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Happy Monday! I’m starting off the week with some bridesmaid inspiration in case you or someone you know needs some ideas. I actually have a cousin who is already on this stage and she picked her colors and it was obvious as it is her favorite color. I suggested this after she saw some pictures of mismatched colors on her Facebook and I said it was actually possible. That’s why when Millybridal UK contacted me to look at the dresses that could help with this post. So today I thought I would show you some dresses with the theme to give you an idea if you wanted the same look.

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I think the trend of having mismatched dresses and different shades of colors for bridesmaid dresses are so pretty. I actually never thought that before I always imagined as a little girl they would be all matching in the same style and same color but as I got older and Pinterest happen seeing different dress styles in different colors really convinced me to ditch that idea. The purple color I choose could go light or dark and the different cuts could totally fit each bridesmaid you have. I personally love the second one and think it is gorgeous for a bridesmaid dress. There are so many Bridesmaid Dresses UK to choose from but I loved their choices and so many colors to play with.

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I think you remember my cousin, Mae, who is soon to be married which I’ve been doing these wedding inspiration post with her for a while. Well I have another cousin who is getting married now too. I am the youngest female cousin in the family so I understand why I am far off but it is so fun getting to help. Her name is Che and I know what you’re thinking does anyone else in my family have three letter names and yes that is why I go by Jac by a lot of them. We have this picture of us girl cousins all standing in my parent’s living room and I was looking at it on the computer the other day and I realized that one is married and the other two are engaged and then I thought that once we all are how cute the picture would be with all our ring fingers up when we all are married/engaged. It would be a sweet thing I think and see the difference of us growing up to be teens/young adults and then with significant others even children. So enough about me and my family I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration for some bridesmaid dresses. I thought these were so pretty and if you had one coming up it would help you and give you some ideas.

*This post was written in collaboration with Millybridal UK but my opinions of choosing bridesmaid dresses are all on my own.

What is your thoughts of mismatched style and color bridesmaid dresses?

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    January 24, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    Loving the purple ones!xxMademoiselle Coconathhttp://mllecoconath.com

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