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Unique Wedding Dresses

Happy Tuesday! In continuance to yesterdays post I wanted to get all the wedding inspiration out of the way. I’ve been on Pinterest a lot more recently (shameless plus you can follow mine here) but I have seen so many pretty dresses on the popular page making me fantasize over all the wedding stuff especially since a lot of people in my family are planning theirs and then seeing it online with everyone who it seems are getting engaged left and right I can’t help but jump on and do a bit of inspiration for those out there so the lovely people at Millybridal UK got in touch and I didn’t want to just do the pretty fairytale standard dresses that are everywhere I wanted to show a few unique choices for the bride who wants to stand out even more on their day. That’s why I choose a few different colored wedding dresses and some short not so common wedding dress for those who feel like a change. So onwards to what I picked and all the pretty wedding dresses.


These dresses are short dresses that if you don’t want it to be long in your way. Although it can also be a second dress to mimic your wedding dress for the reception so you don’t have to be lugging it around unless you want to. Maybe you are having a very small wedding so a short one can be it for that. If not then you can just have it as an actual dress and break but the rules and just do these options. It can have a vintage vibe or a modern one there are so many other choices especially there are a lot of Wedding Dresses UK like these. I love the last one myself and something simple and tulle like that would be perfect for myself.


The next set I picked are a few colored dresses instead of the plain white one. I see the appeal of them and they can be a very unique touch to your wedding. The first one is a light gold one and isn’t as white so it isn’t too off the color of a traditional dress but it still somewhat unique. The second is a a blue and it is like no other and it can kind of go with the something blue theme since the dress will be blue. The third is really subtle and another option if you don’t want to stir away too much from the classic style.This one has a white top and a blush pink skirt. I think out of all this was my favorite and since I love blush and can already see me with a blush pink color scheme so having the dress match would be the cherry on top. So maybe you can do that with the color you like. The last one is a full on colored dress again in pink but all over. This would be so pretty if you love the full colored route which you would be the stand out in the crowd for sure.

That’s it for this inspiration post. I hope you got some ideas and if you needed any inspiration yourself for some unique wedding dress that are far from the norm. I really love putting this together and you were inspired by it.

*This post was written in collaboration with Millybridal UK but my opinions of choosing unique wedding dresses are all on my own.


What are your thoughts on the not so normal wedding dresses?

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  1. Jade
    January 25, 2017 / 12:21 pm

    I'm not even engaged but I love looking at wedding posts!! The Tulle dress is my favourite, so so pretty! :)Jade xFairytale Kiss

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