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Honey, That’s Good Eyeliner

Happy Thursday! It is review time once again here on fxf and it’s special since it is the first one of the year. I’m bringing you another review from Pink Sugar as it is one of my go to products that I’ve tried recently and been using to do my makeup with. This thing is so amazing and deals with the issue of lugging around a liquid and pencil eyeliner in our makeup bags an then having a hard time to find each. Pink Sugar actually fixed that problem and has it in one so I can take it with me and not make a mes finding the eyeliner type I want. Also since it it both the same color you don’t have to go and find a liquid liner to match the pencil liner for an eye look. I think that is such a cool idea and how genius is that? So that gives you a little insight to this little beauty so let’s just jump into the rest of this review of the Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyeliner Duo in Black and Brown and all my thoughts about it!

Description (from website):
A dual-ended pencil and liquid liner. Features a retractable pencil on one end and a felt tip on the other; pencil liner delivers
smudge-proof everyday definition and is safe for use on the waterline; liner creates a bolder, longer-lasting stripe of color; easily draw thin to thick lines for natural-to-dramatic looks.
All-you-need eyeliner in one handy pen.

Where to buy: BeautyMNL,
& Pink Sugar Counters in selected SM Beauty in SM Department
Stores. This product cost 349.00php with 1.2g worth of product in a felt
tip and retractable liner with 4 shades to choose from in the range.


I’ll start with the outer portion or the box. It has pretty similar packaging to other Pink Sugar products and I find it really sleek and love the colors even the name of this. The problem I have is tha the box is pretty big and it only takes up a small portion o why waste the space and have this pretty big bow when such a little pencil is in there. I mean I kind of understand for the looks of it and to have the name, ingredients and all the important stuff on there but I think they can redo it a tad bit to save space. As for the actual product it is a similar size to a pen so it can be like your drawing which you are essential doing anyways. It features a retractable pencil tip on one end and a felt tip on the
other. These 2 eyeliners make everyday eyeliner application smudge-proof
and hassle-free. I know you will see pictures of this up close in this post below but one
end is the pencil and is retractable that raises the product up and has
quite a lot there and the liner side is a felt tip pen that has a nice
point to it. I’ve been using the liquid liner quite frequently trying to improve my
technique and the pen of this really helps and it also defines my eyes


Color & Pigmentation

This black liquid liner is a great color and is a true black. It goes a tad grey on the swatch but on the eye it is such a nice black that shows up real well.The liquid liner is more heavy coverage while the pencil is light to heavy coverage. It has great intensity and compared to other drugstore eyeliners it is one of the good ones I’ve used. This black liner has great pigmentation. It can have very subtle effect or build it up to get that dark look.

Application & Staying Power

The black shade deposits color
continuously onto the skin and it evenly gives good coverage to create a more
precise line. It is super easy to create winged liner and get a nice flick. It comes with a firm applicator making it super easy to
use even for beginners or someone like me who knows a fair share but just wants to practice getting it just right. I like to gently apply the liner very close to
my upper lash line and then when I am feeling adventures I create a cat eye. I use the pencil side for the tight line and also can be on waterline.
I also use it on my lower lash line because with soft strokes it can gently smoke out and set the look. Since it has such a creamy consistency I’m glad it doesn’t tug on the lid during application. The staying power for both products is great and I highly recommend it. It stays vibrant and true
the whole day unless you have oily eyelids than it can smudge. It’s unfortunately not waterproof and it can run when it gets wet in the rain but if you’re going to an indoor or evening event it will last all throughout that. 


Color & Pigmentation

The pigmentation is good, one swipe you get a good deep brown shade. This shade is pretty pigmented and can give you a strong look in just one swipe of the product. I love that the brown liner shade is perfect for daily use and can create subtle looks and define your eyes. The brown liner features a brown shade that looks brown all throughout application. It doesn’t
turn to any other color once applied because I have a few brown liners that have turned into a soft black or sometimes a grey brown when applied. It’s a true brown shade that looks just like how it is in the tube. I can also use the brown shade as a brow pencil if I needed to. It has a soft touch that it can imitate soft hairlike strokes to define the brow so you don’t just get a liquid liner, a pencil liner but that pencil liner can be used as a brow pencil too so it’s like a three in one now.

Application & Staying Power

As for application, I find it very easy because its felt tip is soft enough
not to tug on the eyelids. I also love that the felt tip was able to create
thin and thick lines smoothly without any fuss. The staying power is okay and can last for around 4-5 hours. It does not smudge or smear on application but has the tendency to disappear especially if you have very oily lids like I do. With the formula it tend to smudge a bit on the crease portion of the eyelid and for me with the humid weather it can cause this. So with my oily lids after few hours I noticed that it can smudge. Nevertheless, I recommend this for those who have dry eyelids and are in a drier climate. It seems it is more the pencil does this instead of the liner. The liner is stronger and can handle moisture more the pencil has a weaker formula. 


I did a lot of swatches. I did different intensities which each one to show the effects they can create. So the first is the brown pencil liner drawing one line and the other underneath is smudged out to create the smokey effect and building up the pigmentation. The ones after that are with the pen liner so again one line to see the pigmentation with one stroke and underneath I swiped it a few times. Moving on to the black and the first being the same as the brown color. First is one line drawn in the black and the second underneath is it built up with pigmentation and smudged out. Next is the liner and again one swipe and then it built up with a few more swipes to show of the pigmentation. I would say the liners of both colors are far more pigmented than the pencils. It doesn’t mean they don’t have the same but both have different consistencies so it doesn’t show up more. Overall they showed up pretty well and also better on the eyes of course.

Overall Experience

Overall I love these eyeliner duos and for the price it has great
and amazing quality. I
enjoyed using this and it has such a unique packaging and I loved the ones I chose. I’m pretty happy
with these two and I do recommend it because it is affordable and you get a liner and pencil in one.
There are 4 shades to choose from and different variations,
affordable and the product has pretty good pigment. If you get a chance you
should pick up either the black or brown it depends on your preference and you
won’t be disappointed with the quality and affordability plus it is a
local brand to support as well. I must also say that this is a great product for someone who would want to try eyeliner for the first time since it has two variants .Have you tried any of the Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyeliner Duo yet?

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4 because I love everything about this but the lasting power is a tad bit off for me but maybe due to my oily eyelids. It’s affordable, has
great color and is a good idea for a product. The best thing was the duo for me and it saves a lot of space and will be amazing for anyone who travels or needs it on the go more than this is perfect for just that. So it was pretty amazing I
think and would love to buy the last two shades to try them out and the colors they have. I’m betting it would be best for you if you want good
pigmentation, good performance, and affordability in one

That’s it for this review of these eyeliner duo. It is a pretty good buy since
it’s long- wearing and I love the finish of the liquid liner that I have been
using it everyday ever since I opened it and tried it. I was quite impressed with it and such a cool concept to combine it together. I was so intrigued and it pulled up to it’s cause. I hope you found this helpful and got a good look at it in case you can get your hands on it. So that was my first beauty review of the year and hope to do more so if there is any new product or something you think I would like to review next please leave a suggestion in the comment. I have many more coming and did a whole batch of blog photos so those will be coming to you as well.

What is your absolute favorite eyeliner to use?

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