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Christmas Sweaters or Jumpers

Happy Blogmas day 6! Today’s blog post was inspired by a recent purchase of my own Christmas sweater or jumper whatever you prefer (I honestly use both) and I thought I would be a great fashion finds as I haven’t done one in a while and give you inspiration if you are looking for one still. The last one of these I did was back in 2012 and that was 4 years ago so that needed to be rectified and I had to do a recent version for my picks from 2016. I inked that version from before if you are willing to read it and was curious what I liked back then because it is quite a throwback. Even though I did that post I didn’t get obsessed with them until I bought one last year and now this year I went all out and got so into it so you’ll have to wait for that but for now here are a few to choose from if you are still looking, haven’t gotten one or just going to put it off last minute than here are a few I picked.

The first row I went and choose ones with sequins. I have been in love with the sequin ones since mine last year had them. I find them so festive and the sparkles make it perfect for the season. The first is red and it is such a classic of course. It even has a Christmas tree making it even more of a classic Christmas sweater as well. The second has a couple designs on it and I love one with reindeers on it. It’s also a cream color so not too out there of a color so the design is the main focus. It’s good to have either one or the other a bright color or all out tacky design. The last two are ones I actually bought and love them but you will see why they are so cool in a blog post soon enough. They have sequins and are not that loud and in your face so I prefer that and I’m looking forward to style them.

The second row I mixed it up and did some simple ones are just ones with Christmas designs. The first in this row is another classic but not with sequins like the first. It’s red and it has a gingerbread man and reminds me of one I had when I was little. There’s something about gingerbread man that is such a holiday treat for m so why not have one on a sweater too. The next is a cutesy one and I love the cartoon print on a Christmas jumper because aren’t those the ones we had when we were little and are like the Disney cute ones. I loved Rudolf the most out of all the characters from the classic Christmas songs and movies so I love when they are on the jumpers. The third is a simple one that doesn’t seem like a Christmas one and can be great for everyday if you’re not a crazy festive person but want to show some spirit a bit. The colors is navy blue that isn’t too normal for a festive holiday color too. The last Christmas jumper for this post is another simple but a tad more festive with word. There are a lot with words but this one just says snow and has a snowflake which is very wintery and not as out there as well.

That is it for my Christmas jumpers I’ve picked for this year. I hope you have gotten some inspiration and if you haven’t gotten your yet you now have 8 choices. If it wasn’t for me needing it for something I’m sure I would be getting mine last minute for sure. The funny thing is that while writing this blog post I was watching Zoe’s (Zoella) Christmas jumper haul so it was very fitting and the timing was perfect as I am trying to catch up on all the vlogmas videos up at the moment. Speaking of vlogmas my vlog went up last night on my channel and it is quite a good one and you can see my version of it if you aren’t tired of everyone else’s and need a new one to watch. I guess that is it and again I’ll see you again tomorrow for another blogmas post!

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  1. Minau
    December 6, 2016 / 9:16 pm

    I love Xmas sweaters!

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