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Christmas Past & Present

Happy blogmas day 11! Today’s blogmas is something different and a bit lifestyle. I thought I would share a past Christmas story and show you a few pictures as well. I thought this would be cute and maybe share a story which I feel like it is the perfect time of year to share a throwback story to tell you. So I’m not going to make this intro too long and just get into it now!

The pictures of when I was little was m at 2 years old in my annual Christmas pictures at a photo studio. It was my mom’s tradition and I did it for every year growing up so I have those but I just choose this as these are what I found on my desktop computer. I loved that I matched it up with recent pictures and they weren’t planned at all which shows my style has not changed since I was a kid.

I’ve always loved December and Christmas. There was always something about it and ever since I could remembered I was always a fan and so excited about everything. I get into the festive spirit and go all out with whatever I am doing and put my heart into each and everything Christmas related. As a kid I spent Christmas in the U.S when we still lived their so I grew up with the American side of the traditions so still learning about my Philippine Christmas side. I would wake up really early, get my parents up an since I was an only child I had all the attention. I would get dressed Christmas morning because my dad films it every year of me opening and mom needed me out of my pajamas to be presentable I guess. I wish I could find the videos because that would be a great reaction video of me watching it. A Christmas that I first remember was probably I was maybe 4 or 5 and I got a Barbie jeep so one of those battery operated vehicles you can drive. I actually never asked for it but it was wrapped in bed sheets and I accidentally peaked I think and saw it under. I thought my mom was drying them but it was hiding the present. It’s a memory I remember so clearly and I think since then is when I began enjoying Christmas. I believe it is still magical and such a fun time of year. I can’t wait till I pass on my traditions to my future family and see them experience what I did.

I hope you liked this Christmas past post and got a little story and photos of me from when I was a kid. I do have a vlogmas going up tomorrow so come back for that. I’m really enjoying all the content I’m putting up and so are you. I also can’t believe it is only 14 days now. It seems like it is going so fast but with everything I’m doing it is going faster. So i guess that is it and I will see you again tomorrow for another blogmas!

Only 14 days until Christmas!

What was your first Christmas memory?

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  1. Jennifer Jones
    December 13, 2016 / 5:47 am

    Love your cute Formal Dress at Christmas. I wore similar little red dress when I was girl.

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