Rewind Through 2016 | Highlights From the Year

2016 Rewinded

Happy Saturday! Today is going to be extra long featuring pictures and stories from 2016. Like last year I take you through my whole year and summarize what happened, give some highlights and give you details and more into my life if you are a curious person like me. So I warn you this will be long so grab yourself a snack and get comfy because 2016 was quite a ride so I suggest you strap in and here is my rewind through 2016.

The year was not my year like a lot of others. For some it was the best and some was pretty bad.  A lot happened and some bad and some good. I personally wanted to start with the bad and then move on with all the good and my highlights. The first bad thing was my beloved dog passed away and as I am writing this it is officially a year since he did. I had his since he was a puppy and he was my buddy. I have one small dog and he was a large size dog. He was the first large dog I owned and ever had since I always had small ones. I could hug him and lay on him without hurting him as he was bigger in size. He was such a unique dog and so loving. He was everything to me and got me through so much when I was in college. I taught him to nose to nose on accident and whenever I said nose to nose he would put his nse to mine and it made me so happy. I kind of taught him to shake but sometimes he would do it and sometimes he wouldn’t it was whenever he was in the mood. It suddenly happened and I thought he would survive but he sadly didn’t. A few weeks before he passed he isn’t allowed in the formal living room where the family stays he was only allowed in certain parts of the house so one night I saw him waiting by the archway and I snuck him in while I was watching TV and he just sat beside me. I even got to take a few selfies with him and we just sat on the tile floor together. He did a few nights and I should have expected something was happening because he never did that. He just gave me love. The stories from my family were before they rushed him to the vet he was trying to go to my room and he wasn’t allowed as it passed where he wasn’t allowed so he couldn’t get to me. I feel like he was trying to say goodbye but I was sleeping so I feel bad that I didn’t. When I found out I immediately started crying and felt so bad. I went out to the part of the house where he greeted me everyday and when I reached that area and he wasn’t there it hit me. I broke down right then and there just like the movies. I always thought it was good acting how the actress just broke down and started crying but I had that moment and I now understood that. I just cried and felt weak realizing no one would greet me and I would never see him again. I still think about him and miss him so much. He was only 8 years old and I feel like I didn’t get to spend a lot of time but he made me so happy and I have the memories. I miss him, so I want to dedicate half of this to you. So to you Zhonrox you brought me joy and got me through so much. Thank you for being my dog and someday we will nose to nose again. 

Next terrible thing is I lost my last grandmother. The one I grew up with and the one I was most close to. I don’t really share much about my personal life to often I pretty much just do it with this year end kind of post where it is a little look in my life. She was with me growing up and lived with us while we lived in the US. I got to spend afternoons with her when I was little and when I was older I took care of her while my parents were away. She would always laugh at my jokes and I always made her smile so that is nice that I got to do that. These past couple of years her health kept going down and down. In November 2015 she was diagnosed with something that I can’t figure how to type but it was called AAA for short so let’s just go with that. I mentioned it slightly here and there on twitter and on here but never giving full details unlike now. She went into the hospital in the end of May and we are so used to her going in and getting better and then coming home. It was routine for us and she did come home she talked to us and sat at her chair like it was normal until midnight. We ended up having to rush her to the hospital and we ran frantically waking my mom up then running across the house to my aunt who lives on the other side of our property which luckily my other aunt and her husband who just got back from staying at the hospital was spending the night. Again it flashes like a movie while all of us were trying to figure out what to do. There are so many more details that I will keep private but we got the call around 2 or 3 am and that was it. From there it was calling all the family and all that. The first night of the wake everyone was going down to the church but no one was there to watch our house so my aunt and I volunteered to watch the house and take the first shift.  A few hours later I had to go down and do the night shift and there are so many Filipino traditions so I won’t go into many but a few family members stay at the chapel the whole time. I still remember finally building up courage and heading to the chapel and again in I had that break down movie moment. The funeral was hard but it was nice having everyone there and we all dress in white. Every single one of us was in white and honestly I thought it was so cool we all matched. It’s a tradition to wear white not black here. That’s why you see my parents and me in white right after the cemetery and a few of my cousins and me in church all with our white outfits. It was a lovely service and it was nice closure for our family. After that the house was quiet and solemn and it took a while to get used to everything again. That’s why I took a month off of blogging and tried to readjust. It’s the reason why I was gone and getting back on track while I had to deal with everything going on during those months. This is why I said I wanted to dedicate half my post to my dog because the other half goes to my grandmother who we all called Lola. So again thank you Lola you don’t know how many lives you touched and what you did for us. I hope your happy with your husband and a few of your kids now but know we are all okay and hope you are too.       

