10 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging + 6 Year Blogiversary {Giveaway}

6 Years of fashionxfairytale!

Happy 6 Years! Happy Birthday fashionxfairytale! This little blog of mine just hit the 6 year mark today. So I’m dedicating a whole blog post just to celebrate me starting this journey on this day 6 years ago. I was just a 18 year old college student just starting her second year not knowing if I would even stick to this hobby and keep up with writing my thoughts down. Well guess what? I did and 6 years later I actually made a job out of it. I would love to see my 18 year old face and tell her I am making money from writing on that blog she just created. I knew back then that a few people were getting popular and getting paid for ads but it was super rare and I knew I would never get there. I just wanted to write about my college experience and that was it. Now I’m here and I honestly can’t believe the things I got to do because of fashionxfairytale. To celebrate my blog milestone I dedicated an outfit photo shoot just for it and what better than having balloons too. So here are 10 things I learned in the past 6 years, a bit of a look back of my blog and stay to the end for a giveaway to say thanks and give back to my readers new and old for sticking around and reading my little blog space or should I say big blog space now!

10 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging

1. Blogging can be a career. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from blogging is you can turn this into a job. I saw that you can get products from brands when I first started. I don’t even know if there were many full time bloggers making money when I started back in 2011. Now 6 years later there are so many who have careers and are making money from writing on their blogs. I think that is so fascinating how we can make money from this. I’m so happy I can call this my job and I learn so many things everyday from this and I am so grateful to do this.

2. Be prepared for the negativity. No matter what you choose to share a portion of your life online. You are the one who signed up for this and by doing so it sadly comes with trolls and negative feedback. I share about hundreds of photos of myself online for anyone to see. I
also share a bit of information about my personal life and what is going on. It gives a look into my life when I write about my life which I hope you and I can form a unique bond and maybe some of you can relate too. By owning a blog it can leave a person feeling very exposed to the world. I try not to think about so many people I don’t know reading about what I am up to as that would absolute freak me out so I try not to think about that detail too much. It can be an extremely vulnerable thing and it isn’t a bad thing but it can be overwhelming to think about. I made a public blog and it was my decision and I don’t regret it but it can be a bit scary opening up to strangers who can be so negative towards you. It is so easy to spread hate especially since we live in a society where a computer screen allows us to type
heartless messages to us with no background info. Unfortunately people will say mean things in person or online. It is just their nature and you can’t help it and try not to take it personally. I’m so fortunate that I’ve never received hate here on this blog. I got some constructive criticism here and there and at first I thought it was rude but after reading it again I realize what they meant they just worded it wrong. Youtube on the other hand is a different story.

3. Blogging is hard work. It may seem glamorous and all glitz but if you talk to another blogger they will tell you it is not. As a blogger, you never turn off. You are always working and you feel guilty when you take a break because it is what you are supposed to do. A lot of bloggers don’t have a team behind them (if they do than they are so lucky) so you are the photographer, writer, editor, PR, manager, and pretty much do all the work. You have to handle everything behind the scenes as well not just the writing of the blog posts. There are so much planning that goes into a post sometimes weeks in advance. It is so interesting how bloggers work and all of us have our own schedules and how we do things but all I can tell you is it is hard work to maintain a blog. However at the end of the day that hard work will pay off as you are doing what you love and you forget all that stress and you repeat it.

4. Don’t Compare. This is probably the hardest thing to learn about when you are blogging. I honestly still struggle and I have days when I am down and look at all my favorite blogs and see what they are doing and the life they have. What is bad about us bloggers is we sometimes only share the good and it makes us look like we have perfect lives. I’m sure we are all guilty of it. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. In the blogging world
it is still there and we all have different levels of success. We all grow in different paces and some can go viral right away and sometimes it takes years to be noticed. It is so frustrating and it gets you down even more and you are in a cycle of self doubt. It drives me crazy when you see a new blogger surpass you in follow count when you’ve been here for so long (6 years actually) and they are offered so many opportunities you have been dreaming of. Some are getting product after product or getting so much money from a sponsored or even being flown all over the world to travel by a sponsor. Now that would be a dream. But maybe one day it will come for all of us and we will be looking back at when we first started and smile. In the blogging world, it’s all business and you need to build a thick skin in this industry. Sponsors will turn me down and say no to my proposals so often. I feel so hurt sometimes and think about all my faults and if I will ever be big enough or good enough. So many bloggers in my area are going to event after event and I’m at home looking at their socials and wondered why was I not invited. How do I get invited and get noticed by them. I’m not sure if I will ever know but I have to tell myself not to take it personally. Sponsors maybe looking for a specific requirement I don’t have. Maybe it will come but just work hard and focus your energy on celebrating what you already have!



