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Happy Friday! I’m starting the weekend with some new makeup that I got in this Althea box I was kindly sent. I love trying new things out in subscription boxes and always find new favorite things. This box has 6 Korean beauty products and since they’re so in trend I get to try a fe more. I wanted to do an unboxing with you today since it has been a while and this one is no exception with all the exciting things inside. So let’s see what’s inside!

Althea recently launched and I’ve seen a lot about them from my other blogger friends and was curious about them. I’ve been kind of getting into more Korean beauty products and with it being a bit easier to obtain for me I can try a few out pretty easily. It does get a bit expensive though so I’m glad this is an alternative plus I can just have sent to my house instead of going to the mall. The best thing about it is not only are they at an affordable price but they are a 100% authentic according to their site and are an authorized seller of original Korean brands so you can feel safe paying for the real deal since there are so many fakes around. So that is a little bit about them of course you can read more here and here for everything I missed.

They just started these boxes but if you are not interested in the boxes and want a fix on some individual Korean products than there are so many choices at a discount rate. I had a browse and there are some awesome brands as well. I do like the idea of the boxes that are curated by them and you get to try new products you may not considered before and they all go together. I always like that and as I said before it’s like getting a mini present. With this it shows you what exactly you are getting so you can either pass it or get it. I don’t think there is a subscription so if you see a box you like you just buy it and there’s a new one every month with a different theme. I’m quite a fan of that style as it is a change of what I am used to from others I did unboxings from.

Our beauty boxes were launched late last year with the goal of letting our fans try KBeauty products at a price they can’t resist. These boxes are launched every month on Althea, and they may be themed on makeup, skincare or both depending on the trend from Korea.

This box focuses just for coverage. It’s called the Perfect Cover Box containing 6 products handpicked by the Althea Korea team to achieve flawless looking skin this year.

It retails for 1,441php and you can find this box here but it is currently out of stock. I’ll update you just in case it comes back in stock and you want to grab it yourself.

Secretkey Cover Up Skin Perfecter // Price: 0php // Size: 0ml

The first thing in the box is this skin perfecter and I think this is a foundation.It has great consistency and has great coverage. It isn’t very thick and gives a natural finish. The color kind of goes with my skin tone but I haven’t worn it outside my bedroom in daylight yet so I am still testing it out but so far I’m liking it. My initial first impression of this would be a good 3.5/5 but I still need to try it out fully so more before giving a full review. I didn’t list the link, the price or size as I can’t find it on their site and anything on it but if I do happen to find something I will update this.

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder // Price: 260php // Size: 5g

| here |

The second product in here is this Innisfree mineral powder and it is an oil controlling translucent powder and can you believe I don’t own one. I have wanted to try baking underneath the eyes and maybe I can try it for that. I did try it with the skin perfecter and it left me with a nice smooth matte base. It is very soft and doesn’t give a white cast after you use it so that is good. I still need to try it with flash photography and how it reflects. It is kind of messy or course because I haven’t found a product like this that isn’t. I love the color mint of the packaging and it is really small and compact and also it comes with a puff. I did use it but I do need to try a big powder brush to swirl in there. I’m really enjoying this one so far and would give this for an initial first impression a good 4/5.

CLIO Kill Cover Cushion // Price: 1,317php // Size: 13g

| here |

Next thing in this is quite exciting for me. I actually haven’t tried a cushion product yet. I have seen so many different ones like cushion foundations, bronzers and blushes but never went out and got me one. Now I had an excuse to try it and I find it so cool and an interesting concept. It was nice they gave a couple refills with this as well. It comes with a very nice compact and I do love the sleek black packaging of this. It has a protective seal as you can see and then exposes the cushion. It is really soft and with one touch to it exposes the product. It comes in the shade ginger and has a special double cushion technology that is not like any other cushion product according to the site and gives better coverage. Since this was my first time using it I m still trying to gt a hang of it but it does give good coverage and is very pigmented. Like the skin perfecter I haven’t tested the color in public to really see the end results but so far so good and I just have to practice to get a hang of this. Overall it is a 4.5/5 for me and looks promising so far.  

