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Happy Thursday! I’m continuing Valentine’s week with my manicure inspire by the colors associated with the holiday. I love doing my nails for different occasions so naturally when I went to get my nails done for the month I requested pink and red. Now without a long intro I’ll just show you my Valentine’s Day 2017!

| Gel Manicure – Just got them done |

For the past couple of months I have been getting my nails done at California Nails and Spa in Festival Mall and I usually just get a gel manicure. I’ve gone back there so often I feel like I’m going to a friends house to get my nails done/ As always I would disclose if this was sponsored or I get my nails done for free there but I pay every single time I just love that place I have to rave about it. they are so accommodating and I love getting a sticker each time on my loyalty card to get a free manicure. As I said this month I went with a pink theme with a touch of red. I base my color choices on the month or the season or in this case if any holidays are coming up. I’m quite happy with this month’s manicure that is why I dedicated a whole blog post on them.

The colors I went with are a cured gel but I remember the numbers. I choose number 10 for the pink and I think 26 for the sparkly red but I am not sure if it is the universal color so it may vary at every salon. I knew I wanted a pink and this one caught my eye as it is a nice in between pink that isn’t too light or not too bright at the same time. It also has fine gold glitter so in the sun it catches the light and is even prettier sparkling. I wasn’t originally going to go for red on my accent as I was tired of red since I still had my Christmas nails and I was looking at my red nails for almost 2 months. If you’re curios to see what those look like I did a post on them here. However when I saw their new arrival of this sparkly red I was originally wanted for Christmas I couldn’t resist. It just came in and hadn’t been used yet so I was the first and the color looked so nice on.It took about 5 layers to get the result on my nail but I think next time I would get a red base color with 1 layer and then add the red sparkle on top. It isn’t thick though and dries really fast so it is fine. The pink is 3 layers but it was opaque in 2 but I wanted that extra layer to last. The manicure lasts almost two months but isn’t perfect anymore and I proved that last month. This is perfect for me and it lasts until my next appointment and I start the cycle over again.

I’m really in love with my nails this month and I just can’t help stare at them while typing up this blog post. Speaking of typing it can withstand all my tipping and so far no chipping it is perfect for a blogger like me or anyone always typing.So those were my Valentine’s Day nails and I love the colors I choose and how good they went together. It is so nice getting your nails done and I do recommend it. Let’s see what next months look like and what I go for next month.

What did your nails look like on Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Mandy Paulino
    February 16, 2017 / 7:12 pm

    Cute nails!!Visit me back šŸ™‚

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