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Red Heart Balloons

Happy Tuesday! Also Happy Valentine’s Day! As you can already guess by the title and pictures, this is my Valentine’s Day outfit. I love dressing up even though I’m not doing anything because it is just so fun and it’s an excuse to get dolled up and wear my favorite colors together. I actually really love what I wore this year and can’t wait to tell you more about it.

I’ll tell you a little secret about this outfit and that is the top I’m wearing is actually a dress. In fact it is actually last year’s Valentine’s Day dress. So this outfit just shows you how to recycle last year’s dress and style it differently for this year and years coming up. This red lace dress I bought at Forever 21 and it actually came in handy throughout the year. I wore it by itself, I wore it with a denim skirt for Fourth of July here and I wore it with tights and a sweater on top of it for Christmas here. The point is I wore it many times and it has become a staple in my wardrobe since I can style it different ways and was able to create different looks from this one dress. At the time of buying it I had no clue if I would even wear this red dress again but it turns out it was worth it. So if you are still debating about one than you should jump at the chance and buy it.

As for the rest of my outfit I added a white a line skirt which I don’t normally go for. I usually buy a skater style skirt or a fit and flair but I actually like this and love the scallop and embroidery on the hem to add a girly detail. Next is my Blair Waldorf cardigan as I call it. I actually had another one in mind but I couldn’t find it so I brought this one out instead. It was pretty hot while shooting this so I just had it over my shoulders that I have seen a lot recently. I loved how it added to the outfit however it did come in handy in the evening as I was heading home because the wind and cold front got to me and glad I had another layer to keep me warm. I didn’t go too much for the accessories with this outfit. The jewelry I have my stone heart necklace, some diamond bow earrings and a few bracelets. May bag added a more vibrant pop of red to match my lipstick and last detail is this white hair bow ponytail that was my favorite part of this outfit. My shoes are just some black ballet flats but I would have liked to find some red ones but none of the stores had my size so I went with black. 

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, cardigan: Macy’s, skirt: H&M,
shoes: Lower East Side, bag: Forever 21, necklace: Heirloom {similar},
bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Lady Balls |

That is my Valentine’s Day outfit! There is actually a funny story while taking this outfit and I thought it would be fun to share. First I wore this outfit to Tagaytay where my parent’s own property and they were going up there so I decided to go with them and just take it while I’m there. It turns out they were going for business and I ran out of sun and couldn’t take the pictures. So I rescheduled, on Wednesday I had my nail appointment and it was in the evening and I know I could have taken it in the afternoon but I wanted my nails to be pretty and I got them Valentine’s themed so I couldn’t do it then. While I was at the mall, after getting my nails done I saw these balloons and they could go perfect so I bought them to add as props. Then on Thursday I was all dressed and ready to take the pictures but it turns out my camera broke. I only own one DSLR and take all my pictures and videos on it. I was so upset that the auto focus on the lens got stuck and I couldn’t take pictures with it even the manual focus was broke so I was pretty sad and my dad offered me to use his Samsung S6 and I did but it wasn’t the same for me. I then went back to a mall a whole other city away to check on a new lens and it turns out it was a tad out of my budget for the month. So my dad and I go to dinner since he felt bad for me and thought some food would cheer me up (which it did for a while) but as we sat down I showed my cousin who was our driver the lens and he popped it open by accident and it started focusing. It was just stuck. That night I played with the settings and got it ready for the next day. Now on Friday I got to the same place I was at Thursday (made sure my camera was working before I left) and it turns out there was a big Valentine’s Day fair and pretty decorations also it was a sunny day. Thursday it was gloomy, about to rain and no decorations in sight. So the point I’m trying to make with this long story was I think it was fate my camera didn’t want to work on Thursday so I could go back on Friday and get these amazing pictures. The third times the charm saying really does work especially with this case. It’s just so weird and I do kind of believe in the phrase everything happens for a reason. If my camera had worked on Thursday these would have turned out so differently and now I’m glad it didn’t because I enjoyed Friday so much more and there will be a vlog of the whole thing coming soon but I thought I would include this story as it is funny now but while it was happening I was so pissed about everything.

That was my outfit and a little story of how my week went. I hope whatever you did together was enjoyable and you spent it how you wanted it to with or without someone. My Valentine this year was my dad again but he got me these balloons and a gigantic heart balloon too which if you read yesterday’s post than you would have seen how much I love receiving balloons. I’m going to go watch more Netflix and steal some of my cousin’s chocolate now. Again, happy hearts day from me to you!

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What is your favorite color to wear on Valentine’s: red, pink or white?

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