Project Vanity 9th Anniversary Loot Bag & Event

All That Loot!

Happy Friday! Also happy weekend! Speaking of weekend, last Saturday I went to The Podium Mall and attend Project Vanity’s 9th Anniversary Event. I’ve been reading her blog for a while and actually met her in 2014 and there is a post about that here. I never went to one of her anniversary events though since the date it fell on I was busy or something would come up but this year I wasn’t and thought I would go check it out. So when she announced on her blog she was having an event and selling Project Vanity kits which are like customized kits her and her team come up with for the anniversary I bought one. It was 995php and she threw in some awesome stuff in it. It was all a surprise but she listed the brands she was partnering with and you go to the event and pick it up. So this is what was inside the kit and a few of the things that went on as well during the event. 

Here is the bag! I think I read the stuff in here is over 8,000php or something like that but I may be wrong. It was a good deal and only 995php. It comes in this gorgeous canvas zip up clutch and it is an amazing size and I was needing a new makeup bag coming up so now I have this it is perfect and holds a lot of stuff. The front says Guts, Glam & Glory and on the back has her blog logo. As well as the bag it also came with a 2017 BDJ Planner and I actually didn’t get one this year for myself so it’s like fate I got one even though it’s a little late in the year. At least I got a planner now and can write and plan things again.

Here is what is inside and the contents of the bag. I am starting off with my favorites of the bag. These three are my favorites of the bag and caught my eye straight away. I separated each in category’s and you will see how I categorized everything down below but let us get started. I’m also going to be sharing a little first impression which each as well to give you my initial thoughts for the products.

Essence Mosaic Blush in Kissed By The Sun

This is probably my favorite thing out of the whole bag. I haven’t tried anything from Essence but I heard great things about this. I love the design of the blush and I never tried anything with a design like this. The color is gorgeous and you know this will be a summer staple. It’s a color I don’t own as it is a peachy orange and something I don’t normally reach for but getting this made me jump out of my comfort zone and use something other than pinks. It is so pretty especially when swirled together and has lovely pay off. The pigmentation is outstanding and looks so nice and gives a sun kissed glow. I know I took this with me for my beach holiday and when I get back I’ll let you know if it did well and give you more feedback about it. I know want to go try more colors and more from this brand.

Catrice Eye Colour in ChocoLATE Night Show

Next is my third favorite from the bag and it is a single eyeshadow by Catrice. Again it is a brand I haven’t tried anything from but heard about it as it is new to the country. I don’t own many single eyeshadows as I have palette after palette but it is a nice change. It is a shimmery chocolate brown and my favorite shades but I own many of them so it isn’t unique but really versatile. It has great pigmentation and has lovely pay off. I love the name of this too and might look into a couple more for traveling or something.

Happy Skin 24H Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Chic Brown

Now we have my second fave which is an eyeliner. I have tried stuff from Happy Skin before and I highly recommend the brand. There stuff is amazing and I love they included one in and something I haven’t tried before. This eyeliner is so smooth and the pigmentation is gorgeous. I can’t wait to test if it is 24 hours as it claims but I will have to test that out. I love that it came in brown and it is a pretty brown and will be perfect for everyday. I also took this with me on my beach holiday so I’ll give a full review on this as well.

Now here are the swatches for all three. With all three I swatched it once and then built it up to show the pigmentation. The eyeliner is a great brown color and is light and has small specs of glitter. The eyeshadow is okay when swiped once but when you build it up it shows off so much nicer and shows the sparkles so much more. The blush is really light so it isn’t scary to apply ad make a mistake. It can be built up as well and make it a really orange color. I don’t know how well it would look on with a lot of layers but subtle will be nice.

Moving on to my second best category and that is the lip products. I got three lip products and they all very in color but are all pink. I do love a good pink so the choices are great for me and I will get the most use out of them.

Pink Sugar x Project Vanity Matte Lip Crayon in Ready in Five

This has to be one of my favorite lip choices that came with the bag. This is a collaboration the Liz did with Pink Sugar. If you couldn’t tell I have been in love with Pink Sugar and their sugar tint is my favorite lip product at the moment and I have been mentioning it too much so you know I love it. This is a matte lip crayon though and the packaging of this is so pretty. I love this color and it is a perfect mid pink and will look so amazing for anything. I’m not going to say too much because spoiler alert a review of this and the other shades in the collection will be up in a week.

Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick in Starry Rose

This is my second lip favorite and I love the color of this. It is a berry pink with specs of silver glitter and it is very glittery. It isn’t a matte it is a creamy satin finish and looks so nice. I love the packaging for this as it is a gold bullet and all the trend I have been seeing. I never heard of this brand or tried anything but I’m impressed with this so far and it is a nice color and if I don’t want a matte lip I might grab for this as an alternative.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick in 51

Last in this category is from Inglot. I actually got so excited to see this as I’ve heard of the brand and was curious about their freedom systems and creating a custom palette. I’ve been thinking if I should do one and now this gives me an excuse. It is a lipstick and quite a nice color. I didn’t open it up and try it as I want to get a palette so I don’t ruin it or lose it. I am excited to try it but just need one of those magnetic palette to keep it safe. So far the shade looks great and can’t wait to start building a palette.

