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Happy Blogmas day 8! Today is another Christmas sweater outfit post for blogmas. I am all about the festive outfits and it is so much fun dressing up all cute and taking part in the holiday spirit. I am such a big fan of this outfit and loved how I styled it. It is so fun and festive and I would have loved this as a Christmas party outfit. So I’m going to just give you the details of this winter inspired outfit now.

For my outfit I styled this Christmas sweater with a red lace dress. So the sweater is so cute and I got it from H&M. I love a grey jumper and it is my favorite neutral color to match a lot of things I own. The design on this one is a red sequin quote bubble with ho ho ho on it but when you swipe the design it turns white and says no no no which isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. The jumper is so comfy and a nice material and isn’t itchy or scratchy which I hate. I put the jumper over a lace dress so it seems like a skirt but it is a dress. I didn’t have a red skirt and really wanted one to complete this look but I remembered I had this red dress and I feel it looks so much better with a dress than a skirt and I’m glad I made that decision. I added black tights but it was because it was a tad to short but if it is cold where you live than it would be best. As for the accessories I didn’t do too much as I wanted the jumper and it’s sequins to be the main focus but I have my black suede ballet flats and a silver cross-body clutch. I love that it can be for formal events or everyday as a casual bag. Last since I don’t have a bow for this look I have my bow on my earrings which look like a Christmas wreath and that’s it. 

| xmas jumper: H&M, dress: Forever 21+,
tights: Danskin, bag: H&M, shoes: Lower East Side |

That was it for this outfit. I think this has been one of my favorite outfits recently. It just came to me one night before I had to go out the next day but sometimes it takes me forever to decide on what outfit I need to style but this just popped into my head at the perfect time. It is so weird how that happens and how I come up with these outfit ideas. The day I took these was also so hot and I was so wrapped up and warm standing in the sun. I mean it is a cute outfit and probably so nice for winter but when it was so hot with the sun beating down on you it was not fun but I pushed through. It is so funny how some bloggers bare the cold to show off and get the perfect outfit shot but I am the opposite I dress up in layers in the heat. I did vlog this day and it will be up on Monday in my weekly vlogmas video so you can see that in action then. I love how these turned out and if only the leaves changed colors it would make the outfit a little more weather appropriate but anyways they still look great for me. That’s it for this winter inspired outfit! I guess that is it for today’s blogmas and hope you got more festive by seeing my outfit. I’ll see you again tomorrow for another blog post!

Only 17 days until Christmas!

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What is your favorite winter inspired outfit to wear?

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