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3 Christmas Sweaters – 3 Holiday Outfits

 Merry Christmas! And happy Blogmas day 25 or the last day for Blogmas 2016. It is the last one and like last year I did a festive lookbook but this year it is a tad different. I wanted to switch it up but still keep the tradition so this idea popped into my head and here it is. So without a long intro I am just going to show you the outfits which you may have seen already as solo outfits but here it is all together.

| Reindeer Sleigh | Christmas Pizza | Ho Ho Ho |

I bought two Christmas sweaters this year and used one I had bought last
year and recycled it again to wear again. I had to go back this year as
I loved the designs so
much and they are even better this year. I think this year is even
better though as you get a two in one
design almost. I picked up a grey one that is in a red sequin speech
bubble and says ho ho ho and if you swipe it is says no no no in a white
speech bubble.The second is a black sweater with a sequin Christmas
tree and when you swipe this it becomes a slice of pizza. I love
Christmas and I love pizza and they put it into a sweater which makes me
love it even more.

All the outfits I styled were something I thought would be great outfits to wear for big holiday occasions or just a casual day or the in between. You can see the video of all the looks below or here. There might be a sneaky giveaway in the video so go over there if you are interested. So that is it for this and hope you got some inspiration from this and got to recreate the outfits.

That is it for the last Blogmas post for 2016. I finished another year and feel so accomplished that I did another year and it has been 5 years doing it. It is bittersweet not going to blog everyday but I realized it just takes so much but can be fun all at the same. I did Vlogmas while doing Blogmas so it was intense but cool at the same time. I’m going to take a break after this and come back in the New Year but there might be a post up I’m not sure but I like taking the last few days off to rethink my content and everything so that will be nice to do all that fun stuff. I think that is it and pretty much everything done with Blogmas. I might or might not see you next year for Blogmas I’m still debating but I will let you know with. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got what they wanted. One more time Merry Christmas from my family to yours or happy holidays!

What would be your perfect Christmas outfit to wear again and again?

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