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Gotta Get Him Out My Hair

Happy! I thought I would bring back my hair diaries as I wanted to do some more content for my blog and I feel like it’s been a while since I talked about all things hair.The subject always intrigued me and found it so interesting so I’m surprised I stopped. I used to do a few more blog posts about my hair routine and my hairstyles but I’ve been styling my hair the same way for a while and I’m getting bored and want a change.

I have thought about changing up my hair recently. I think it’s just the new year but I feel like I need change. I cut it before and regretted not having my long hair so I don’t think that is an option. I also never dyed y hair and don’t see to in the near future so sometimes I feel there is nothing left I can do to change up my do without really changing it. I’m always having this internal struggle but this year I want to just let go and just pamper myself. I haven’t been to the salon in so long for a proper trim as I am terrified because of past experiences. I let my aunt trim my hair so it does get rid of some of the split ends but I think what it needs now is a proper hair spa to get back into shape.

My hair is really thin even though it appears so full and voluminous but I think because it’s curly it can disguise itself to look big and fluffy when in reality it is really thin. I mean it is easy to wash, style and dry but I kid of want it to be thicker. I was looking into hair extensions the other day after seeing a tweet about someone trying them and it got me thinking. 

Wavy 120g One Piece Clip In Hair Synthetic Hair

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When the lovely people at came and asked if I would like to browse their site and choose a few things to talk about I saw they had so many to choose from like these hair extensions cocowig and also human hair wigs cocowig all on their site. There are so many things to choose from and I love the options. I was thinking of styles and colors and maybe extensions are all I need to do is add a bit more hair. I’d love to now if you’ve had experience with them and how you like them. I’ve bee doing a bit of research but it is such a fascinating topic and what the outcome would be like.

So those are my hair plans for the year and let me know what you can suggest. I’d love the feedback and your thoughts because I’m needing inspiration for anything hair. I guess that is it but please do leave a comment about such and I will get on that. I might do some research on some salons in the area and see if I am comfortable because this year is going to be all about the pampering and not feeling guilty about those kinds of things. I’ll see you in my next blog post!

*This post was written in collaboration with Cocowig but my opinions of choosing my own hairstyle and any hair extension are all on my own.

What do you plan on doing with your hair this year?

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