For my outfit I wore this gorgeous rose gold metallic dress that has this ruffle off the shoulder detail that is so in trend right now. You read right it is a dress but unfortunately too short for me as I am super tall. It can work but I don’t to be pulling it down all day in public. If I was only going to lunch and sitting down all day than it is fine but trying to pose and walk around in it all afternoon then no can do. So to make it more appropriate I added a bush pink tulle skirt with sparkles running through it. It complemented the metallic and I like the textures mixed together. The bag has been my go to one for pink outfits recently and it is just a studded clutch I got as a present from my cousin. My shoes however are a more recent purchase. I was on a look out for some low chunky heel sandals that I am seeing everywhere so I got me a pair. In some lights they are cream and in others they are a nude pink. I like that and I’m so happy I got these as they will be my go to formal shoe and so easy to walk around in as the heel isn’t too high and can be perfect for everyday. Also the rose gold detail on the buckle compliments the shoes and will go with a lot of my outfits and accessories. Speaking of accessory I am back at it with these blush pink statement earrings. They are sold out but I mentioned a similar pair as they are the perfect earring to match my dressier outfits. Next is my Pandora bracelet I got for my birthday and I finally brought it out to take for a spin. It went perfectly with this outfit and I’m not thinking I should add another charm in. Last I pinned a silk blush pink bow in my hair because it was shiny and matched the dress and looked good together and held back my hair nicely. As for makeup, I’m trying a lot of new products including this foundation which I think I am liking. The lipstick has become my favorite thing at the moment and it is such a pretty color and very popular. It is a bit like a Kylie Lip Kit shade and makes my lips look so much fuller and I love the color on me. So in love with it and I got so many compliments while wearing it so score for me for choosing a great lippie! And that was my outfit to celebrate my blog’s birthday.

| top: Forever 21+, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Gift {similar}, shoes: SM Parisian {similar},
earrings: Forever 21 {similar}, bracelet: Pandora {similar}, bow: Forever 21,
lipstick: Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Shabby Chic, balloons: Local Book Store |

5. The blogging community is amazing. I have made a few friends through blogging and I still find that so cool. We became friends because we had a blog and have similar interest. Growing up you are taught not to talk to strangers let alone strangers online but nowadays it isn’t as bad. I mean there is still a risk and that will never go away. I started tweeting with a local blogger and a few weeks later we ended up meeting in person at an event on accident. There is so much support with the blogging community and some good eggs out there who are nice and chat with you and are there for you. There can be so moments where we are all competitive and bring each other down to go up and that is the bad part but the rest is pretty awesome. You can find some good friends and make friends through interests or through being a fan of someone else’s. It is a wonderful thing and so fun having friends all over the world right in your phone. It is really mind blowing!

6. Anything around you can inspire a blog post. Literally anything can spark an idea. I was sitting in a park and bam an idea. At the grocery store minding your own business and then you get hit with an idea. There are so many places, things, people, the world can inspire a blog post. It might not make it to the blog but there was an idea there. I find it so funny that an idea can come out of nowhere. I mean I get slumps where I have nothing I want to do and have bloggers block but when I get out of it I have a flurry of ideas sometimes and I can’t help it. I get m ideas sometimes online like Instagram or Pinterest or even watching Youtube. Sometimes it might be from real life like a place I go, something I watch or something I eat. I learned there are so many things to be inspired by and I find that so fascinating. I am a creative person and having this platform made me realize how much more inspired I get.

