty brushes! I'm terrible about cleaning my makeup brushes… those are so lovely that I'd be inspired to keep them nice haha!Caitlin • Blonde Seeking Ambition

  39. Cynthia Nicoletti
    June 12, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    These look like such great brushes. I love the box it comes in so they stay nice and keep their shape.

  40. Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu
    June 13, 2017 / 12:19 am

    se manifique views and vibes! i love your photo journal and descriptions. those brushes are beautiful

  41. Blair Villanueva
    June 13, 2017 / 7:53 am

    It looks gorgeous. What kind of hair does it made of?

  42. CourtneyLynne
    June 13, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    Ooooo now those are some fabulous brushes!!! Just love the color!!! So need a set of my own

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