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New Year New Body!

Happy Sunday! How many times have you heard New Year, New Body phrase in the past week? I have heard it too many times and actually never made it a goal but it doesn’t mean others haven’t. Even if I haven’t made it a goal it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it and what is kind of motivating me is the cute workout wear that comes with it. The other day I was in a new area in the city and was in this new shopping center that I hadn’t really explored and I discovered so many recreation centers like different kind of gyms and a few yoga and pilates studios that looked quite intriguing to be honest. I saw fit woman and men walking around in their workout clothes and it kind of inspired this blog post to do another inspiration post with what I picture myself if I actually went. Right now I’m not sure I can since I did injure my lip last year and still don’t feel 100% with stretching it out. If I can’t go back to ballet class right now how am I going to do yoga and do even more stretches. If I could go I think I would be all over that and do the whole new year, new body mantra but for now I can dream about these stylish workout wear. When I was coming up with this post the lovely people over at came to me to checkout there site and I immediately went to their section that had their workout clothes and there was many to choose from and to mix and match. So now I could show you what I have in mind for two outfits I would put together if I was hitting up a class and a few other workout wear inspiration in case you need it in case you’re heading to workout soon.

First up is this stylish ballet inspired outfit because even though it is for another kind of class I still can’t get rid of my ballet roots and the style. There are so many clothing for women and it took me a while to choose from but as soon as I saw this top I new how cute it would look and it is still in my comfort zone and I do love the grey color. It doesn’t stand out as much so if it is your first time at a new class and you’re intimidated I think it would be perfect so you aren’t wear such bright colors to make the focus on you which you probably don’t want. It still can match your personality cut wise and the leggings match because I do love matching workout tops and bottoms to be like a tracksuit but not look like one if you know what I mean. Overall it’s just a pretty chic but simple workout outfit.

The other outfit is still simple but I injected some color. I love that neon workout clothing that is brighter the better. I didn’t go to extreme though and just added a grey long sleeve top to keep it simple and comfortable up top and then for the bottom I went with a pretty bubblegum pink. It isn’t too bright and won’t be noticed all the way in space but it isn’t a neutral color either. I think it is a happy medium and can be styled with a lot of colors still. Maybe the shoes could match or not with the color it all depends on how bold you what to go but if it was me I would go al out and match. I’m not as comfortable wearing those sporting bras or whatever they called like the ones above in the first image but it depends how you are and what to wear from a long sleeve to a loose tank top or being extra confident in a sports bar with a pretty pattern. There’s so many to mix and match together which is so coo workout wear has that option.

I’d love to thank Stylewe for reaching out at the perfect time and you can follow our instagram for more. There were so many other pieces to choose from and if you’re not into workout than there are other options from everyday wear like tops and dresses so there is that if you’re like me and won’t be participating in anything sporty any time soon.

That’s another inspiration post and hope you got some outfit ideas in case you just enrolled at a gym or for a class and needed some new clothes or what to wear when you go. I honestly would have loved to try another new class instead of dance but with my injury and just getting it healed I need to wait but there always is another time to. Whenever I go into a shop and they have the workout wear all displayed I kind of wish I could buy some and use it especially since there are so many cute and stylish options being offered. Let me know if you are taking a new class because I would love to live vicariously through you since I can’t and if you bought any new workout pieces lately. I hope you found this helpful and inspiring to get you to work out!

*This post was written in collaboration with Stylewe but my opinions of choosing my own workout wear are all on my own.

What are your thoughts on the new year new me saying?

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  1. Kelsey Quackenbush
    January 9, 2017 / 2:36 am

    I love unique workout wear, it makes working out more fun when you have a fun outfit!Kelsey |

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