7. It’s quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever done. Out of all the things I have done online I think this tops it all. I’ve had so many online spaces like LiveJournal and Myspace. I wasn’t allowed to have social media as a kid but I still found a way to get one and be like all the cool kids in school. I most enjoyed blogging and writing my thoughts. I will never regret starting this blog and so surprised how much I love doing this. Sometimes it can get stressful and I get down about my follower count and stats but as I said I don’t regret it and love the journey. So far in my life this is the best achievement I have and it is the best thing that has happened to me. 

8. Invest in a good camera. I used a Sony point and shoot camera to start with and then I used my dad’s hand me down semi dslr for the first four years of blogging. I sometimes used my iPhone 4s if I was too lazy to get my camera out which is so bad. I then got some hand me down lighting that was okay but not the best. That Sony camera was giving out to me and that was the time I was starting to go full time with blogging so I guess it was about time to invest in a better camera. After that my pictures did start to get better and my photography was improving. I probably would have better pictures if I just invested in a camera from the beginning. Now I have two cameras and a ring light and they are both the best thing I have ever bought for my blog. If you know you will be blogging for long term than this is such a good investment piece. I highly recommend it! Just find some way to get it if it is putting some money in your savings or put it on your Christmas list. Do it as it is the best decision you will make and probably can use it not just for your blog but other stuff. Trust me you will be so relieved I told you and you’ll thank me when you have great quality photos to up your blog game. Also a ring light and a good lens will work wonders. Just get one already but make sure to do your research first.

9. Being myself. The most important lesson I learned in blogging is just be yourself. No matter what just write about whatever you want and let your voice be heard. I know we all try to make our lives seem so cool on the Internet and be a different person but it isn’t quite the same as being genuinely you. There is no one like you and probably readers read your blog to hear about you, your thoughts and what your blog is about from you point of view. I share a few personal posts here and then to give my readers more insight into my life and you can see a different side of me. I actually discovered a few things about myself and my likes and dislikes though blogging.

10. The reason I started to blog. I started this blog to share my life. I wanted to express my feelings and write about what I love. My blog is my happy place and I want to make people who visit to feel at
home when they read my blog and get a sense of comfort like they are
reading a letter from a friend. At the moment, my blog is my full time job and this is my public platform. I want my readers to come to my space and enjoy reading what I wrote and to take away something from it. I want to make an impact in a small way to your life and be there for you. I started my blog to make not only me happy but you as well. For a few minutes I want you to enjoy the moment here on my blog so you are not thinking about real life and to take you away from your stressful day or your family problems or whatever is troubling you. I know I do that and I get so inspired from reading other blogs so I hope my space could do that for you. My goal and reason I started this journey was to inspire and make all of us happy and I take pride in that. 

10 Memorable Things From My Blogging Journey

Because of fashionxfairytale I got to do some amazing things my mind still can’t comprehend. I still think I’m so small and can grow even more but the opportunities that have come up make me think maybe I’m not so small. I am no way trying to brag but to inspire. I don’t think I have a huge following but it’s enough and that PR’s and brands have noticed me and I am so grateful. So here is a list of things I achieved while writing fashionxfairytale!

I went to not only 1 but 2 store openings {here & here}

I bought not 1 but 2 cameras from saving up {here and here}

I went to events I would have never been invited to before {here, here, here & here to name a few}

I was able to afford a vacation for my birthday by saving up the money of my sponsored posts {here}

I could afford to go to not 1 but 2 concerts and have pretty good seats {here & here}

I was fortunate enough to receive products for free to blog about {here, here & here to name a few}

I made a few close friends through our love for our blogs {here & here}

I got to go to some pretty places for outfit photos {here, here and here for a few} 

I get to go shopping and buy things for my blog as a job {here and here}

I get to be my own boss and control my own schedule {here}

Those are just a few things but I am so grateful. I look at this list
and see how much Ive gained from my blogging journey. There is so much
more and small details I could have put as well but I tried to keep the
list short. I could be here all day listing every small detail I
appreciate from this blog and how much I am thankful I started this.

Sixth Blog Birthday Giveaway

To thank you I wanted to give back. So I bought a few things and want to give it to one lucky winner. I haven’t done a giveaway in a while but I love doing them. Also what better way to celebrate than my blog’s birthday!

