GALentine's Gift Guide & Wish List

Galentine’s Wish List

Happy Monday! Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I thought it was time I should put up my last minute gift guide for all those last minute people out there like me who is the queen of procrastinating and putting things off until the very last second it needs to get done. I did one last year but it was a gift guide to give to the special girl in your life which you can read last year’s guide here but for this year’s I decided since there was no one special in my life I did a sort of wish list version on things I’d appreciate and maybe buy myself but it does give you an idea what girls like me may want as well. So I came up with a few things that I had my eye on like a few clothes, jewelry and makeup which will be the perfect items for the special girl or all for yourself.

I’ve been seeing a lot these with the theme of single gals like me celebrating their selves and I promised I would think more about myself this year. So this wish list idea came about and I do love pink and red and all the things associated with the holiday but I made it work and found all the cute things that would brighten my day.

| lippie set | highlighter | blush | eyeshadow palette | bag |
| pink tassel earrings | hot pink tassel earrings | dress | skirt | shoes |
| socks | pajama | phone case | diary | heart light box | heart plates |


I’m starting off with my favorite part of this gift guide which is all the makeup goodies I have chosen. First off, I have been loving Too Faced and just started dabbling with the brand and so far I am loving it so far (more on that soon!) so it had to make it into my wish list. I hear so many great things about their chocolate palettes and instead of adding the original of course it was appropriate to add their Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette because 1) it’s pink and 2) the eyeshadow pans are shaped as hearts. The colors look amazing and I think it would be perfect gift especially if you can only get one thing. Next is another but one of their Love Flush Blush and again it is shaped like a heart and I heard good things about them. The next ones I picked are from Colourpop and apart of the Valentine’s Day collection and the colors are definitely up my alley and what I imagine wearing. I choose the lip set as their lippies are my absolute favorite right now and I do find their highlights are so pigmented and when I saw this two tone one I thought it was really unique. I was going to add the eyeshadow quad too but thought that was enough makeup but I do have my eye on that as well. Last thing to add is not makeup but beauty related so I thought I would just throw it on here. Maybe get a gift certificate to get your nails done in a fun valentines color or design would be great. I recently got mine done in a gel manicure with Valentine’s Day colors so it gave me an idea to treat yourself and get a mani/pedi. 


I choose a few items of clothing that are perfect and if you are the buying them for yourself then it makes it even better that you got the option of knowing what you like. I just went with the theme of Valentine’s Day and what are my fashion essentials that I would look good with on the day. First I went with a hot pink lace dress. I love hot pink and how it looks on me especially how confident and pretty it makes me feel so when I saw this I knew it would be perfect to add and since I see so many wearing red dresses I thought I would mix it up. I do love red though and still wanted to include it but instead I just picked a red skater skirt since it looks flattering on my body shape and still can be styled many ways for different occasions. What’s nice is you can choose a red skirt to fit you so I added it in for an idea. Last is not for going out but for staying in either on your own or with someone to cuddle on the couch with so I went with a cute pajama set. I adore themed pajamas and would love one for every occasion so getting some Valentine’s Day themed ones would be the perfect touch to an evening in watching Netflix and eating your fave junk foods. To match the pajamas I added some Valentine’s socks to finish off the look and aren’t they the cutest thing. 


To add to the fashion aspect of this gift guide wish list, I wanted to include some accessories as well. The first is jewelry and who doesn’t want jewelry for Valentine’s Day but it’s not the traditional kind. I went for earrings that I’ve seen everywhere at the moment and on trend so who wouldn’t want them for maybe a night out with the girls or coming up for this summer. These tassel earrings come in so many styles and colors but I choose again the blush pink and hot pink to match the theme. I’m going to see if I could get a few pairs for some outfits this spring and summer. Next is the famous heart bag and I featured one last year but they are the cutest and I could decided which color so I added both. Who would want a heart shaped bag? Last thing is essential shoe for a Valentine’s Day outfit which is red strappy heels to make an outfit sexier and of course heels makes us feel a tad bit more confident until they start hurting us. I’m still on a look out for my perfect pair but I love these and how good would they look with so many outfits. 


The last category is just bits and bobs that are cute little gifts. I’ll start off with a cute diary even though it might be a tad bit late it will still be a cute gift and this one is for a thought everyday type of one so you can still start now and then go one full year. I’m looking at one right now and might get it for myself to have a little keepsake like a lot of others are doing. Next is some heart shaped plates I saw some and really wanted to get them but the ones on display had cracks on them so sadly I didn’t get them. It did give me an idea for this and so I thought it would be a cute DIY with them. The third thing is a phone case and I saw this not because it was a semi Valentine’s Day theme but it has Bichon Frise on it and my dog is one so any March with them on it I get so excited over. What I like is that it can be on all year so it is such a cute gift. You can always get one with your own dog breed on it to match you so it’s a bit more personal and will make you think about your dog of they’re your Valentine this year. The fourth is another thing I saw in stores recently and it’s this heart shaped light box I’ve been seeing a lot in different shapes but I thought the heart would be perfect for now. I was going to buy it but the store just closed and I just never went back but I think I will to have in the back of my videos or a blog post prop. So it is perfect for a blogger/vlogger in your life to have as a prop. The last thing on this gift guide wish list is going to be most cliche out of all the things I’ve choosen but you need some cheesy gift in. I am a big fan of balloons and always have them for any occasion. I much prefer them to flowers or candy as a Valentine’s Day gift. If you filled my room full of balloons and got me a bouquet of balloons then you will win me over faster. So I added the red heart shaped balloons to this since they make me happy. You will be seeing mine in an upcoming blog post. 

That was my Galenitines/Valentine’s Day gift guide wish list for this year. I hope you got some ideas for yourself or someone else whoever it may be I hope you found something. I really enjoyed putting this together and do love all the colors that come with this holiday. I’m not negative towards it but since I’m not with anyone right now I’m going to take the day and do things for myself once instead and if my family isn’t doing anything either than with them too. So I’m off to go get some of these for myself and hope you do.

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    February 13, 2017 / 8:11 pm

    All so cute! šŸ˜€ I can't wait for tomorrow! Katie | Willow and White

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    February 13, 2017 / 11:06 pm

    Awesome list! Thanks for sharing! xxLauren Elizabeth Petite in Pearls

    May 19, 2017 / 7:04 am

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