What I Look For in a Hotel Room?

The Hotel Stay

Happy Wednesday! It’s the second part of my #fxftravels blog post. This time I’m going to be showing you what I look for in a hotel room and also a mini review where I actually stayed my whole 10 days in Palawan. My cousin and aunt both stayed with me and we all shared a room. It was actually quite fun and got to bond even more. I joked with my cousin that we will be sick of each other by the end which we weren’t luckily. On the last day before we left for the airport we went out in front and took a picture together for a souvenir. I actually forgot to take a picture of me in the room but I do have one outside and a mini room tour. So here are the details of where I stayed in. 

When I was searching for a hotel I had a few things in mind. I made a list of things I looked for to make it the perfect stay. I wasn’t strict with looking but I had a few in mind and wanted to make my stay perfect.

1. We all had our own bed. I was willing to share a room but not a bed. It
also had to be comfy and somewhere I wouldn’t mind going to sleep every

2. Decent Bathroom. I like having good bathrooms.

3. All the nescesity furniture.

4. Facilities.

5. Free Breakfast.

I gave my list to my uncle and he said he knew a place and would take care of it. My uncle was kind enough to set up everything since he lives in Palawan and could reserve us a room. We sent a down payment to keep our slot for our time we were staying so when we got there all we had to do was check in. We got out of the airport around 6 and went straight there to drop off the suitcase before we explore the city and grab dinner. The owner immediately approached us and welcomed us. The staff showed us to our room that was meant for 3 pax but something was off with the room and the plumbing needed to be fixed so they showed us around the other rooms. They were full up but had one room left. Since we stayed for a longer period of time, the owner kindly let us switch rooms and gave us a room that held 5 people. It was a lot bigger and would be a comfortable stay for us. As you can see the price is 700 per head with free breakfast. They were three of us so it was a different price which we paid 1,200 a night with breakfast as well.

As you enter the room on the right side you will find where I slept comfortably my whole stay. It was a queen size bed and I was the one who got dibs on it as soon as we walked in. It came with two pillows and a blanket and pretty colorful bedding. The pillow with the guy is my personal pillow which I brought from home. I have an inside joke with my cousin regarding this pillow but it was so comfy. All the furniture in the hotel room was great and I love the rustic vibes it gave off. It had a nice homey feel and reminded me of a small motel I stayed in with my parents when I was younger for a vacation we went on. It had the same furniture minus the bunk bed but the overall feel was the same. The bed was really sturdy and comfortable as well. I was looking to see if there was a bed similar to this one as my parents are in need of a new bed and this is just there style and I found one similar on  https://www.furniture.com/ and I thought it would be nice to go furniture shopping with them to get back. I kind of missed this bed now as the one I have at home isn’t as comfy and I am needing a new bed soon myself. I had a great night sleep here and that is what counts after a long day right? 

Next to my bed was bunk beds. My cousin got the bottom bunk and we used the top bunk as storage. It was really useful and got all our suitcases out of the way. It came with a mini side table as well but it didn’t fit on my side so we put it in between us to share. That door leads to the bathroom. It was fairly big size bathroom but it was a Filipino style one so the shower, toilet and sink were in this square. There was no tub just a shower head. I’m used to it so it was fine for me. There was coat hangers to hang the clothes so they wouldn’t get wet. I did a room tour in my vlog so I’ll link it when it comes out.

On this side of the room is where my aunt slept. She got the side all to herself and was lucky since the air condition was on that side and she even got a window. On my side unfortunately the aircon wasn’t that strong so they should of put two units in to cool the other side down especially with it being a fairly large room and the fact that it was in the middle of summer too. That and the fact that the power kept going in and out during the day and they didn’t want to turn the generator on during the day only if the power went out at night. Those were my only two complaints with my stay. If they improve those two things then there would be no problems and the stay would have been perfect.

From that side we go back to the middle and we have a little desk/dining area. We usually kept food on there and our drinks. My aunt ate there too but me and my cousin ate in bed hence the hotel being a bed and breakfast. Besides that was a metal coat rack which we kept all my clothes and jackets on. I hing my birthday dress and other clothes that wrinkled easy and it looked so nice hung up. Also it was a day after my birthday when I took these so my birthday balloon made it in the pictures. Above the rack and desk was the TV. It was an okay size but hung a little too high and you had to look up at it. We didn’t use it much only when we got home after a long day or before we went out. So it wasn’t all too bad. We had cable and watched a few movies while we were there as well. The room had fairly good lighting but not the best. It had one light post on each side of the wall so you can see one right by the TV and the other one was beside the bunk bed.     

Here is what the breakfast usually looked like. It was a typical Filipino breakfast. I was okay with it but I don’t eat meat so the hot dog or whatever was on the menu got that day got passed on to my cousin. I loved the orange juice so sometimes I would trade my hot dog for his orange juice. It also came with a packet of coffee but I’m not much a coffee drinker so at the supermarket I bought hot chocolate packets and just took the coffee packet home with me. We got it delivered to our rooms so we could have breakfast in bed or we could choose to eat in the lobby. They knocked on our at 6am to deliver our breakfast everyday and honestly it was a bit too early especially when you want to sleep in after a full day of touring from the day before. It should have been maybe 8am. I had to wake up, eat and then I would go back and get a few hours more of sleep.I think if they updated the time then that would be great for those who are late risers and have a batch for early risers.

That is where I stayed, the mini room tour and review. I kind of miss it now that I am home and want to go on another getaway. Overall it was a pretty good stay and I called it home for 10 days while I stayed there. It felt nice going back there after the tours and getting greeted by the staff to a clean room. My aunt got to be friends with a coupe of the ladies and she enjoyed that part of the stay. So that was the location part of the trip and I can’t wait to get to the outfits and of course the tourist things and all that we did while we were there. I hope you are looking forward to that and enjoyed this hotel review. Maybe I’ll do more if I go on another hotel stay again. Have a happy rest of the week lovelies!   

What do you look for in a hotel room?



  1. Meghan Bliss
    May 10, 2017 / 1:21 pm

    These are great tips! I always look for hotels that offer free breakfasts too.

    • Jackie
      May 31, 2017 / 5:30 pm

      Thanks Meghan! It is such a fun bonus and enjoying the different breakfast foods. Glad you liked it!xo Jackie

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