The silver lighting to her passing was family. My family came together and quit fighting just to celebrate her life. Honestly like many other families some don’t get along and fight. We have been divided for quite some time and doing our own thing. During the wake we came together and made up. It was great meaning whenever we have a family party it was a lot of people. So my mom and her siblings are 10 in total and if they all have kids that means there are a lot of cousin’s, nieces/nephews and pretty much a lot of extended family in general. So now every single birthday, occasion or get together there are a lot of us, lot of food and a lot of fun. I have no idea how we can all fit in a picture but we do and it just makes it a lot funnier trying to do anything. So this is pretty much a huge collage of a few pictures we’ve taken together and a little look into my family. We have so many pictures now and I’m constantly getting tagged on Facebook with the pictures. It is so nice catching up after all these years. Everyone grew up and is married, having kids, new jobs and all those other milestones and it is so nice getting to know everyone again and sharing experiences and all that. They know about my blog and what I do and now I’m constantly getting questions like how does it work and my favorite one that baffles them is they think I get paid for just posing for pictures. I mean it is a lot more than that but I just nod and let it go. I realized in 2016 is that family is so important so if you are close with yours you don’t know how lucky you are and if you aren’t try and make an effort if you can because it just seems so nice having the huge family communicating and doing things together again.

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Enough with the sad and the realizations of 2016 and now for the highlights and the highs I had from the year. I said it wasn’t all bad and it wasn’t but it still was a difficult year all in the same. It actually started off as a good year and I celebrated the New Year with m fmily and show you our traditions every year in my recap post and I am working on this year’s but it has a vlog along with it too so I will post that as soon as they are both done. It was raining really hard bought we still rung in the New Year and had some yummy food.

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This as my 23rd birthday and I got to go out and take my pictures for a birthday photo shoot and afterwards I just went to Burger King with my parents which was really nice. When I got home my aunt and cousin surprised me again with a cake. It was nothing special and I didn’t get much but it was still fun. I got my balloons which is my main concern and I love having and keeping my birthday balloons. There is something big I did do but you will find out a little later down below.

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For this highlight it was really cool as I got to go to a movie premiere kind of thing. The stars of the movie were on a mall tour and I got a ticket to see them and go to their movie so I went and saw the stars of the show I was loving in 2015 and they filmed a movie right after the TV show so I went to go see it since it was a local mall. It was so cool to see them in person and then I took my aunt and we went to see the movie the next day and it was pretty good. I’m glad I got to see them and was so fun to watch something like that.

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This is probably my favorite highlight and the best moment of 2016 for me. I paid for the ticket and bought them on my birthday. I was so happy I got to do that and I started being a fan the year before and when I heard they were coming I got so excited but thought I would never get a chance to go but I did. I thought it would be a Christmas gift to myself but I didn’t go through with it but there was still tickets left on my birthday and I just said it was a once in a life thing and just YOLO it and I did. Best decision ever! They were amazing live and it sucked that I hurt my hip and could hardly stand or do much a week before but I still went and suffered through the pain. I honestly don’t remember being in pain but enjoyed singing and dancing along. When the show started and they came out I couldn’t believe these girls were real and standing in front of me. I had an amazing seat even though I was a little far back but I got to see the whole stage and was right in the middle of the whole theater. I thought I wouldn’t know much of the lyrics but I actually did know the words singing the whole album everyday since it came out and then the older songs as well. I sang along and just enjoyed since it was my first official concert I’ve ever went to. If they ever come back and have a bigger concert than I am totally buying a ticket right away and I am so proud to be a mixer. It was the best thing that happened in 2016 for me even after all the bad stuff I look back and will think back to the moment the lights went off, the song comes on and they appeared on stage. I will always remember my first concert.

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I went to a few events during the year and it was as many as I thought but they were all pretty major. The first was a BDJ one that I used to go with my cousin with but I went myself and enjoyed that. I learned some new makeup and since it was my goal it was the perfect way to start the year as it was in January when I went. The next even was the start of a major event and I was invited by Creamsilk which is a conditioner brand that is quit popular here and I got to watch a live magazine photo shoot with their brand ambassadors and it was so cool, there were seminars and stuff too by magazine editors and everything was all glammed up and I felt like I was in my element with all other fashion girls and bloggers. The highlight from the event was seeing Ms. Universe in person in her first official event since she won and I felt so privileged to see a Ms. Universe in person. Do you know how rare that is? I cannot believe I was in the presence of one and she just brightened up the room. That was another cool thing about 2016. The second big event was going to Youtube Fanfest and I got see some Youtubers and it was such a great show. Another BDJ event which was my 3rd year in a row to going their planner launch and taking my niece and we both had a fun day enjoying the event and seeing things from her eyes. The last major event I went to and probably my third major highlight was being invited to a blogger ball. Now that was such a cool night and it was filled with all kinds of fashion bloggers in gorgeous long gowns in a ballroom all taking pictures and vlogging. I mate new blogger friends, caught up with old ones and ate fancy food. It was my first time posing on a red carpet and going to such an extravagant event so hopefully I will go to another one as it was so fun being glam and all dolled up like that for an evening.

