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Happy Blogmas day 24! Today is another outfit and another favorite of mine. It is pretty simple and kind of glam. For once I am not going to be in my Christmas pajamas and I am dressing up so I might be wearing this tonight for a family holiday party I am going to. So enough with my short intro and just show you the outfit I might wear on Christmas Eve this evening!

For my outfit it is another fun Christmas jumper with the swipe design. It is one of the more simpler designs out of my others and I thought the pizza one was the most relatable one but this one is me to a tee. So on one side it says sleigh so a more festive word play on the most popular word I’ve heard this year which is slay. The phrase sleep all day is so me though and if I could I totally would. I love the white jumper and then the black and silver sequins make it seem more glam than it is festive. Then I paired it with my favorite black skater skirt which is the best piece of clothing I own. For the shoes I went with my fancy extremely tall heels to make it really dresses up. I don’t ear them often but I feel like such a model in them The accessories I kept it pretty plain and just wore these diamond leaf chandelier earrings I wore once in my long gown outfit and then a white bow with gold polka dots and then I forgot I should have just a plain white as I mixed gold and silver together. The bag is my favorite bag at the moment and it added a pop of color to this outfit with the red so made it a tad more Christmas related. That’s it for this outfit and love the glam look I went for especially for Christmas Eve.

| xmas jumper: H&M, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Forever 21, shoes: Brash, bow: Forever 21 |

That is it for my outfit! I hope you got some inspiration from the outfit and it can totally work for any holiday occasion you may be heading to. I actually am writing this right after I got home fro my Christmas Eve party and it is so late but wanted to get this done. I had the best night at my cousin’s house and the family got together there. We ate some homemade food from him and he is really into cooking and did some chef work so he loves to cook for our family. It was mostly some meat options so not much for me but I had quite a few desserts which Iloved so made up for that. If you watched my vlogmas than you saw his son had a son and he is a week old and I got to stare and watch him sleep for probably an hour while the food was cooking. I got to hold him but he is not a big fan of me I discovered so gave him back to his mom. After dinner he set up in front of his house and we closed down the street and had a party out there. They brought out the karaoke and it is a big thing for Filipinos to have their karaoke so at first I was shy and refused but I promised one song but once I got a hang of it I wouldn’t let go of the mic. I was a big fan of singing Little Mix song’s and was able to reach some of the high nights according to my family but they were probably drunk. I knew the dance routines and everything so I had my own Little Mix concert and felt so cool. I was getting a pretty high score too. Then I went and jokingly sang One Direction What Makes You Beautiful for fun and really rocked out and danced and I ended up getting a score of 99 which was the highest score of the night with me and all my cousin’s. I had so much fun and fell in love with singing again. I am so tempted to take singing lessons now after everyone telling me I have potential even the neighbors came over and I thought they were coming to yell but they ended up clapping which made me feel like a superstar for an evening. It was the best and I’m not going to be an over night pop star and let it go to my head. It was fun and something new to do. We ended up staying until I think 3am and just got back so here I am writing. So I should end it here but that was a summary of what I did on Christmas Eve. I should be going now and see you again tomorrow for the final day of Blogmas!

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What is your outfit going to be for Christmas Eve tonight?

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