Now to the lip swatches. As I said I didn’t include the Inglot one as I haven’t opened it. I did swatch the other two though. The Flormar one is greatly pigmented and even though it has a sheer formula it still builds up nicely and I love the sparkles in it and makes thing much more glittery. The Project Vanity one is matte as soon as you swatch it and it has amazing color. It can be built up on the lips and create a very bright rose or just one swipe can cover the whole lip.

The third and final category is brows. Everyone and their mothers love brows so I am not surprised it came with 3 different brow products. There is a powder, liquid and a gel to get those eyebrows on fleek. The shades are okay and will be okay to test out so great getting some good color options.

K Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow in 01

The first favorite for this set is this liquid eyebrow and I’ve never tried something like this kind of product for the brows before. I did however try K Palette before and that was their eyeliner and it was in pink packaging and such amazing color so since I love that I think I would like this. It seems unique and I’m looking forward to seeing me use this more and get used to this technique.

Jordana Fabubrow Shape & Set Gel in Dark Brown

The second favorite brow product is this gel and I have tried a gel before but I didn’t get on with the one I tried so it put me off but this one seems less harsh and not too pigmented that it will scare me. This brand is everywhere and it looks amazing and I’m looking forward to trying this product as I said I am putting it off but I will try it here soon.

Christian Faye Perfect Eyebrows

Last is this brow powder. This seemed interesting and looks like a good color but I have one big complaint so far with this and it is the packaging is huge and a waste of space, a lot of space. I mean if you see the powder it comes in this little square but the box around it is so unnecessary. It comes with a brush and stencils but that comportment is so unnecessary and not travel friendly. That is the thing I hate about this and will figure out a way to remove the powder and put it in a palette instead. Other than that it is a pretty good product so far. It can also be a multi-use product like an eyeshadow or even a contour shade. It is very fine powder and great for brow strokes. I do like the brush and for one that comes with a product it is decent. I haven’t heard of the brand before ever or tried anything so this is the first.

Now for the brow swatches. The first is the powder and as you can see very nice pigmentation and a pretty light brown color. Also it can be used on different part of the face as it is a matte powder. It is nicely pigmented in one swipe or built up a lot. The second is the liquid brow pen and it is really light and can be built up. It will crate beautiful hair like strokes and the nib will do such a great job in achieving that. Last is the brow gel and this was hard to swatch but I managed and in one swipe it is glossy and it can add more coats if you like. It is pretty dark so this will not be good for light haired unless you want that look.

Now we are down to the last sets and we have the Zennutirents Coconut Massaging Oil and this sounds lovely. I haven’t tried it but it does look intriguing. The next was technically not included but we were given a card that says we can get a free foundation sample from Ellana Cosmetics but when I went up to the stand they were out of my shade so they asked if I wanted a translucent mineral powder so I agreed and now I have another transparent powder to try out. Last sample in this is the My Amazing Repair and Shine Secret and I tried from this brand and got my hair done from them before at an event and it is pretty good. I tried the sample of their shampoo and conditioner so I have high hopes for this repair serum.

Then it comes with flyers and a few gift certificates and discount cards for the brands at the event.

This wasn’t apart of the bag but I am happy to say I won best dressed and the prize was Kate Tokyo makeup. I haven’t heard about the brand and not tried it but this looks so exciting. I’m going to do a separate post all about it but here is a peek and since it was apart of the event I would show it off a little here. If you want to see the moment I won and the event then I have a vlog of it down below if you want to watch that.

That was everything inside this loot bag and I am so happy with it. It was worth it and they come out with other themed kits so follow her blog to see when she announces a new one or has others in stock. I might get me another if she does another as this was so worth it. I think everything in here was good and I’m excited to try them out more and see my favorites come through. The vlog from that day you can watch here so you can see a peek out the event. I hope you enjoyed this and have a lovely weekend everyone!

What brand have you never heard of but ended up liking it?



  1. Kristin C
    May 5, 2017 / 1:24 pm

    I LOVE gel eyeliner pencils. They are by-far my favorite. Looks like you got a really good bag of loot!

  2. Rachel Gault
    May 5, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    How fun! I always love event swag bags. Lots of cool new products/info to learn about!

  3. Leslie Soto
    May 5, 2017 / 5:02 pm

    What beautiful pictures and products. I always want to run to the store and buy everything you share. Actually, Monday I did run to the store and buy two of the NYX Matte Lippies after I read your post! It sounds like it was a wonderful event, too! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Birdhouse Books
    May 5, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    What a great loot bag! I really love the Pink Sugar x Project Vanity Matte Lip Crayon in Ready in Five — that is such a pretty color for spring and summer. It sounds like a fun event! – Trish

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