All across my social media platforms I will be running a giveaway! Each one has different prizes and a chance to win so many different goodies. You can checkout the Facebook giveaway, Twitter Giveaway and Instagram Giveaway. The mechanics on how to win for those are all on their respective social medias. That means you have 4 chances of winning awesome gifts from me to celebrate my 6 year blog anniversary!

The mechanics for the blog giveaway are down below:
Giveaway is International.
Must be 18 or over to enter or have your parent’s permission.
Follow me on my social media accounts.
Enter the Rafflecopter Widget below and enter your information.
Giveaway ends on July 12 11:59pm EST. Winner will be contacted by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You get:

Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette

Happy Skin Glam Squad Brush Set

Happy Skin Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lip in Shabby Chic

365 Daily Face Mask

Forever 21 Pink Hair Bow

The two big prizes are the Natural Love Eyeshadow palette. I got one for my birthday and use it everyday. I was able to buy another one which I was so lucky to as it is sold out many places to give one of my readers a chance to experience this gorgeous palette as well. Next big prize is the Happy Skin Brush Set. I just did a blog post of them and they are so good and I thought since I love them so much I have to give one away. It came as a great time too as Happy Skin is having a huge sale on their website so I purchased a brush set for you and a Happy Skin rose gold eyelash curler. I couldn’t resist and thought both the rose gold tools would look so good together. I accidentally bought another Colourpop highlighter when I already own this shade so I added it in the giveaway. I am loving this Sleek Matte Me Lip in Shabby Chic with the eyeshadow palette so I bought another one online so you could have one too. I’ve been loving face masks at the moment and at the drugstore their was a huge buy 5 get 1 free sale so I picked a few for me and the rest as giveaway prizes. Last thing is a pink bow. I felt like since I wear these in my hair in all my outfit photos and it represents me as a person I will add one in so we can both match. I thought it was cute and a signature touch to the giveaway.

Now it’s time to thank you my gorgeous, incredibly supportive readers! ‘fashionxfairytale’ wouldn’t be here without you! Every time you like, comment, tweet, mention me it means more than you’ll ever know. This blog is now where it is because of you for sticking by and giving me a chance. I look forward to waking up everyday to write a new post and to read the comments. If you ever want to chat than I am an email or a tweet away (fashionxfairytale@gmail.com & @jackiefairytale). I always respond to reader emails and tweets or whatever you want to contact me on. It brings a smile to my face whenever someone contacts me so if you’d like, just pop on over and drop a line.

So thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you helped this girl’s dream and made her heart so happy, full and content with what this space is. I hope that if you are just starting out to be inspired by this or if you are in the same boat as me and have been blogging for a while then I hope you know how I feel. I enjoyed writing this blog post and it makes me so happy that I could celebrate 6 years of blogging with you! I hope you have a lovely Monday and rest of the week and I will be back for another blog post Wednesday!


What have you learned from blogging if you are one or if you wan to start what is stopping you?




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  62. Rebecca Swenor
    June 19, 2017 / 11:24 pm

    Congrats on six years of blogging. I love this whole outfit and especially the pink purse. The dress you are wearing like a top is just gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing what you have learned the past 6 yrs blogging and this awesome giveaway.

  63. Day In The Life of One Woman
    June 20, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    6 years and you've only just begun…how exciting!! I love that you see room for growth and have vision for your future. Your outfits are always so cute, congrats!!

  64. melissa javan
    June 22, 2017 / 2:08 pm

    Wow 6 years!! That's amazing. Great lessons you learned. Thank you for sharing. You look great in that outfit.

  65. billano kawaii
    July 3, 2017 / 12:19 pm

    I want to see organic skincare products hauls & reviews .

  66. Jayne Kelsall
    July 11, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    Happy 6 year anniversary 🙂 I love the post on My Body Positive Role Models , very inspirational .x

  67. Kyle and Laura Mueller
    July 11, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    Congratulations!!! I love new makeup reviews! I like seeing how the product is before I buy it!

  68. Buddy Garrett
    July 11, 2017 / 5:52 pm

    I'm new. I would like to read more product reviews.

  69. amanda whitley
    July 12, 2017 / 3:47 am

    i would love to read about flattering clothing for my body size and makeup tips!

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