My Christmas Nail Art Manicure 2016

Bows & Stripes – festive nails

Happy Blogmas day 20! Today’s Blogmas is showing you my nail art I go done and my manicure for this holiday season. If you recall I posted about my inspiration post on some nail art with a holiday design here. I choose holiday bows this year and went through with it and here is the design the nail technician did on me. So now I will just give you the details and where I got min done. 

I got a gel manicure which here is gel polish and not adding any layers or extensions. I thought it was like gel nails like I used to get before in the US but here it is just a UV gel polish that is cured using your real nails. This is my third time getting them done and have a lady now who I always go to. I feel so grown up and I never thought I would experience that but I do. If you are based in Alabang I get mine done at California Nails & Day Spa in Festival Mall. I wasn’t paid or this isn’t sponsored. I found them on my own and have been going back every month now. It is a nice treat and I am enjoying changing up my manicure each month. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she was supposed to get another technician to do it but they were so swamped when I went that she did it and wasn’t as experienced but she tried and I did smudge them a little even after being cured but it’s fine and not noticeable. It is guaranteed so if I do happen to hurt them eve more I an just go back. It’s pretty nice and I got gems on my ring finger with my bow and then some red stripes to represent a candy cane and the rest I just went with red. I like them and they are gel so it will last about a month on me which is amazing so I can’t complain. The price is 700php but I paid more this time for the extras but if not I get them for that price. I enjoy going in every month and just getting my nails done, having a chit chat with my nail lady and leaving with pretty done up nails so if you are in the area they are lovely. That is what is on my nails at the moment for the festive period.

That is it for this Blogmas post! I hope you got some inspiration from my manicure. I like it and let’s seen how long the gems will last but since it is gel I know the polish will last but just have to test gems as I’ve never had them done before. I’m guessing that is it and another short outro for me. We ar getting towards the end and I’ve written a blog post every single day for 20 days so I’m definitely running out of words which I never thought would be possible. There are only 5 days left of Blogmas and until Christmas which is crazy to me that it went by so fast. Sp I’ll be back again tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

Only 5 days until Christmas!

What is on your nails for the upcoming holidays and is it classic like mine or not?

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