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Lovely Favorites from the month!

Happy Blogmas day 2! It is monthly favorites time once again! Yes time is moving fast and yes I can’t believe it’s a new month again. It seems so weird but yet again it feels normal if you know what I know what I mean. Today’s Blogmas post I have quite a few things I will be sharing as I was loving all of these through the month and was really enjoying the products I choose and had to gush and share with you. So without me going on and on in this intro I’l just get to it now!


Careline Oil Control Face Powder in Honey

The first makeup item I was loving was the Careline Powder. It has great texture and really matters my skin which is what I need to get rid of any extra oil. The color is amazing and I love the refill as it is really compact and easy to pop in and out of my makeup bag. It is also really good to use as baking underneath my eyes and then I just blend it in to make my concealer last and not crease. It’s a great powder and has so many uses which can be use as a mattifying powder, finishing powder and even sets everything in place but the best thing is it can also be use alone as a light powder foundation if I’m not into wearing foundation that day.

EB Pink Eyeshadow Palette

I have the EB Pink eyeshadow palette which is such a handy palette. I
adore all the colors and love the sparkle of it since this time of year I
love all the glitter and sparkle I can get. It has some pretty amazing
pigmentation and for such an affordable price it is a great palette to
pick. I’ve been using all the six shades it comes with and create so
many different combinations and looks for multiple occasions. I can’t
say enough for this palette so it made it into my favorites for sure.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Beeper

The last makeup favorite is the lip color that I’ve been loving and can’t get enough of is the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Beeper. This color is amazing and made me change my mind on the whole brown nude trend Kylie started. I now believe in this since I found my perfect shade for this and so agree why it’s so popular. After wearing it I felt like my lips were bigger and fuller and it really was just this lipstick. There was just something about the color that made it like that and I can see why people do it. It has great pigmentation, lasts for so long and the color is so fantastic I don’t have any other words. I’ve been wearing it non stop especially with warm brown eyeshadows. Something about the whole warm brown trend is finally speaking to me and I find it so pretty together.

Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray

The hair product I loved was this hair spray by Tresemme. I got mini size but it sure to try out but I ended up loving it. I’ve mastered the art to not get crispy hair with it and does amazing at keeping my hair in place which is my goal since my curls like to go every which way because I think they have a mind of their own. I find it did the job well and I get it what I want it to do so it had to be added for this month’s favorites.


Pink Clutch // Bag

This clutch pouch was one of my best friends this entire month. I needed to be places and I was always losing small important stuff in my bag so I remembered I was given this hot pink clutch and it made all the difference. I pop in makeup, spare change and anything too small that would get buried or lost in a sea at the bottom of my bag. I also love that I can just use it as a quick running out to do errands really quick and just have some cash or card, my iPhone and keys and I’m out the house. I use to have one similar I was gifted by a classmate for my birthday but I wore it out from using it so much but now I have another and I forgot how nice they can be. So it needed to be mentioned even of its a small thing and if you don’t have one you should it will make your life a whole lot easier for finding small stuff. 

Blush Pink Sweater // Clothing

For the clothing favorite I have a sweater. It’s the perfect time to be wearing one I feel all so warm and fuzzy in it. It is this sheer light material but it gives just the right warmth for the weather here in Manila. It isn’t too thick but can just be perfect. I wore it a lot when I was with my dad at the hospital no something about that place always seems colder and this just made me so nice and warm. It was my best friend and so comforting for me while I was there. It is quite a autumn colored but I do love this blush pink. I still call it my ballet sweater as I bought to be used during warm ups in ballet class to go over my leotard but I can use it now as regular wear too and add it over clothes. It has so many functions so just the perfect sweater for me. Since it was my most worn piece of the month here it is in my favorites.


FU – Little Mix // Music

Another Little Mix song but can you blame me? Since the album just came out I will save the whole album being a favorite until next month so get ready for that but I can say it is amazing. When this came out I listened to it over and over while I edited pictures and wrote blog posts and by then I memorized it. The vocals in the song are amazing and the meaning is so right but not for me but a lot of family members I know can really relate to the lyrics which makes it really funny to me.

Playlist of the Month

I do have a Spotify playlist here of the four songs I was playing all of November. I was loving these four songs and made sure at the first of the month to keep record of what I was listening to over and over. It ended up being quite small as instead of listening to music I binge watched Netflix which in my next favorite you’ll understand why but when I was in the car or something these were some of my go to songs. I might start a playlist every month now to keep track of so if you want to give a follow go ahead I guess but I’ll be sharing them on here as always. I love having a mixture of music and TV shows so I love sharing them in these monthly favorites.

House MD // TV Show

The TV show I was obsessed with the whole month was House MD. I started watching it because I needed a medical show to give me confidence for my dad being in the hospital and my logic is if I see medical procedures it will be reverse psychology and prepare me. So while I was in the hospital with him I was watching this and it worked. I ended up asking the doctors and nurses questions and made me less nervous and okay being there. It is good advice if you have a slight phobia with medical stuff so maybe try it yourself since it helped me. That was how that started and I also saw it being recommended on my Netflix since I got it back last month too. It was just the right timing for everything. I started it on November 8 and finished it on November 25 so about 3 weeks of me binge watching it and watching episode after episode. I loved it and got so attached to the characters. It definitely reached my list of top rated TV shows. I think I get so involved with the show I end up thinking it is really and I develop feelings for them. My favorites besides House are obviously Chase because who wouldn’t want a hot Australian doctor and I wouldn’t mind going to see him if he was my doctor. My fave couples had to be Chase and Cameron and then Cuddy and House. I love that I know their last names more than their first names but by the end of season 8 I learned each of their full names don’t worry. I tweeted it took me about 10 or so episodes to realize that Cameron was played by Jennifer Morrison who is also Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time. I knew I saw her before but I was racking my head and finally it dawned on me but maybe since she was brunette it confused me. Overall loved the whole story line and I learned a lot from it. I kind of want to binge watch the whole thing again. Now I don’t know what to do with myself and feel so lost without it. I usually feel like that when I finish a series. 

Those were my November favorite things.  and the second to last of the year 2016! Do you remember when I promised to do all 12 months? Well I’m almost there and once I get done with this I have 1 more and I have achieved it so I cross your fingers I complete it. I’m sure Blogmas will go by quick as well but I’m just going to sit and savor it like I’ve been doing with these monthly favorites. For me they are still so fun to make and I just love sharing and talking to you about what I liked and share it to a friend. Don’t forget to watch the video above or here too if you want to hear about an announcement and also a sneaky giveaway. I guess that is it for this blogmas post. See you again tomorrow!

Only 23 days until Christmas!

What has been your most loved thing from November?

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  1. Becca Fletcher
    December 2, 2016 / 10:03 pm

    I really want to try out colourpop liquid lipsticks but the customs fees scare me because Ive heard of so many people getting ripped off by it.

  2. Sarah McDonald
    December 4, 2016 / 7:14 am

    I love reading favourite posts, although they can result in me wanting to buy everything. House is such a great show, he is absolutely hilarious. I hope your dad gets better soon and best wishes to you and your family. My favourite this month has been a MAC lipstick in Nippon – it's such a lovely every day shade. Sarah's Abode -xx

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