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Eyes on the Prize, Honey

Happy Tuesday! I’m starting the week with some goals for the year. It is a tad bit late but I was putting this off since I was scared to see if I even finished last year’s. I did however think a lot about this years and think I am so excited with this set more than last year. I love having these goals to look forward to and doing throughout the year. Even when I was still in school I always like to create lists of things I wanted to do and was going to accomplish. I’m glad I still get to share it now and show you here on my blog. So I’ll just move on and share with you my goals for my life, beauty/fashion and also what I envision for my blog and Youtube for 2017!

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My 2016 Goals & Recap

Publish stories on Wattpad or something similar

Enroll in a Masters degree

Perform in a dance recital

Write in my planner

Up my makeup game

Try more makeup brands internationally

Find Black Skinny Jeans

Try to take more outfit pictures

Make a decent income from blogging

Grow my Youtube

Update my social media

Total: 8/11

Overall I didn’t accomplish 3 out of 11 which is not as bad as I was expecting. I thought I failed miserably hence me putting this post off but now looking at it seems like I shouldn’t underestimate myself which also should be a goal. The first two were pretty hefty and the first was a repeat goal that I still haven’t completed. I think I’m going to put it on again and this is the last year since 3 times a charm hopefully. I just get so scared and wasn’t into writing as much as the previous year so it was difficult to write and publish it publicly. The other two I kinda knew I might not do it in that year but it doesn’t mean I won’t do it and give it up altogether. I do still hope to do it some day and will achieve it. I still would love to get my masters and finish another education. As for the dance recital I’m not sure if it will be possible since I injured my hip and need to take it easy. If I do classes again and it comes up then I will totally do it but with my hip injury I can’t justify not getting it done or I’m just saying that to make me feel better. The rest however I achieved and make up for all the lifestyle goals I unfortunately couldn’t achieve last year. I wrote in my planner a lot so it justifies me buying another one for this year. I need to order mine still but I hope to do it again. I think I totally improved my makeup in 2016 and been doing a lot more looks. I think I tried more brands local and international so that was good. I did end up finding my perfect black skinny jeans which you can see my outfits from 2016 here to see a few outfits of me wearing them. Speaking of outfits I did achieve the goal and did more than the previous year so that was great. This makes up for not achieving my lifestyle goals because it made my 2016 blogging wise. I wanted to make more of an income and I get to cheek it off. I bought a VIP ticket to a Little Mix concert, booked a plane ticket for a summer holiday and bought things that I wanted. I’m not sure about this but I did kind of finish this since July I have been uploading on schedule and putting much more effort into my Youtube and enjoying it so much. I did have more subscribers than I began with so I did grow in some way. Last is social media and I updated often than the last year. I scheduled tweets, uploaded on my Instagram and promoted a lot but also I used them a lot more which was my plan. Overall I did fairly okay with last year’s goals and shouldn’t have been so hard and just use this as a guideline for what I want to do in the year.

My 2017 Goals


01 | Publish stories on Wattpad or something similar
As I said this is the last time I am putting this goal in and hopefully I can cross it off for once. I just need to push myself and stop myself from stopping myself in achieving this. I started writing again so hopefully this year is the year I get it done and finally my dream of writing my own book will follow eventually.

02 | Be responsible, Don’t take things for granted & Attempt to be more positive

This is a big one and I just put it all together as it kind of coincides. I want to focus on me this year and do things for myself. I want to be more responsible and finally try to get a hang of this young adult thing. I used to take things for granted and when it was gone it opened up my eyes this year I hope to not take things for granted pretty much. Last is where I want to be as positive as I can. I’m more off a middle attitude so sometimes super positive other times when nothing is going right I’m the number one negative Nancy there is. I’m hoping to try and see the positive more this year and just think everything will be not how I imagine.

03 | Stop dreaming and start doing & Don’t sweat the small stuff

The goal for this is to not just have this list and just have it. I need to stop dreaming of a perfect life and dreaming if things would be like this or that and get sad when it is not or turns out how I envision because I didn’t do anything. This is what this year will be and if you read the last paragraph of this post it will totally go with this goal. Also I am always worrying and worried about small things so this year I want to just not sweat the small stuff pretty much. I think that one s self explanatory. 

04 | Be independent & Start saving for my own place
This came up because I went out to look at apartments and whenever I go out there is salesmen always trying to sell me a condo and it got me really wanting one. I’m sometimes in the way and can’t really do videos or blog pictures in the house. If I had my own place then it wouldn’t be difficult and there would be so much room to do what I do since I’m pretty much always home. The be independent goes hand in hand since if I would have my own place then it would be only me. I’m always use to having someone with me so I need to learn and do more things myself.

