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Happy blogmas day 10! Today’s blogmas is a part of my series and I can’t wait until next week for a annual post I’ve done since I started blogging so I’m excited for that but for now this is just the beginning of it. To start off with I went for the accessories unlike last year where I went with the main part first and then how to style it but I wanted to change it up for this year. I choose these fancy little clutches for spacial occasions so whatever you have going on this month it is nice to have a clutch to have in your collection just in case you need it. I went with neutrals so the gold/nude/blush bags and then a sparkly silver/metallic silver/marble/cream. I love these colors and it can go with any dress so I will just tell you a tad more about the picks for these gorgeous clutches.

The first row is the nude and gold section. I love a gold bag and the statement piece it can bring to an outfit especially during this festive season like me. Next is the two nude which honestly is the best option if you really have no idea what to pair with your planned outfit. I do love the simple design of this and it isn’t fussy and too overboard. The third one isn’t and it has a bow which bows and me are love so it was an obvious choice for any occasion but it can be like a little holiday bow if you’d like. Last is more of a blush pink and not a nude with gold detailing but with it being such a popular color it can still blend nicely with an outfit.

The second row are the silver and the creams. The first is like the gold one but in a sparkling silver color. If you’re not too much into gold than a nice silver can work nicely for you. The second is a metallic holo kind of silver which I own one like this and it has been going so well with my outfits recently and is a lovely touch to holiday outfits. The third on the list is a designed one and it is sort of fancy with the pattern sort of like a marble with how popular it was this year as well and I do like the box style the clutch has. The final one I choose is an envelope clutch and it is a cream colored so this can match every single thing and you won’t be afraid for it to clash with everything. It is just so simple and so versatile that it can be used by anyone.

Those were my fancy clutch picks to match with your holiday outfit this year. I hope this gave you some inspiration and if you were in need of one you got some ideas now to go with whatever you are wearing. I have been loving mine and the ones I’ve collected over the last few months which kind of inspired me to do this post so I may do a collection post sometime of the ones I have. I can’t until next week’s fashion finds and probably long time readers will know what is coming as it seems it is quite a popular topic and most read post I have during this time of year. I just have to put the final touches but that will be up then. So I guess that is it for today’s blogmas and I will see you again tomorrow for a new post!

Only 15 days until Christmas!

What ind of clutch caught your eye for the season?

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  1. Minau
    December 10, 2016 / 11:09 pm

    Awesome clutches!! Love the first two on the second row!

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