24 Lessons I Learned in 24 Years

My 24 Years!

Happy Birthday! To whom you may ask? To me! It’s my birthday today and while you are reading this I am in Palawan basking in the sun, surfing the waves or just spending it by the pool. I don’t know yet as I am writing this in the past and I’m not sure what is happening on my actual birthday and I don’t have any clue what I will be doing but I hope I’m somewhere on the beach or being a tourist however for right now it’s almost 5am and I’m sitting here typing this blog post. Today’s blog post is a bit deep and I thought I could try something different. I honestly didn’t have an idea what to post for today as I’m away but I’ve seen a lot of variations for this blog post and I thought since it’s my birthday and I’m turning another year older I would write 24 lessens I’ve learned in my 24 years of existence. This is my version.

1. Don’t worry about the size of your butt. 

It’s a funny one. After all this time I’ve come to terms and accepted I have a big butt. I can even joke about it now. When I was younger I hated the kids who would make fun of it because it was of bigger size. I wouldn’t fit into normal size clothes because of it. I absolutely despised it whenever I saw it in a mirror. I cried so many hours about it and swore when I was older I would find a way and get plastic surgery to reduce the size. I was that miserable with it. Now it’s popular. People are getting plastic surgery to add a big butt when I was wanting it gone. There are so many models now who are proud of it and it’s accepted. I thank Kim Kardashian a little because without her I don’t think I would ever see my butt as a blessing. It’s so weird how the thing I hated the most about my body is now celebrated and people compliment me on it when all they did before was make fun of it. I wish I could tell my younger self who was crying in her room that one day you would feel a different way about your butt and I would tell her to cheer up and when that day comes you will feel so much better about it. The lessen I learned in my 24 years of life is accept who you are because no one else will accept your flaws but you. Now I’m going to go celebrate my butt and twerk on the dance floor tonight.

2. Don’t be someone you’re not.

I have an active imagination so that’s probably why I’m so creative. I always imagined my life as something more than it is and I created a person that I’m not. I did this a lot when I was younger and I would exaggerated the truth to make myself seem more fancy to gain more friends and for people to like me. That leads me to my next lessen though. I would like something I didn’t just to hang out with my friends. I would mold myself to fit in and slowly I lost track of who I really was. It’s a scary feeling and I’m sure a few of you did the same. I tried so hard being someone I wasn’t that I missed out on a lot of things and maybe meeting the right people if I hadn’t of made myself into someone I thought I needed to be. 

3. Stop thinking about what people say about you. 

This one was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn over time. I still struggle with it but it isn’t as bad as when I was in school. I had such a hard time as I needed to know what they thought about me and I needed to change myself to make them think highly of me. It was a viscous cycle and it is so toxic. I know a lot of us need to work on it. I need to but as I’m getting older I’m less bothered by what others are thinking and I’m just trying to do my own thing.

4. Don’t take things for granted.

I learned this quite recently actually. Its hard not to take things for granted. Time is precise. Spend time with those you love and live each moment. You never know when it will be gone. As you do get older it hits you harder that time moves faster than you thought and so I learned that nothing should be taken for granted now.

5. Don’t let that moment pass you by.

This kind of goes with the one above. Do not let go of an opportunity even if it scares you. Live in that moment and enjoy every second. I’m hoping my beach holiday will make me realize this even more and it will let me enjoy every second.  

6. Think more about yourself.

However don’t be too selfish. Sometimes you have to think about yourself and your priorities. You can get so caught up with helping others you don’t see yourself improving or worst of all get taken advantage of. I love helping others and do so much for them that I forget I should be looked after too. So once in a while put yourself first and do what benefits you.

7. Never look down on anybody.

Just never do it. It hurts and yeah we occasionally do it and I did it a lot in high school but you learn that it won’t benefit you at all. It’s better to empower then look down and especially now that it is more public. Plus it will make you feel so much better to compliment a person instead of treating them badly. 

8. Be grateful for the time you have with someone.

This one hit home with me especially with my grandmother passing last year. It’s important to cherish and not hold a grudge. I spent everyday with my grandma and when they are gone you realize how special and close you are. I’m glad I had a bond and got to spend so much time so now I try and spend all my time with those close to me because you never know and at least you’ll have the memories.

9. Look on the positive side.

I a, such a negative person when bad things happen or not go my way. I’ll look more on the negative side when things don’t go my way and it is so hard to look on the bright side as I don’t want to get my hopes up so I’ll just focus on the bad more than good. So now I try to be more bright and stay more positive becuSe it does make the situation more lighter.