05 | Travel around the Philippines

This goal got brought up because I booked a summer vacation to Palawan and now that I’ve done that I kind of want to go travel around and see what the Philippines has to offer. It may be locally but I have to start somewhere so I want to go see what everyone brags about and since I haven’t been to many parts it gives me a reason to. First I’m already planning all the fun tourist things in Palawan so of course there will be all kinds of outfits, blog content and videos for that I’m sure so stay tuned for that. Since that is final I do have a few places on my travel list for the year. My cousin’s are planning a beach trip to a place called Puerto Gallera but I’m not sure if that is going to go through but maybe just a local beach with the family. I think I’m planning on a solo Tagaytay trip just a few night stay at a hotel up there to get away. It sounds like what I need this year even though I’ve been there a few times I have never stayed there overnight at a hotel to take in the sites and the relaxation of just me so I really want that to go through. Last on my travel list this year is Baguio in December so it is cold and then it is during the festive season and when I saw so many things on TV about it I really want to go see it myself and just go since I haven’t been there. Those are a few of my travel plans for this year and I might go I might not but I am going to save up to go. Now I think half my money has to go to my own place and then the other goes to my travel fund. Hopefully I can do travel diaries and show you where I go and to cross this off at the end of the year.

Beauty & Fashion

06 | Try something different with my hair
I wrote about this recently and I’m still thinking about it so I added it to my goals list to really get it done. I don’t know what direction I’m going to go but I hope by the end of the year I’ll do something different to it and take care of it. I just want to do something new with the styling maybe curl it different or a slight trim. Whatever it is I just hope I will write about it next year

07 | Experiment more with makeup
I added this once before but now I want to just play and enjoy makeup. Maybe do some makeup looks and more get ready with me’s on my Youtube so stuff like that. I just got really into it so just focus on getting more makeup, finding what works and not works on me. Anything to do with makeup I want to play with this year.

08 | Play with fashion & Do more outfit photos
Like the makeup goal I want to get out of my comfort zone and style more outfits and just play with different trends that will be coming this year. This is my third year of doing my outfits and so I want to continue and do even more outfits than the previous year again. I wasn’t sure if I should put this in the fashion or blogging category so I just added it here. Also I wanted to try something like this here I just don’t put them in own posts but add the photos to a post like this. It’s something new and incorporate in with their topics. I’m so excited with what my outfits will be and what sorts of places I’ll go to shoot them. 

Blogging & Youtube

09 | Make more income than last year with blogging
I wanted to say double my income than last year but I don’t want to do that goal just yet because a freelance life is very hit or miss so I made it to be make more than my total of last year. I don’t care by how much but I want to at least match it or go above that. It would be incredible and since this is my full time income at the moment it would totally help me out to do things I have on my goals list.

10 | Get 1,000 followers on all social medias
I have never focused too much on numbers and sometimes I don’t focus or even look but since I am getting more serious with uping my blogging game I do need to look at it a bit more and so I hope my end of the year goal I can achieve and get 1,000 (or hopefully more) followers across all my social media profiles. I think twitter will be the easiest as I am on 920 or so and my bloglovin just passed 600. It’s my instagram that is so hard like other bloggers it is a really hard thing to build up but I will try since I have the whole year. I’m hoping to get maybe 500 at least in the meantime. Let’s just see but I do have an end goal in mind to achieve this 2017.

11 | Vlog More
Don’t be shy to vlog!This year I want to just get out the camera and vlog moments of my life. Last year there were so many opportunities that I could have vlogged this thing or an event and I was just too shy to talk to a camera even though some places there were others doing just that so why should I be scared and embarrassed. I don’t want to have this regret hanging over me that is yelling at me in my head saying why because that would have been such a great memory to look back on. Like a lot of the goals I have this year I want to seize the moment and not care too much about what everyone is thinking or why they are looking. I want to try and see where it takes me. I loved Vlogmas so much and it opened my eyes to just do it and I did capture some cool moments through December so this year I want to do just that. I want to look back on my vlogs in 2017 and have no regrets that I didn’t capture it.

I usually love this end quote but this year I have another quote that I had and is going to be what I follow and my philosophy for 2017. I have this Philippine TV show that I am obsessed with and they introduced a new character. Her name is Madison and she was meant to be the third party or a almost mistress for the main guy. I was inspired by her quote she said on the show and she is totally right. If you don’t have your eye on the prize how will you get it. If she wasn’t evil and got to where she is that way than she would be good to look up. In the show she seems like such a girl boss and not letting anything get in her way of getting something. You would probably have to watch the show to understand but that line spoke out and while I was listing my goals during that episode I wrote it down and it got me thinking that it is so true. That’s why I wrote it as the opening line of this blog post. I hope it inspires you and keep your eyes on the prize, honey.

That is all what I want to achieve this 2017! I hope like I did this year I will cross off what I wrote down. All these seem so exciting and can’t wait to see what this year holds. See I’m already starting to try and be more positive I wasn’t going to because I was so excited for last year and it turns out it wasn’t my year but let’s hope for the best this time. Let e know if you set any fun goals you are looking forward to do this year as well sine I’d love to know yours too. I’ll see you again with the recap post next year.

“Today is the 1st day of 365 page book. Go write a good one!”

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What quote do you have in mind that will inspire your 2017?

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