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Paris Lights in a Concrete Jungle by a South Beach

Happy Blogmas day 15! Today’s Blogmas is a beauty review and these cheek colors are perfect for this time of year with how sparkly they are. I will be giving you my thoughts on three of the Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color in Paris Lights, Concrete Jungle and South Beach which are a highlight, blush and contour shade. I got all three to create a sparky cheek look and been loving the combo so I though it is time to share my thoughts on all of them so let me just start!

Description (from website): A high-definition colored powder compact.Delicate powder formula enhances, highlights, and/or contours the face; nourishes skin with aloe vera and vitamins A, C, and E; leaves complexion radiant and glowing; comes in a mirrored compact with a pony-hair brush applicator. It is perfect to use as a blush, bronzer, or a highlighter.

Where to buy: BeautyMNL, & Pink Sugar Counters in selected SM Beauty in SM Department Stores. This product cost 399.00php with 6g worth of product in a compact with 8 shades to choose from in the range.


I think Pink Sugar has gorgeous packaging in a lot of their products and really sells it. Even without hearing anything from the brand I would be so interested and intrigues just by how it is packaged. All the boxes have different patters for what type they are and the packaging and print for the cheek colors are an orange and purple triangle almost chevron print which how pretty is that. The box has all the info on it like the date, the color and ingredients with all that sort of info. The product itself is a sleek glossy black compact. On the lid though the chevron design comes in as well and that print is sort of matte while the compact is glossy. It has the logo the name on it in pink. On the back it has the logo in white, the shade and the rest of some more information. When you open it up there is a mirror that is full size on the lid which is really helpful and I love that it has a mirror. Some products are going away from that but this one still has it and makes a difference. Then on the left you have the product in a square pan and next to that it comes with a brush with a glossy handle. I mean it isn’t the best and I probably won’t use it unless I have to but it is softer than ones that have come with them before so it isn’t too bad but I like using my own. Overall it has nice packaging and doesn’t feel cheap at all. It does it’s job and fits nicely in my makeup bag. However if you want to take all three at the same time it is quite a pain and I’d rather take a trio instead to maximize space so maybe later on they can create having a palette with these shades to save space or maybe I can depot the shades and put it in a magnetic palette. So that’s what I think but for now that’s fine and it’s just a suggestion from me.


The colors I choose were Paris lights which is the blush color, Concrete Jungle which is the highlight shade and then the last color is South Beach and is the contour shade. They can all be worn together but do create an nice sparkly look if that is what you like. I personally love that but if you’d like you can just go with one at a time and pair it with some matte shades. I like the ones I picked out and they all go nicely together. They’re sort of like iridescent and metallic which is so pretty and I’ve seen a lot of people are liking and I think I am liking that too. There are a few to choice from if you don’t like these colors and I think they just came out with a few new ones to add to the collection so might have to check those out.

Concrete Jungle

This is the highlight shade but there is two so this one and another called Sin City. The other one has a white base while this is more of a champagne base to it. It is really pretty and gives such a nice highlight and glow to the top of the cheek bones. I wore this in pictures lately and man the shine of this is just extra and what everyone is wanting right now. It looks so nice on the cheeks and so sparky so if you like highlights with a shimmer this is perfect. I prefer this one more than the other one cause this one suits me more but if you like the silver and white kind of highlight instead of the champagne gold than the Sin City one is for you. Now after writing the shade of this highlight I have the song stuck in my head so sorry if you do know too.

Paris Lights

The blush is extra sparkly and just a blinding blur of peachy pink with gold and silver micro silver. Again in reviews on the Beauty MNL site a lot are saying this is so similar to Nars Orgasm or their other one which is called Super Orgasm that is much more sparkly. I have no clue but I can see the resemblance in pictures. I can confirm however this is extremely similar to a blush I reviewed recently in a blush duo called Golden Goddess by Ever Bilena which that review you can find here. The difference though is this is far more pigmented and a lot more pinker. When you apply this it is a lot pinker and can be seen on the cheeks having a rosy glow while that EB one when you apply it loses the pink glow and can end up like a highlight with all the shimmer. In the pan they both look similar but when applied very different. I adore this blush and I automatically was attracted to it just by seeing it swatches in store. If you really want that peachy shimmery glow with a rosy tint than this is the most gorgeous blush and the pigmentation is insane on this so a little goes a long way or just build it up to give that full color like in the pan if you really want to be extra glittery for something.

South Beach

This is the contour shade and the darkest and brownish one they offer. It isn’t matte what so ever so if you want a matte bronzer or for contour than this won’t be for you. It has tiny specks of gold glitter going through it and can be seen when on the cheeks giving you some extra sparkle. I love that and especially this time of year. It is a warm tone and isn’t orange on which I like and gives a nice warm glow. It does a nice job warming the skin up and giving such a nice sheen glow to the face especially if foundation is too light. I really like how it can be great for a summer holiday and just give a sun kissed feel plus it will look great on lots of skin tones so it is worth a try.


Here are what they look like on my wrist. They have such amazing pigmentation and they are just so pretty and sparkly. All the shades can be built up so it can have subtle sheen or build it up to create a bold look. The swatches are in the middle here so not too light or I didn’t pack it in. It’s about a few swipes is what I did about 3-4 times across my wrist is my estimation and this is how they turned out.  

Overall Experience

Overall I love these to cheek colors and for the price it has great value
and amazing quality. I
enjoyed using this and it has
superb pigmentation and I loved the colors I chose. I am so happy
with this that I highly recommend it because it is affordable and the
quality is unlike any other and you won’t believe how good they are. There are so many shades to choose from,
affordable and the lasting power is worth it. If you get a chance you should totally pic up either one of these or another one of them as you won’t be disappointed with the quality these cheek colors plus it is a local brand to support as well.
Have you tried any of the Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Colors yet?

My rating is:
I’ll give it 5 stars because I love everything about this and could not fault it in anyway. If you’ve been reading my beauty reviews on here for long than you know I hardly ever give a full star review but this for me passed all my boxes for a perfect product. It’s affordable, has
great color and color options as well so one of the other colors that are not sparkly might appeal to
you. The best thing was the pigmentation and has pretty good lasting power as well. So it was pretty amazing I
think and would love to buy more of the shades especially maybe a matte one.

That’s it for this review of these lovely cheek colors. I really enjoyed these and they are worth the money if you get a chance to try them. I can’t say enough about them and hope you enjoyed this review and maybe got a new product to try and add to your wish list. I guess that is it and can you believe it is only 10 days until Christmas already and I am half way done with Blogmas already. That seems so crazy and I’m ending this one here so I will see you again tomorrow for another Blogmas!

Only 10 days until Christmas!

What is your favorite drugstore blush that you can’t believe the quality of?

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