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Festive Favorites From December

Happy! Another late post but it is better late than never. This is my final installment of my year long monthly favorites. I did all 12 months in 2016 and managed to not miss one. Some maybe were late but I can now say I completed each monthly favorite and showed everything I was loving each month for a year! I’m not going to make this lng since I really want to show you the last set ad everything I was loving in December!


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Creeper

This has to be my favorite lipstick and the shade I wore pretty much all month long. I did alternate to a neutral once in a while but majority of the time it was this matte true red shade by Colourpop. I love the matte finish and this lasted all day even through holiday meals and talking to all kinds of family members. I love the color and this is the truest red and the shade I love especially over the festive period.I think I loved it so much and always popped it into my handbag it made the letters rub off of it so that really says how much I used it. If you don’t believe me then watch my Vlogmas or see my outfit photos which if I was wearing a red lip I can bet this was it. So it had to be added to my December favorites because it was pretty much the only thing I used all month until New Years Eve even.

Pink Sugar HD Cheek Color in Concrete Jungle

Next beauty favorite is this highlight from Pink Sugar that I finally got around using it. I did a review on these here and since then I was using it to get that pretty sparkly glow and since there was so much sparkle it was extra perfect for the holiday season. The glow can last me throughout the whole day wearing it so until night time I admire the sparkle. It has a nice color and this just has just the right amount of sheen so I popped it into my favorites.

Careline Mascara

The last beauty favorite I was loving is this mascara from Careline. Honestly I wasn’t a big fan of this at first as it has such a chemical smell when you open it and first apply it. I felt bad and didn’t want to chuck it as I hate wasting stuff especially makeup products so I put up with it and used it as much as possible. It still isn’t a true repurchase favorite but I put side the smell and does give nice length and volume to my lashes so I look pass that and just used it. I was pretty much on a regular rotation of three products I focused on through the month which were red lips, a champagne highlight and long lashes so it explains these were my favorites.


Forever 21 Red Crossbody // Bag

The bag I was using all month long is this small red one. I initial got it just for the festive period just so it can match my outfits and also my red lip. It isn’t that big so it can carry the essentials and a few makeup bits but it was nice to use a small bad for once instead of my everyday bag. I just love the bag and it is such a statement to have a red bag which I’m sure I’ll use more than just during the holidays but find other uses and style it with other outfits too.

H&M Ho Ho Ho Christmas Sweater // Clothing

The item of clothing that was my absolute favorite from the month goes to this Christmas sweater. It is so warm and nicely knit so it is great quality.My favorite part of this is the sequins and it’s design. I know you’ve heard me be amazed by this for so long but it just has a design on one side and you swipe the sequins and it brings out a new design. It was so cool that whenever I had the opportunity I wore this and loved it so it had to be this month’s favorite clothing item.


2016 Top Songs Playlist // Music

There was so much music from December from so many different genres so I just put the whole playlist as a favorite. I got the email from Spotify to see what I was listening to throughout the year so I discovered some old favorites that I was obsessed with and featured throughout the earlier favorites as well. Then there’s the classic Christmas songs that I belted out to while decorating the Christmas tree and during car rides. Then some regular songs so just a vast range of music so I couldn’t narrow it down to a specific music favorite for the month. I liked I ended the music favorites with a mixture and a playlist that I listened to from all year long.

iZombie // TV Show

The show this month that I pretty much binge watched is iZombie and my cousin joined me in watching this time instead of me on my own. He choose it since he is a big fan of the zombie genre so I happily agreed and we started watching it on Netflix. We saw it be on actual TV and tried watching it but since we didn’t know anything about it we never got hooked. However when we started from the beginning it totally hooked us and sometimes we watched on the couch while eating dinner or staying up late to watch it. I actually really like it and I’m surprised he does as he has such picky taste. My fave character has to be Liv and the relationships in the show are so cool. I really liked it and now we both have a show to watch together since he doesn’t watch shows quite often We both can’t wait until season 3 and we are going to be on that since the ending was unsure for both of us.

That was my last monthly favorite from 2016! I complete the goal i said I would my first favorites all the way in January last year so I feel so accomplished with that. Sadly, I don’t think I’m doing them every month like last year. It was really fun and  really enjoy writing this but some months I struggled and didn’t know what I liked since I wasn’t using anything new. I’m still deciding what I want to do like maybe do them by season or maybe like week favorites like a Friday favorite or something like that. I don’t know but I will be doing them especially when I have so many to talk about and have to let you know about them. So that was what I loved in December and let me know if you enjoyed all 12 months of my favorites or if you even read all of them. I guess until I do my next favorites post.

What was your favorite thing you discovered from December?

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