What I Got For My 24th Birthday

Birthday Gifts For The Birthday Girl!

Happy Friday! I’m having a very happy one because it’s the start of the weekend plus I can share with you what I got for my birthday! So my actual birthday was April 19 which is almost a month ago already. I wrote a pretty sentimental blog posts about the 24 lessons I learned in 24 years and I want to say thanks for all the nice comments on that. It was so nice reading them on my special day and telling my family that people liked that so thank you. As you know I was in Palawan for my birthday and I won’t share just yet what I did as I’m saving that for another blog post but this one is just as exciting. I didn’t get anything on my actual birthday except for a cake and balloons but I was expecting that as I was traveling. However when I got back I got a whole other celebration with my parents, aunt and cousins as well as a few gifts. I never actually did a blog post showing you any presents from previous birthdays. These days I honestly don’t get anything. I usually make up for it by buying myself something I’ve wanted like last year I picked up a few outfits and concert tickets. This year’s gift was my vacation in Palawan to myself and I was fine with that except I got a whole lot more than what I was excepting. It was nice and since I have a few gifts worth mentioning I thought it was a good idea to do a whole blog post dedicating to what I got since it is rare I do this sort of thing. Of course I need to put a disclaimer that I am not showing off and all that babble. Some of these I was given by family members and some I bought with my money. I just thought it was fun to show you for once and get a little glimpse . I’m sure lucky and grateful because not only did I pay for my vacation myself I got a few gifts too. So I’m going to stop now and just show you already what I got for my 24th birthday!

Pandora Bracelet & Charm

This was one of the first gifts I got when I got back from vacation. It is very special to me and I just can’t help but stare at how pretty it is. If you read my birthday wish list from this year here than you would have saw I wanted a Pandora Bow Ring and I was going to get it after seeing it in person but unfortunately they didn’t have my size. I had my heart set on getting it as it was everything I wanted and seeing it in person made my heart soar but I could only get it half way down my finger. If only it was a size bigger I would have bought it then and there. After weighing my options I thought it was more practical to get a bracelet. I always wear bracelets anyways so it would be a better purchase.  It took me quite some time to pick a charm though. I went through all their options they had in stock and I finally narrowed it down. As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for me. It matches my aesthetic as a person and also my blog. My dad was the one who bought this for me as he knew I wanted a piece of jewelry for my birthday. When he saw the charm he said it was definitely me and even asked if I was getting it because it matched my blog. He knows me so well. So I ended up with this and couldn’t be happier exiting their store.

Too Faced Natural Love Palette

This was another thing on my birthday wish list. I wanted either this or the Peach Palette but I was recommend this since it was limited edition and the colors were just up my street so I went with it. I was going to get this for myself as my only birthday present until my dad offered to pay for it. He was the one who even went to the bank and paid for it. I have no idea why my dad wanted to spoil me this year on my birthday but he did. He usually gets me a thing or two that I’ve been wanting on my birthday the past couple years but I guess he missed me. I’m so grateful to have a dad like him and our relationship is the best.He was even excited when it got delivered to the house. He asked if he could see it but when he did he wasn’t as surprised like I was. It was funny though and he was happy that I was so happy about it though.

Too Faced Love Flush Highlights in Ray of Light

This one however was entirely me. As soon as they launched on Sephora I snatched one up in the shade I wanted. I was thinking of getting all three but I decided to wait off. They all look so pretty and all have gorgeous packaging but the one in Ray of Light spoke to me and the rose gold heart compact and it’s shade was perfect for me so I went with it first. I can’t wait to use this (if I ever use it since it seems to pretty to use) and see what the hype is with it. Look forward to the blog post on this.

Dell Inspiron Laptop

If I was to get one thing for my birthday this would be it. It was all I wanted to be honest. If you could see my current laptop then you would feel so sorry for it and more sorry for me. It had seen it’s better days and served me well. It got me through my final year of college and my thesis as well as the last 3 years of blogging. The past three months it was showing signs of death and I knew I needed a new one stat. Again, my birthday wish list I wanted an Apple Macbook but after researching so many laptops my dad convinced me to stay with Windows. Maybe my next one I’ll jump over but for now I went with the Dell Inspiron 14 7000. That is what it says as I’m looking down at the sticker. It is so pretty and it is gold. I’m all about the outer aesthetics and it has to be pretty. My last one was all about the outside and not inside so it gave out quickly. This time I did research and my dad made sure the specs were good for editing on Photoshop as well as video editing. It does and I am so happy with it and great job it’s done. Now it is both pretty on the outside and has the power inside to make it the perfect machine. If you’ve noticed I’ve upped my blogging game and been so regular and so motivated lately. I could pop out three blog posts and have them scheduled in one day and still can keep going. Before I would do one and I would hear my old laptop struggle so I would have to give up for the day and continue my emails and social on my iPad. Now I have been editing the pictures on my laptop, the writing and everything. I used to have to use my desktop to edit both photos and videos but now I don’t. For this present I have my parents to thank for this wonderful gift. They knew I needed one and now I can do my work in peace. My dad is happy I am getting so much done but now my mom probably regrets it since I won’t get off of it. You can’t see but I’m smiling so big while typing on my new laptop. Expect even more things coming from me on both my blog and Youtube. To my new golden laptop, who will take me through more years of blogging and more!

Next on my list of things to get for my new laptop is software. I haven’t bought any updated software in a while so I should get on that. I just got Photoshop and Lightroom for it and I got an anti-virus. My dad is a big computer nerd and it was his career most of his life so he knows a thing or two and helps me out and helps me understand it so I’m getting a bit tech-savy as well. He made sure to put a virus software right away on all my devices and especially this laptop to keep it safe. I’ve been using AVG for maybe 6 years or more now and both my dad and I are big fans of it. It really secures our system and my dad really knows how to control it. They recently brought out a cell phone antivirus app and both of us think its great so we can protect not only our computers but our phones too. Now that is smart so if you want to learn more you can contact AVG.com and find out more.


This is kind of a joined gift with the laptop. I got these so I can edit videos with my laptop. I have separate headphones for each device like my desktop and one for my iPad but now I do have one for my laptop. It’s going to come in handy when I start editing my Palawan vlogs which reminds me I have to start soon. I might have to do that this weekend!

Ballerina Charm Pen

Last thing is what my cousin got me. He saw this pen was in my favorite color and it had a ballerina charm on it plus I love me a good stationery piece. It reminded him of me and I thought this was so sweet and it does seem like the perfect pen for me. It was a small gesture but such a big meaning.

That was everything I got for my birthday. I am so thankful and it was so fun to show you all I got this year. Of course each gift will have it’s own blog post and I’ll go in depth and a review for both makeup items. The tech items I won’t though but if you want to know more about a certain thing just ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you with that. So I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a fun weekend ahead lovelies!

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  1. Silvia Marquez
    May 12, 2017 / 10:17 pm

    So many great gifts! I love that everything was pink! I hope you enjoy that Pandora Bracelet! I have one and LOVE it!

  2. awesome blossom
    May 15, 2017 / 12:28 am

    Woah, those are awesome and many !

  3. adriana nudo
    May 15, 2017 / 2:33 am

    Such beautiful gifts!! That palette is stunning – so happy you got your new computer!

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