My Top 3 Festive Red Lipsticks For the Holidays

Festive Reds

Happy Blogmas day 13! Today is a festive beauty post and I’m going to show you my top 3 festive red lips that I enjoy wearing especially during the holiday season. I am all about the red lip during Christmas and Valentines and sometimes once or twice through out the year when it isn’t those two holidays. Something in my head switches when it is December and February to wear a bright red lip. So I thought today I would show you my top 3 picks of what my favorite red lipsticks are.

I’m not really fussy with the color red I choose but I do prefer more of the classic red more than the orange red and pinkish red. I’m a big fan of these and wear these ones too death. I think I’ve always had a thing for red lipsticks because one it was all my two aunts would wear growing up and I got influenced by them or the time when I was dancing and in shows and recitals I had to wear dark red lipstick all the time to be on stage. I was too young for makeup and my mom would jut smear it on and I would end up like a clown and it being al over my teeth. I swear I have a picture of that makeup look somewhere but I’m glad its hiding and hope it stays in hiding forever. The classic red lipstick brings back all these memories for me and like the old simple times so maybe that’s why they call it the timeless red.

BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status

The first is a lipstick that has been the second red to come in my collection and at the time was my only matte lipstick or so I thought. It is a gorgeous classic red with blue undertones but is a lot more pink or strawberry red. I like the color and it isn’t orange which I don’t really one like that so this was a nice medium and looks great on. This isn’t matte though and doesn’t dry to a matte even though it claims it is. It is pretty moisturizing and pretty easy to apply onto the lips but dries to a satin finish almost but if you pat it dry it does become matte if you are after that look but if you like the shine it is fine too. It is creamy so even if you dry it to a matte it won’t crack your lips after a while. So this one is a good happy middle between the other two which one is a creamsheen and other is full on matte. I have a separate review on this here if you want my thoughts and everything about it.

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in Downtown Red

This is the original red I own as of last year. I had some others but they weren’t of any brand they were really cheap or just from my childhood. This one however was my first real red in a while. I love the finish of this and it is more of a creamsheen so it has a lot of shine but it is still pigmented. If I still want the red but not too heavy on the pigmentation than this is my go to pick for that. The color is very blue toned and the most blue toned than the others. It is still flattering though I have yellow undertones and is lovely on. It last pretty good but since it has a sheen finish doesn’t last as long. It is super moisturizing and is comfortable on but only stays on after a few hours without drinking and comes off pretty quickly with eating and drinking so keep that in mind if you choose this one. If you’d like I have a review post on this and another red in the collection here if you are curious.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Creeper

This is a recent addition to my collection but it has made it’s way in and stole my heart. This is a true matte red and dries all th way down. It is such a pretty red color and not too orangey and not too blue toned so it makes it the perfect shade and I love it on. It is a bit harder to apply and you have to be a bit careful but once it is on and dried it looks so pretty on and last so long that you can eat a holiday dinner with it still being there for pictures afterwards trust me. I don’t have a full review on this yet but if you want one I can do one and it’s matching lip liner if you are interested in it just let me know.

| top – bottom: Colourpop Creeper, Maybelline Downtown Red , BYS Celebrity Status |

Now here are those three together in swatches. They are all different shades of red and all are lovely. I love having options so if I didn’t feel like one I could just go for another one. At the moment these are my current picks and the three I’ve been grabbing for but if I do add one to my collection maybe this will change but for now here are these three. The Colourpop as I said which is on top is a true matte and for me the epitome of a festive red lip. The Maybelline one has a nice sheen and can be worn lightly or built up to expose the true color but as you an tell in the swatch very blue toned. The bottom swatch is the BYS and it is a more strawberry red with slight pink and a little orange to it. It has lovely pigmentation and doesn’t take much like to swipe on the lips. All very different but still so pretty.

Those were my 3 favorite red lipsticks and which ones I love during the holiday season. I love my choices and got some inspiration or a push to wear red. I hope you enjoyed this and I’d love to know you’re favorite brand for red lipstick or what type you go for because I am sure there are so many options out there and I might find a new addition to mine. After this post I think I am going to appreciate the red lipstick more and try to wear it more often than the holidays. It’s just a nice look and can just be a nice final touch to a holiday outfit. So I guess that is it for today’s blogmas and enjoyed me putting this together. I will see you again tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Only 12 days until Christmas!

What is your top 3 red lipsticks for the holidays?

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