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Summer Fashion Trends 2017

Happy Wednesday! Wish List Wednesday in fact. I’m back with another one of these which is just one of my favorites to do and show off what I’ve had my eye on at the moment. I haven’t really said much about this but from now on you will hear so much more about it and probably there will be many blog posts about it coming up. The big news is I am going on a summer holiday on April 15! I booked it last September and been counting down the days and planning every detail since then. I will be going to Palawan, Philippines for 10 days and I am so excited I cannot contain how happy I am about the whole thing. It will be all sun, sand, beach, exploring the tourist things and so much more. The reason why I am going besides finally having a summer holiday is to take some pretty outfit pictures while I am there so that means a whole new summer wardrobe and trying the trends. So now that idea inspired this blog post and it will serve as a guide for when I am out and buying the clothes for the trip. Okay enough about spoiling my trip and letting you know all the details I am planning I’ll just get on with it and what I was intending on showing you and what is on my wish list clothes and accessories wise for the summer!   

I gathered all the inspiration for some summer trends I have been seeing around and what perfect time than wearing and trying them on holiday. I want to be more adventurous and try even brighter colors and colors I don’t wear to often. I mean my main colors that I love to wear are still there but I do want to try and explore coral, aqua and of course my fave hot pink. A lot of fun prints, vibrant colors and everything that screams summer to me and is the epitome of something that will be #summergoals that you see everywhere on Instagram right now.

I pretty much went with a lot of dresses, rompers, skirts and shorts for the whole trip because I know it is probably going to be super hot and probably the most comfortable things to be in while I am there. I will probably alternate between these and try and create different outfits and try bringing a lot of basics and also some standout pieces.

First are some sun dresses which are easy to wear and are not fussy plus then can be used a couple of ways like as a coverup at the beach, for a night out or just a simple outfit during the day. I’m thinking a plain one, a fancy one and a print one that is in between casual and dressy. Next is rompers which I don’t own any but I thought it would be fun to try and another fun piece. It is an alternative and not as dressy and can be perfect for walking around during the day for tours I am imagining. As for coverups of course I can use both over a swimsuit but I think a kimono to just add would be so cute and never tried it so why not. I really want to try different coverup styles and mix and match to see what works. Speaking of swimsuits I think I should have mentioned them first as they are probably the most vital thing during a beach holiday. I was thinking maybe a bikini and one piece and I do love how cute they are and I have a few picked up but I have one swimsuit I have my eye on that I didn’t include to keep it a surprise and show it to you on. A clue is that it is so gorgeous and so on trend which I’m hoping I get and will be able to flaunt in when the time comes.

Next is the off the shoulder trend that is literally everywhere. With ruffles without any kind of detail off the shoulder I find so pretty so I had to add it in. So that is something I look forward to and hoping to bring gallons of sunscreen if I am going to show my shoulders off a lot. I think tank tops and spaghetti strap tops in various colors and prints would be such a nice basic to mix things up when dresses don’t do it for me and want something casual. As for denim I think shorts and  skirt to go with the tops I mentioned and they are so versatile and could be so easy to style an outfit together with. I really want to try the embroidery print trend and add some design to a plain pair. Some printed shorts I think will be something I get more use out of especially some fun tropical prints.I think the light ones that are so comfortable and flowy will be something I buy a lot of. I am going to hunt so many down and add to my wardrobe that I will be all good and can wear with each and everything on this list. 

Then I went with some accessories that I have seen a lot of quite recently and the tassel and pom pom trend is just so cute and love all the colors.I do love a good accessory and I don’t own a lot of these so this will be exciting. I’m going to go from head to toe so starting with hair accessories. I can see myself rocking some flower crowns and of course my matching bows too. A big thing and probably a very exciting one is a sun hat with the writing. I found a shop that can make me a custom one and that is all I am say because again trying not to spoil everything. I’m going to go hard on the jewelry and get all the pom pom and tassels. I think a lot of statement tassel earrings and pom pom necklaces is something I am going to go all out on. Now on to bags, and I went with a couple straw beach bags with the tassel of course and I actually never owned one so I think this will be a fun one especially it comes in many styles and colors. Another bag is a small compact one to carry around everyday and not bee too heavy as I am not going to do that. I was thinking of a nice tan one and have matching tan sandals. I wanted my bag and shoes go together so I think tan would be perfect summer color. Last for footwear is flip flops. I know they will be so comfy and my go to so I choose a rubber pair and a everyday pair that are similar to what I have now. The last thing is of course sunglasses and an essential for the summer. I love my rose gold mirrored pair so I might get another style that is similar as they are so fashionable.

I think I have covered all the bases and really loved everything I added to my summer clothing wish list. I loved everything and cannot wait to get started and see what I actually pick up. This was just a inspiration guide to what I’m thinking and some are what I really want to buy. I cannot wait to start this get to do some styling. I’ll maybe have a beauty and travel accessories edition wish list to go with this for more stuff I need to get for the trip so let me know if that interests you and if you have anything else you can maybe recommend for a beach holiday and stuff like that as it will be helpful. I’ll quit my babbling about this for now but look forward to more prep posts and all that. So hope you enjoyed this chatty wish list about summer clothes and my trip!   

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What item of clothing is on your summer to buy/wear list?

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  1. Lauren McPherson
    March 23, 2017 / 4:05 pm

    Love it! Your blog is so pretty and clean!

  2. Sheila Jo
    March 25, 2017 / 3:58 am

    Enjoy your vacation and take lots of pics! I LOVE a good sundress!

  3. Alexis Drumm
    March 28, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    These are such great picks! I just ordered some tassel dresses for our honeymoon!

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