My December To Do List

Let the holiday spirit begin!

Happy Blogmas day 1! I’m so excited to begin Blogmas 2016! I’ve been waiting all year long until I can do this again and the time has come. My first post for Blogmas is my to do list for December and all I plan to do for the month. It also includes what I plan to do for Blogmas and I explain my version of Vlogmas so look forward to what I have in store for this month. So enough about that I’ll just show you this month’s to do list and then a little recap from last month as well for my first Blogmas post.

Things To Do This Month:

Finish Blogmas

Do my version of Vlogmas

Decorate the Christmas tree

Find the perfect gift for everyone

 Enjoy every minute of the holiday season

I’m hoping to finish all 25 days of blogmas and this is my fifth year doing it so I’m determined to do it again this year. If I can do it four times before I’m sure I can handle it the fifth time. It looks like my first year of blogging I didn’t do it and instead I did Blogtober but I was a student at the time and it was so difficult. I’m looking forward to it and I do all year round so when it does come around I get so happy. I am planning my own vlogmas. I am hopefully upload 3 times a week which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the following will be Monday will hopefully be weekly vlogmas videos of which you will see maybe everyday in a weekly vlog that day. On Wednesday and Friday will be holiday related videos Wednesday’s being beauty and Friday is fashion. I’m hoping to stick to that schedule and accomplish that. I set myself up for this challenge so I’m not making any other big goal but these and have a few minor ones just to fill it in. Let’s see if I will achieve those main two.

Things From Last Month:

Finish Nanowrimo

Buy new blog props

Swatch & categorize all my liquid lipsticks

Clean out my room

Watch Gilmore Girls – New & Old Episodes

Start figuring out family Christmas presents

Plan Blogmas

The big thing I planned to finish I didn’t was my Nano. I did it twice in a row but it just didn’t go as planned like I wanted to and sometimes that happens. I felt disappointed at first but there is always next year or I can do it on my own in the next couple of months. I did start and ot to about 5,000 words but I just wasn’t prepared and being away for a while last month made it hard to continue. Let’s hope next year I can try again. On the bright side is I crossed off the rest of the items on my to do list. I bought some new blog props which will be featured in a haul video soon. I did lip and arm swatches just need to edit and do a post on that if you wanted to know. I did clean out my room and then I messed it up yesterday from trying to plan outfits for outfits for my Christmas lookbook and outfits in general for blogmas. I started old Gilmore Girls episodes the first of last month and watched a season but I did end up watching the new one in one sitting which was amazing. I’ll save my thoughts for another post but let’s just saw the nostalgia was real and I knew I would love it. I added a to do list in my phone for presents I plan buying my family. I do have an idea for them and a few things for me too. The last was plan blogmas and I did that all month long and it was a struggle at first and I felt discourage but it all fell into place and now I am so excited not only for Blogmas but Vlogmas!

That was it for my first blogmas post. I’m so excited for all the content coming up this month. I hope you are too and let me know if you are doing Blogmas yourself because I’d love to share the journey with you. I’m going to keep the outro short because I will be here until the 25th. So I’ll see you again tomorrow my lovelies!

Only 24 days until Christmas!

What is your December looking like ad the first thing on your to do list?

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