10. Take a walk to clear your head once in a while.

Plus it is good exercise. Lately when I need to clear my head or get away from working at home I’ve been walking around my neighborhood. It just makes things seem clearer and I get so much more work done. It’s also quite inspirational and I get my blog ideas or anything I need to get done that way. So a good walk around the park or just anywhere close really has helped and so important to stay active.


11. Have a good cry before bed.

I learned this is so helpful. Yes it might be sad and so tragic but crying in your bed after something really does take the pressure off. It got me through so much and by the next morning I feel so much better and forget I even cried or sometimes I forget why I was really sad. It takes the pressure off and letting out emotion helps me so much. If your scared to cry in public and just need to really stress or anger I find having a good cry or crying yourself to sleep does wonders. If you ever need to don’t be afraid to do so. I’m telling you you’ll feel so much better after.

12. Laugh like your going to get abs.

This is a very important lesson I learned and probably the best advice I can give. Laugh. Alway laugh. It is so good for you. I get laughing fits so often and I always feel the happiest during and after them. Laughter is so important so make it a part of your life and if you laugh hard enough maybe your abs might peak through one of these days from it. 

13. Do that thing you’ve been putting off.

There is always something we have at the back of our mind that we want to do but just leave it behind and go on with everyday things. Let it out one day. Go on that hike to the waterfall you heard about. (I finally did) or go to a cooking class. Whatever it is find time to do that thing because you never know you might enjoy it and regret not doing it sooner. I think this lesson has gotten me to do and to go places I would have never thought. So go do that thing you promised you would do but didn’t.

14. Seek adventure in little moments.

This lesson goes with the one above a little bit. I am such a scardy cat and would never do something because of fear. Then I went out and did small things. Soon I was hiking down a mountain, through a small bamboo bridge to see a waterfall for the first time. I went on a hanging bridge even though I was scared of heights. Went on a water slide and actually went on every slide at that water park. I don’t think I would go to adventurous after that but something small especially in little moments you never thought you would.

15. Respect your elders.

I mean this is a given but whatever you do just respect them. They have so much wisdom and even though their stories are repetitive and they don’t agree with your ways just look past it. This is the lesson I will always cherish and so grateful my parents enstilled and taught me manners and respecting those older than you. It’s a very important o lesson and have in your life. 

16. Believe in something.

Anything. Believe in something you are passionate about. I believed in writing this blog and it led me here to doing things I never thought I could. I think that lesson of believing does work and if you have drive and passion and just pour your heart into something big things can happen. Whatever it is you believe in just keep believing just keep it up.

17. Follow that dream.

Again like the above lesson, follow that dream big or small. I thought of this one because I saw the quote stop dreaming and start doing. If you have that dream than chase after it. I am and I am the happiest of doing it. I learned to be happy and even though I might not reach it the second I start at least I started it and hopefully one day achieve it. So stop what you’re doing and follow whatever dream is in your head.

18. Do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Do it. As Shia Lebuff said in that commercial thing; just do it. Do whatever that makes you happy and think about yourself that will make you smile. I believe in this one so much and when I realized it and I was the only one that will make me happy I did it. I did buy that bag I was lusting after for months and it made me so happy. I believe in the little things and those small moments make me happy. Now I realized I do whatever it takes to keep me happy. I try not to worry too much even though it is still hard but I do the things that bring a smile to my face and that raises my mood. Writing this blog post made me happy so I did it and felt so good while doing it.

19. Wear what makes you feel the best in.

Another one I recently learned and in my 24 years I think this one finally makes sense. Being of bigger size I was so self conscious of everything I was in. I bundled up even on the hot days because I didn’t want anyone to see my real size. I didn’t feel confident and wore whatever would hide any flaws I had. It was a struggle and now looking back I regret the pictures because I look even bigger than probably what I actually was because of the layers and huge sweaters. I didn’t feel good in anything. Then I started ballet class again in my twenties. It was a start and soon I started to learn to be proud of what size I was. I saw and read so many other girls my size or sometimes bigger or smaller and they worked it. Then I because more and more body positive. I started losing the layers and finding my style. I like to think fashion blogging helped with this issue and seeing others helped inspire me. Now I’m wearing clothes I would never have worn back in my teens. Now i can wear backless tops without batting an eye, short dresses to show my legs and even sleeveless tops that I would have never thought I would leave my house wearing one since I hated my arms. I learned to accept and just wear what makes me feel good and I’m much happier. I’m wearing my swimsuit in blog pictures and I never thought I would do that as well. It’s fun to see how much I changed for the good and I’m glad I got to where I am with body positivity. So go out and just wear what you think is best because when are you going to wear that mini dress or bikini. Do it now and not regret it when you are older. Your body might be the best now but at least it won’t be as bad as your old age one.  

