Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Alert Lipstick in POW3 & POW4 | Review & Swatches

Hot Pink Madness

Happy Thursday! Since Valentine’s Day coming around the corner I thought about all the pink beauty products I own and remembered I haven’t finished reviewing the Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Alert Lipstick and they are my fave pink lipsticks. I did previously reviewed the first 2 from this collection here and you can see all my thoughts from those two different shades of pink. Everything about these lipstick scream pink from the packaging to the colors itself so here I am giving my thoughts on the last two shades offered and you can see the round up of all four here. Although if you want to hear about what I thought about these pink lipsticks perfect for the upcoming holiday or the summer months than continue reading for all things pink.

Description (from website): Maybelline’s special pink collection from its bestselling lipstick line. Formulated with vivid color pigments for pure, saturated color; infused with honey nectar for a creamier feel and to protect against color-cracking; leaves lips soft, supple, and cushiony all day. It’s perfect for girly girls of every skin tone!

Where to buy: BeautyMNL,
& Maybelline Counters nationwide. Also in SM Beauty in SM Department
Stores, drugstores and supermarkets. This product cost 299.00php in a plastic tube with 4 shades to choose from in the range.


The Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks come in a pretty pink lipstick
packaging with a plastic wrapping with “Pink Alert” printed on the wrap
and on the other side it has the date & ingredients. The packaging
is the same like the color sensational ones which I own a few of as
well. It comes with a pink cap that closes tightly so they won’t come off
in your bag. The packaging inside which is the bullet is
silver in color and twists up to reveal the lipstick. It goes all the way
in so it doesn’t expose the lipstick and it is a good thing for me so I like that it goes all the way down inside the tube. It has
a color coded sticker below along with the shade name to ease
identification. I like that it is also pink sticker at the bottom on
which the shade name is written and the sticker is the same color of the
lipstick inside. I really like the pink packaging and find it girly also classy, sturdy & travel friendly too.

Color & Pigmentation

I’m going to start with the color called POW3 which is the third color in the collection. POW 3 is a gorgeous barbie pink with a blue undertone. It fits cool undertones and fair skin tones and is pretty close to the shade of POW1. This one is a tad bit warmer and not as fluorescent as the others yet it still is bright enough that it still matches the collection. Since it isn’t the brightest in the set it is the most wearable of all the shades. I think that POW 3 will suit fair to medium skintone and will definitely look nice having it match.

I usually stay away from blue based pinks as I have a yellow undertone but POW3 looks pretty okay on me so I don’t mind it. The last color is called POW4. It is a tropical pink shade or more of a bright coral pink. It has undertones of a blue based hot pink and slightly toned down version of POW2. I love that it isn’t a bold bright hot pink and the shade is laced with coral that looks stunning and makes such a gorgeous color. I think POW4 is a summery and bright coral pink that has a slight neon undertone which looks gorgeous. As for this one I think POW4 could look good on medium and warm skin tones. It’s bright enough to give your skin a fresh pop of color but isn’t too bold unlike POW2. The shade POW4 instantly brightens up the face and will look absolutely stunning on most complexions! I love building up and layering POW4 in 2-3 swipes to adequately cover the lips. 

The lipsticks are nicely pigmented and you can obtain an opaque finish
if you prefer with more than 1-2 swipes. It will cover moderate
pigmentation of the lips but does not give an opaque finish unless you
want a less or a more intense application then add multiple swipes on
the lips. POW3 is not as highly pigmented as the others but it gives a
decent coverage in 2-3 swipes. As you’ll see in the swatches below they
have such lovely application on my wrist but even more so on the lips
where it was intended for of course. It instantly brightens up the lips
and you’ll be left with gorgeous color. They are both pigmented enough that they can be built up to get an opaque finish.

Application & Staying Power

The application of these have a smooth and buttery texture which gives a
glossy shine to lips. It is moisturizing and I find this hydrating as
the other 3. After awhile it settles into a semi matte finish and does
not feel uncomfortable on so you notice nothing is on the lips and will
bother you. POW3&4 is buttery and very creamy it also has a soft and
smooth texture which does not tug upon application. It will settle
into a semi-matte finish and might be a tad drying for some but not bad. I’m surprised that the best part is that it doesn’t dry my lips out!

They are all quite similar in terms of staying power. It has an impressive wear time and stays put for about 4 hours after which it fades. POW3&4 has a decent wear time and stays put but which it fades into a pink lip stain. The lipstick easily survives small meals and snacks but fades after having a full meal due to the creamy texture of the lipstick.

Since it is pretty affordable then I don’t mind really touching up just
in case I need to top it off if not then I just let it become a gradient
lip stain. They have pretty great staying power for being a creamy lipstick since I was not expecting too much.


Here are the swatches on my wrist. The one on the top is POW3 and under that is POW4. As you see on my wrist it dries to a matte but on the lips it does not dry down to a full matte as I said while I was saying in the application part of this part. They have lovely pigmentation and with just one swipe you get the hot pink color or you can build it up some more to get a brighter and bolder lip color. The swatches on these are both 2 swipes and it shows the color really well.

Lip Swatches

Again, on the top is POW3 and the bottom is POW4. The first one is a very blue toned pink on my lips and I have to build it up more than number 4. It is very glossy on my lips and doesn’t dry to a matte unless I get rid of the excess and pat it down. It really is a nice colored pink and doesn’t stick to any dry patches which is nice. The second one is the more hot pink and coral one. On my lips it isn’t as bright and out there as the POW2 as it was so bright on me. This has a tropical vibe to me and makes it such a beach color. It is still glossy but with this color it isn’t as shiny and very moisturizing. It is not patchy and applies smoothly on and doesn’t show what you don’t want. I do like POW4 on me more than 3 as it is more my color and goes more with my skin tone rather nicely. I do enjoy both but when it comes to color 4 wins colorwise for me.

Overall Experience

I enjoyed this and fell in love with how pretty the colors are. They are
very moisturizing, have nice color pigmentation, girly packaging
and an affordable price. The only fault I have is that since it is very creamy it can
transfer. Other than that I love it and it was totally worth
trying.  This range scores well in texture, pigmentation, staying power
and affordability and I only found one thing wrong with it so pretty
good in my standards. It gets a thumbs up from me and I now have more bright pink lipstick shades to add to my collection.

My rating is:
I’ll give it 4 stars because I love everything but since it had one
fault I gave it a 4. It does pass my boxes for a great product since it’s affordable, great color and not drying. The best thing was the color range for me as I do love my bright pinks and has pretty good lasting
power for it’s price tag. So it was pretty amazing I
think and I love that I own all 4 shades in this collection and I have four choices just in case I need a bright pink lipstick.

That’s it for this review of these lovely lip colors that are so bright and full of life. I really did enjoyed
these and the whole set actually. I
can’t say enough about them and hope you enjoyed this review and maybe
got a new product to try and add to your wish list. If you’re fond of bright pink lipsticks then this would be so pretty this coming Valentine’s Day or is a must have this summer too! I actually can see myself wearing these often this coming summer especially on my beach holiday to add that pop of color.

What is your favorite Valentine’s lip color to wear?

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  1. Mandy Paulino
    February 9, 2017 / 8:14 pm

    lovely shades, love themVisit me back 🙂

  2. Layla Sprinkles
    February 10, 2017 / 11:07 pm

    These colours look absolutely gorgeous – perfect for the spring and summer months, absolutely gorgeous!!Layla xx

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