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We now move on to the summer and I only did one thing and this was a belated birthday celebration with a lot of my cousin’s and nephew. I forgot I got a gopro camera for a late birthday gift and now just remembered from the pictures. I went to this pool resort in Los Banos which is only a half and hour drive from where I live so that is lucky because it is a popular place for a lot of people to travel to this pool swim town filled with places like these. We used to go a lot more but this year we just took a day and did some swimming since it was so hot that day and felt so great. I love that I have become a bit more body confident and doing outfits like this and wearing a swimsuit like this out. It was a great day and we got to experiment with the new camera underwater and I vlogged it too so I have that memory in both pictures and video form.

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I’m pretty happy and proud with his highlight because I started vlogging this year and did more of it. I totally enjoyed it and at first I was so shy but I got the hang of it and fell in love. I should have done more but I was so happy that I conquered my fear and talked to the camera in public quite more. I’m also going to put this here but I was pretty consistent and stuck to a schedule of uploading on my channel and focusing on it. I just love that I started Youtube and hope to grow and do that some more.

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Next highlight was being a wedding guest for my parent’s friend. I never went to a fancy wedding on those little courthouse ones. I have been to big weddings but I was a child and didn’t understand what they were but as a young adult I haven’t been so I finally did this year. It also gave me an excuse to get all dressed up and do my hair and makeup. It was a nice ceremony, we ate some god food at the reception. I was sad I couldn’t eat any wedding care as it isn’t tradition to give it away according to their family but I got a cupcake. They had a photo booth so I got my picture and one with me and my dad which is fun and we put on the props and all that which was so funny. I didn’t catch the bouquet so I’m not the next one but it was fun to try. Maybe I will go to a family members wedding this year or what but I love that I’m at that age that I enjoy them unlike as a kid.

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I did a lot of vlogging and adventures as I said. I went up to the mountains a few time and got to breathe in the fresh air and see the pretty nature surrounding me. I usually head to the city a lot and I do love that still and the aesthetic of the architecture and buildings but there is something seeing the mountains and the sunshine too so I planned a few trips out in the countryside. It was a nice location for outfits and got to do that. I actually miss drinking warm soup while there was a nice breeze looking out over the lake and mountains now that was a scenic lunch.

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Last highlight was December which was one of the coolest and funnest month of all. The biggest highlight though goes to Vlogmas. Yes I did vlog everyday and upload them weekly on my channel. It was so fun documenting my day every single day and go out and do some holiday stuff for the vlog. I got to wear festive outfits as well which was cool. I got to celebrate with family and overall have such a dun holiday season in a while and the best part is I recorded a lot of the memories to look back on. You’ve probably heard enough of me enjoying last month so I will keep it short with this.

There was so much that happened in my personal life and I’m glad I can document it here. Speaking of this blog it reminds me of a pretty big blog highlight which was truly making a living out of it. That right there is such a highlight and with the money I made I put it back into blogging of course but I also got to do a lot more things as well from it. So in 2015 I put the money towards a DSLR and a few little things. In 2016 I was able to treat myself to a VIP ticket to a Little Mix concert which you can see above was such a highlight for me. I got to buy a few clothes and makeup products without feeling too guilty as I do blog about it so it was justifiable. I got to treat my family to dinner by me and feel proud I get to treat them with that. Last big thing which I am so amazed I was able to achieve is book a flight to Palawan for 10 days. So in April 2017, I planned a summer holiday and I get to take a plane there instead of a local beach trip. I get to go and stay at a hotel and just enjoy my hard work even though I’m still going to blog and do outfits and stuff but it is still a getaway. That is indescribable and it feels so cool that this little space where I babble on got me to booking a flight to go travel somewhere new. I was amazed that I could afford a down payment and pay off my camera but earning enough to travel for myself is the coolest feeling ever. I’m not trying to brag or anything like that because I know other bloggers get that for free and make tons more. It’s just so exciting for me and by no means do I make a lot right now but with the amount I do make it makes me happy like any other job. I still live with my parents so I don’t have any obligations so the amount I do make can go towards that stuff. I do hope to save up for my own place and expand my income some more but for now getting to do stuff like this makes my heart so happy. So thanks to you reading I can kind of live my dream I didn’t know I would have but now that I do I can expand it more and more. From the bottom of my heart this blog has taken me places I never knew I would experience making it my highlight for life.

That’s it for my 2016 rewind and if you’ve made it this far than thanks for reading and I hope you found this enjoyable to read and a very raw and vulnerable side of me that I exposed on this little diary I have here on my space of the internet.I thanked you in the paragraph above but thanks for sticking with me in 2016 and hope you continue for however long I do this for. Those were all the things I could remember and made it in for this year. Let me know in the comments how your year went and I’d love to read yours if it was any better than mine was. I want to respond more this year so please do. Thank you for reading and let’s see what 2017 has to offer and what will I say in that rewind.

Rewind Through 2015 & 2014!

This post is dedicated to Zhonrox and Lola, may you rest in peace and always be remembered.

What did your 2016 look like?

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  1. Louise Brown
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    Sounds like you've had some ups and downs this year, but glad you got to end on a positive note!The Little Things | Louise x

  2. Ellen Ross | Ask Away
    January 12, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    Very sorry about your pupper! what a precious little thing. Just found your blog. Love it so far girl!XO Ellen from Ask

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