20. Remember what keeps you grounded.

With all the popularity nowadays I wonder how others stay down to earth. I’ve met a few celebrities and top bloggers and some just seem so high of them selves. I mean not all are but with it being so much more easier to get famous now it seems like people lose where they came from. That’s why for me I try and just not notice all of that and jump on the hype. If you are in the position than stay who you are and don’t let it get to your head. Even though I’m doing pretty good in my family and make a decent wage I still am who I am. Some of my other family don’t though and lose who they were because of money and get boastful. So for me no matter what I remember that being grounded is better than floating to the top.

21. Never lose track of what drives you.

Also never lose that fire. I heard that expression so many times but never really got it until I applied it to myself. I have been doing so much more now that I know what I want and figure how to get it. I set goals and help myself to work out how I’ll get there to the end result. I learned that whatever it is just keep going and whatever it is that pushes you then keep at it. 

22. Be strong and capable of anything.

Keep this thought in your head. It sure has helped me to learn that you can do that thing and you are strong enough for anything life throws at you. Whatever obstacle it is just think that you can do it and if you can do that thing you wer afraid of then you can do anything your mind wants.

23. Stop and reflect once in a while.

With everything being so fast paced right now it is so easy to get caught up in the lifestyle of going and going and then we wear ourselves down until we can’t anymore. I learned to take a break and reflect the decisions that need to be made. There are moments that go so fast and we forget about that so make sure if you there is a chance take it and assess your choices.

24. Just be you.

Lastly, just be yourself. There is no one like you in the whole world so stop trying to act differently to impress someone or make up a story that you are like this or that. I learned that being yourself is the best thing and once you are in tune with yourself and appreciate your work you learn to realize that you are you and that is the best feeling. It may take a while to learn this and maybe sometimes I forget as well but at the end of the day there are only one of us. So just be you boo and do whatever it takes to make you happy and what gives you the motivation to figuring out and being yourself. 


I hope if your younger you would learn from my mistakes and take these lessons for your own lives or if your older or my age than you can maybe relate to a few of these or had similar experiences where you learned later on that its just not worth it. I’m going to learn a lot more and probably make more mistakes and learn from those too but so far in my 24 years of life this is what I took from it. 

Those were the 24 lessens I learned in 24 years.

What one lesson do you treasure from your life?



  1. Lecy Croson
    April 24, 2017 / 11:47 am

    Oh my goodness, SO much gold here, but #12… I should definitely be laughing more. Thanks for sharing these reminders! <3

    • Jackie
      May 5, 2017 / 9:43 am

      Thanks Lecy! I'm glad and hope you do end up laughing more. It is such a happy emotion.xo Jackie

  2. Adriana Chavez
    April 24, 2017 / 2:20 pm

    I love all of these! I actually just turned 24 and it already feels like a year I'm learning about myself a lot. Great lessons!

    • Jackie
      May 5, 2017 / 9:44 am

      Thanks Adriana! That is what I said too and glad you liked it!xo Jackie

  3. Brittany Lockwood
    April 24, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    These are all such great lessons! I'm just about to turn 24 and can definitely relate to some of these!

    • Jackie
      May 5, 2017 / 9:45 am

      That's great and glad you can relate and yay for being 24! Thanks Brittany.xo Jackie

  4. Alex
    April 24, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    Happy, happy birthday!!!! I hope 24 is a fantastic year for you! What awesome lessons – I'm turning 25 next month & I definitely relate to these!

    • Jackie
      May 5, 2017 / 9:46 am

      Thank you Alex! Glad you liked this and happy early birthday to you!xo Jackie

  5. Ali Arnone
    April 25, 2017 / 2:10 pm

    I'm ten years older than you and STILL learning this stuff, so good for you for recognizing it this early! Happy birthday šŸ™‚

    • Jackie
      May 5, 2017 / 9:48 am

      Thanks Ali and I'm still learning but it is nice getting to know yourself better.xo Jackie

  6. ChelseaHetzel
    April 25, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    I did the same post last year for my 24th birthday! I love your point about not taking things for granted šŸ™‚

    • Jackie
      May 5, 2017 / 9:49 am

      Thanks Chelsea! Also great minds think a like then. xo Jackie

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