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Happy Blogmas day 16! Today’s Blogmas is kind of a second installment from last week’s fashion finds I did. The main one will be up tomorrow but today is just a snippet of what is to come because the iconic red dress during the holidays always has to be one or I’d like think so anyway. I did a similar one a few years ago with red dresses but this years theme is different and I had no where to include it so I dedicated this post to a few dresses instead especially when got in touch to choose a few from their site. It’s so nice when I am planning a post and opportunities come up that coincide with the post. So I will just show you 4 options of red dresses that I chose and what I like about them.

Lace Bateau Amazing Neckline A-line Red Backless Homecoming Dress Townsville

My favorite has to be the last one and I find it such a classic holiday style dress perfect for a somewhat dressed up party. I just love the lace bodice with a thin bow because who doesn’t love bows and silky or is it satin skirt which I love skirts like these and they look so flattering on. I think when it comes to finding the perfect red dress is find one you like and looks flattering fr your shape. It depends on if you are going to wear it again so find one you will know you can get full use out of it. I have one and use it in so many ways so it was worth it for me. Make sure it is the right one for you and find the perfect red because it will make all the difference. Those are just a few tips I found for buying a red dress as it is somewhat special. There are so many to choose from here so you might be able to find one that suits you best.

That was it for today’s blogmas! I hope you got some inspiration for a holiday red dress. Also I did a post on festive red lipsticks so you can see my top 3 picks here to match that dress of yours and a post on clutches I did lst week to accessorize the look. We are now in single digits countdown and still seemed baffled I am almost done with this but there are more days left so I guess that is it for today and I’ll be back for another blogmas!

*This post was written in collaboration with Amodabridal but my opinions of choosing my own
red dress are all on my own.

Only 9 days until Christmas!

What style of red dress do you see yourself wearing?

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