2016 Outfit Rewind

2016 in Outfits

Happy 2017! I’m properly back with my first blog post for 2017! I took a break after Christmas and it was nice to rethink everything and come up with some new ideas and what I want to do with the blog this year. To start things off I thought I would share with you some of my favorite outfits I wore in 2016. I usually put all the outfits I wore and show each one but I had quite a few last year (it’s weird to think these are officially outfits from last year) and it would be so long trying to go through all of them so to switch things up for this year I am selecting my favorites I wore. My goal was to do even more outfits than the previous year which I am going to do again and focus more on my personal style and show you my outfits but of course throw in some lifestyle and beauty reviews here and there as well. It is so fun to see all my outfit together and all the style choices I made through the year. I love comparing and seeing the different trends as well as the similarities between the outfits and what makes them all different. I think a lot of my outfits were very feminine and girly but also colorful and sometimes princess like. I can’t wait to see what this year of outfits will be and what trends I incorporate into my wardrobe and if I even change up my style a bit. So enough about that I’ll just show what outfits I thought were my favorite of 2016 with this year’s outfit rewind!

| Winter Rose | Twinkled Stripes | City Break | Glam Transformations |

I categorized them by months and seasons so I am starting off with the beginning of last year with a tad bit muted winter looks. The first was a very comfy outfit and then the next was glam so it just shows how I can go from comfy to dressed up which can totally explain me so well. It goes for the next outfits as well from a outfit I wore when I went into the city with and then I went to a fancy glam cocktail fashion event which was so awesome.

| Blue Neighborhood | Blushed Hearts | Like a Fashion Blogger | Tutu Goddess |

Next set of outfits was when my spring looks come into it. I love the skirts and being colorful. First was an all blue outfit which I need to wear more of. Next is a pastel pink outfit. The third was a statement tee that says fashion blogger which I finally bought one and love it so much and made it as cliche of a fashion blogger as possible. Last was where my tulle skirt comes in and makes the most appearance for it. I really loved this outfit and would so wear it again if I could.

| Twenty Three | This Summer Time | Easter Dress 2016 | Little Mix |

We move on to summer and first is my birthday outfit and I loved this. It’s not colors I would wear but I like how it turned out. The summer outfits are very vibrant and neon and it is totally me. I did love the jean skirt all summer and that was my other go to skirt from last year. The neon dress is neon color and was my Easter outfit. I did explore and be more confident with my body and wear different kinds of clothes. This is one of my favorite outfit from 2016 and event because I went to a Little Mix concert and this is what I wore to it and I loved the look and the flower crown to be more a concert goer.

| Fanfest | Fourth of July | Rocker Chic | Wedding Stripes |

This set is my summer going to fall but still hanging on a bit. I mean the weather doesn’t change much so it can be possible. This is a pretty set of outfits from going to Fanfest, to dressing up for Fourth of July. Then I go from a simple everyday outfit to a dress I wore to my first proper wedding. I loved this dress and the day I went was sunny when I took the pictures and then rained through the ceremony and the whole day so it was kind of bittersweet.

| Miss Sporty | Grey Hearted School | Cold Shoulder | Very Berry |

These were my autumn looks and back to school outfits. I loved this set and all the looks I styled. The first was my sporty side and I adore the accessories I used in this and they went great with the simple outfit. The next is an outfit I would wear on a school day and it was so comfy. The last two from this set are my autumn looks and thesewere my two favorites I choose. I do love the colors I choose and the day I shot these were really fun and I really enjoyed it.

| Shopping & Coffee | Leopard Love | Ebloggers Ball | Fairy Princess |

These were some of my regular mixed with some dressy. The shopping outfit is my go to and I even wore it out again today. The leopard one is really cute and if you couldn’t tell I’ve been wearing a lot of all black this year and think that is quite something for me t embrace neutral colors like these. The last two are my very dressy ones and the only long gown outfit I have ever done. I was such a fun event and so glam and I loved dressing up and being all glammed that day. I only did only one Halloween outfit and I was a fairy princess for my costume which was so creative and fun putting together and who doesn’t love the wings and puffy tulle skirt.

| Reindeer Sleigh | Ho Ho Ho | Christmas Pizza | Sleep All Day |

Lastly are the holiday outfits and the most recent ones I did. I went with the festive theme and styled all kinds of holiday outfits throughout the month. I even did a how to style Christmas sweaters which can be found here. It was so fun to do all the holiday themes and my planning it. I went out to find some Christmas backdrops and locations. My favorite has to go to the second one and thought the pictures turned out so cute and of course the styling since it was just a spur of the moment type outfit which turns ou to be the best I think. I did love all of them though and want it to be Christmas time just so I can be all cute and festive again.

Lookbooks of 2016!

| Valentine’s Day | Back to School | Autumn / Fall |

As for the lookbooks for 2016 I did three for the year. I hope to do more this year and see if I change it up or do kind of the same like another autumn or back to school one. I feel like a Valentine’s day one might be repetitive but who knows yet. There is others I can do and have started planning but you can put in any suggestions if you have any and want to see some more outfit ideas like these. They were all so fun to create and putting my styling degree to use and experiment with styling outside of school now and still be able to continue and create outfits together. I love that I can have that opportunity to style and create lookbooks.

That was my 2016 outfits and a few of my favorites. I explained a bit of the outfit some more. I hope you liked my first post for this year and I have more content coming up and a few New Years related, more outfits and more. I’m going to do more outfits and hope I beat all the ones I wore last year because that would be so cool. There are so much more and hope to up my photography outfit game is going to be leveled up and do more stuff regarding that and I’m so excited for everything outfit related!

What ?was your favorite outfit worn in 2016

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