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Affordable Contour Palette

Happy Monday! I’ve been quite liking putting up a review on Monday’s so here I am again with my thoughts on my favorite contour palette at the moment. If you remember I bought this in my Beauty MNL haul as it was a steal and the reviews were amazing so into the basket it went. I haven’t used it until recently but when I did it really changed my contour routine and made me appreciate the skill much more. There have been so many highlighting and contouring palettes around and I’ve been watching so many tutorials it made me want to try and I knew I had one but never put it to use so it was a perfect excuse. I’ve found a new skill and this palette has helped me achieve that. So with that I’ll just let you read on about my thoughts on the Detail Contour and Blush Palette with swatches.

Description (from website): A multi-purpose palette that sculpts, defines, and illuminates to skin. It features 2 contour powders, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighting powder; silky texture applies smoothly and blends effortlessly; highly-pigmented formula delivers stay-true color, so a little goes a long way; instantly adds depth, dimension, and color to the face.

Where to buy: I found it on but you can follow their social medias to find out where else you can get their products which are @cosmetix.unlimited and @detailmakeover.. It retails for 499php but I managed to get it at a discount price of 299php. Sometimes there are promos and deals as well so look out for those to get it even cheaper. It is a pretty good and fair price to begin with for the quality but a good deal never hurt anyone. Detail Make Over is a newbie in the cosmetics industry here in the Philippines and I first discovered them from their Matte Lippies that I reviewed here if you are interested.


The palette contains 2 contour powders, a bronzer, 2 blushes, and a highlighter. It contains 4.5g in each pan which it is quite a good size to swirl your brushes in and get the product. First off this packaging is quite unique for me as it is the first time I have something like this. It comes with a matte black carton with a magnetic closure. It’s a pretty good closure and it locks down. I’m quite impressed with it but it can be a bit flimsy and I’m not sure if it would protect the product. It is quite big but really thin so I haven’t traveled with this yet to tell you if it is travel friendly or not but if you take just this for contour, blush and highlight purposes and not take any individual products this can substitute that you’ll have one palette for all so I think that is pretty good. On the inside it has instructions on how to use the products which is helpful for beginners on where to put it and a diagram. On the back it has the ingredients and all that information that would be necessary for the product.

Color & Pigmentation

The shades included are a matte warm brown, a matte taupe with little specs of shimmer, a matte mustard brown, a pearl white shimmer, a matte coral pink with specs of shimmer and a matte rosy mauve pink. It has a pretty good range of colors to fit multiple skin tones and cater to a wider audience that way. It’s a pretty good buy because you will get everything you need in the palette which is very handy and super affordable! As for the quality of the shades in this it’s a little powdery but is really pigmented but nothing a bit of tapping the excess powder to avoid overdoing it I suggest doing that and it is all good. They have amazing blendability and can be finely blended onto the cheeks and the pigmentation can be built up to your desire or just one swipe blended in. It works both ways too and the quality allows that. Pretty much all the shades in the palette are very pigmented and goes a
long way so it’s better to start with a small amount of the product and just
build up the color. It has that kind of quality and for the price that is so good.

Application & Staying Power

The blending is not an issue with this so you don’t need to worry for making a mistake or a harsh line. It blends seamlessly along the cheekbones and jawline or wherever you need to contour. I use a tapered brush, an angled blush brush or sometimes a big fluffy brush it just depends but a lot of type of brushes can go so well plus the large pans make it easy to pick up the product. Now moving on to the staying power of this and I can say it is pretty good and has great lasting power. So with a primer it can last almost the whole day and not sweat off in the heat but without a primer and in the heat it lasts less so about 4-5 before it starts to smudge and you can see them go away. Not a bad thing and I’m pretty impressed with the longevity of this.


Last thing is I show you the swatches on my arm. I went the extra mile with these and labeled them so you can see each corresponding color in the palette on to the actually swatch on my arm to each clearly. We’ll start on the first row of the palette and the first shade is a matte warm contour shade whcih is labeled as 1. It’s a good shade to contour with for my skin tone as it is warmer tone but it can get very orangey if you use too much of it so avoid that and not make my mistake. The second shade on the first row is a matte bronzing shade and it helps warm up the face. I labeled that as 3 and is a lot lighter and more yellow orange toned that the other two. I tend to use this one before I put on my contour or if I don’t want to contour that day I’ll just use it as an all over warm up my face color. As for the last shade on the first row labeled as 6 is a coral blush shade with bits of specs and glitter in it. I love this and it is so in at the moment! I know this will be a gorgeous summer color and probably be my go to as it is the only coral shade I have in my collection so I will be reaching for that.

The first shade on the second row is also a matte shade labeled as 2 and it is cool-toned with very small bits of shimmer. The specs don’t show up however so don’t be intimidated by it as the shade is perfect for those who like cool-toned contour shades.

The next shade on the second row is the highlighting powder labeled as 4 and this is a bit of the down point for the palette. It’s a tad too chalky for me and it’s not too buildable. It is not as highlighting as I want to give me that glow that is what everyone wants to achieve. I have to use a separate highlighter to get the bam glow that can be seen from space look. It isn’t that bad though it just isn’t as bright as expected. The final shade in the palette labeled as 5 is a rosy mauvey pink blush with golden specks in it. It looks lovely and bring a nice flush to the cheeks. I love shades like this and they do look quite pretty especially for everyday. I do have a good tip though and when I tried it I fell in love with them even more. It can be mixed with the other blush shade in the palette to create a third color or they both look very pretty on their own.

Overall Experience

Overall I love the palette and it has great
and amazing quality. I
enjoyed using each shade but one out of all six is pretty good which is quite rare in a palette. I’m extremely happy
with this overall and I do recommend it especially the shades in this because
it has a great formula. If
you get a chance
should pick it up as it has a superb formula for the price. I wasn’t disappointed with the
quality and it lived up to
the hype I was reading about it. For the price of this and with all the hype with palettes like this than it would be so great for a beginner wanting to try the trend and not break the bank. It would be a great practice palette and to begin with plus you wouldn’t be put off using this. It would be great to keep in mind if you are on the lookout for a new blush and contour palette. Have you
tried the Detail Contour and Blush 4in1 Palette yet?

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4.5/5 because I love everything about the palette but the packaging and the highlight puts it down a bit. The faults are I’m not sure how sturdy the packaging is if the product falls will it be protected as it’s card board. The next is I wasn’t quite impressed with the highlight shade and it wasn’t too glowy which I wanted but 1 out of six shades that are bad is quite good in a palette so a pretty good overall score. Beside those two points, it’s affordable and has great value, has
great pigmentation and nice colors for
this palette. The best thing is the formula
and all the different shades are really nice. It can complement many
skin tones as well. So it was pretty amazing I
think and would love to buy more of their products as I was quite impressed with this.

That’s it for this review of the Detail Contour and Blush Palette. I really have been enjoying this palette and how it has upped my contour game. I was really surprised with how much I have been grabbing for it and thought it was time to get my thoughts out. I think I’m going to take this on my summer beach trip with me and see how I get on with it then. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. I love that I got into beauty reviews again and there will be more soon. Hope you have a lovely start of the week ahead!

What was your first contour palette you tried and your thoughts on it?

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  1. Meghan Bliss
    March 28, 2017 / 2:58 pm

    I want to try this! I don't know the first thing about contouring (though I want to try it), so this looks like the palette to start with. Lovely blog!

  2. aclassyfashionista
    March 28, 2017 / 4:52 pm

    This palette is beautiful! I love the overall colors–but you're right, I just wish the highlight was a little bit more glowy! I want to GLOW! haha! 🙂

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