Witch’s Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer // Price: 240php // Size: 1.4g

| here |

The fourth thing in the box was this perfect cover concealer so at first I thought this was for covering up spots but I saw on the site it is actually for covering up anything. I didn’t get to play with this one that much as I thought it couldn’t be used for under eye circles so I can’t give my first impression review on this just yet. I do love the packaging of this and like the white twist up tube. It reminds me of the Topshop makeup packaging with the white and black stripes. I got the natural beige color and it is the medium one and it is great because I have medium skin tone but they do offer a light one to suite fair or light skin tones. So right now I am only going to rate the initial swatch I did and packaging but I would say about a 3.5/5. Once I use it as makeup I will of course give a proper review.

It’s My Lip Crayon in Rosy Red // Price: 240php // Size: 1g

| here |

The second to last that came in this box was a lip crayon. I do enjoy a good lip crayon and I like the color that came in this. It is a red and it can be oaque of the Korean trend of the ombre lip which this is the perfect product for that. I haven’t tried it like that and haven’t learned so maybe I can use it to practice that look if I wanted. I did try it full on the lips and it is quite opaque and can build up the color if you prefer. It comes in plain black packaging and looks like the perfect cover concealer packaging a bit. I love that it is a twist up instead of sharpening kind and it is easy that way. It is a nice color and has nice color payoff for a lip crayon. I would give it a 4.5/5 as an overall testing score.  

CLIO Micro Fine Oil Control Fix Mist // Price: 494php // Size: 80ml

| here |

Last thing that was in the box was this oil control spray and I already knew it was in there but I was still excited to try this out. I don’t have one and cannot wait to try it as this is the only one I haven’t tried yet. I am quite oily and specially now that it is heating up than that mean’s there will be more oil so having this spray and that powder above will have me nice and matte from the summer.I saw you mix it since it hs two products in it and to work it needs to be shaken well. I haven’t tried this yet too but I am really excited to try it and set my makeup with this. I know this will be an essential for me and complete my makeup. The initial testing score I would give this will be a 4/5 as it does look good and love the packaging plus it is a pretty big bottle which will last me a lot of sprays.


Now here are the swatches! I usually never include swatches in my unboxings because it is supposed to be a what is inside and my initial thoughts post but I figured it would be nice and change things up a bit. Plus it will sow you what everything looks like on my arm to get a sort of feel for the products I guess. I labeled everything so you can see each swatch all in a row. So starting from the left I swatched the lip crayon. The bigger line is obviously me running it across my hand to build up the color and the thin line is one swipe with the lip crayon. As you see you can build up the color quite nicely and it is a lovely strawberry red. The second swatch is the mineral powder and again the white dots is when I shook the product on my hand and next to it is when it is blended down but I didn’t blend it in full so you can see it. It does blend in seamlessly and not have a white cast to it but for swatch purposes I left it unblended to show you. The third is the perfect cover concealer and it is that stick concealer. Again, the one on the left is it built up and the right is one stroke of it. It has pretty good coverage and can build up nicely. The fourth is the conceal cushion and this has great pigmentation and coverage. On the left is it blended out and the right is the initial swatch where I first put it on. In one swipe it leaves so much product and has good pigment. Last swatch is from the perfecter cover up and it is quite thick. The right one is the first swatch and then it blended. All have great pigmentation and great coverage and it shows it in these swatches.

Overall I was very impressed with Althea and their services. The only fault I have with this is that there is no card to talk about the products in the box, the price and info about it. I would have liked that but that’s the only thing and maybe it’s there thing I don’t know. This box was really good as a lot of the stuff in it I haven’t tried and I have new products to add to my collection. It is definitely worth the price too because the Kill Cover Cushion Cover Cushion was alost as much as the box was and plus you got 5 other product with it. That was a great deal and these boxes were such a good idea. It makes me want to try more and I think my next purchase would be this box as it looks interesting.

If you want to watch my first reaction of opening the box and my initial thoughts of these products than you can watch it on my Youtube channel here or above.

That was my unboxing of the Althea Perfect Cover Box. I quite enjoyed that and miss doing these unboxings as I said. I hope you liked this and let me know if there are any other boxes I can get and unbox next. So I guess that is it and I hope you lovelies have an amazing weekend!

What kind of Korean beauty product have you tried if you have already?



  1. Rachel
    April 3, 2017 / 9:36 am

    How fun! It would definitely be a happy mail sort of day to receive a box like this!

  2. Adriana Chavez
    April 3, 2017 / 2:18 pm

    I've always wanted to try Korean products and this box looks so cool!

  3. Neely
    April 3, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    Well that all looks amazing!

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