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Happy Blogmas day 10! Today’s Blogmas is so exciting and I wait year round to do this and it is time once again. If you’re new here then I do an inspiration post on ideas for Christmas dresses with different trends I find I like to wear to holiday parties you may going to. It has been my tradition for a few years now so I will link all my previous ones to look back on if you need even more inspiration. I told you it is a thing and it excites me that I can do this again this year and find dresses that I would love to wear. So without further ado I shall show you this years picks for Christmas Dresses 2016!

In past years I usually focused on one color and would go from there. I did red, gold, the little black dress and last year’s was blue but instead of color I based it upon a trend I have seen around everywhere and I have even been wearing. I was tempted to do velvet but since I do love and own a lot of sequins so it made a lot more sense to just go with my original plan and stick to the sequin trend as when can you not be all out in sequins because the holidays can just do that to a person.

The first set of dresses are for places that are hotter and can be worn in the warm weather. These are the super party dresses and I feel like I have seen so many variants of this around lately. For the first dress it is a black base with silver sequins and a criss-cross back with spaghetti straps. It seems perfect to style with so many looks and can go with so many things. The second one is so pretty and with everyone in love with rose gold than what is better than dressing in it to. This sequin dress is just amazing especially probably when it hits the light and the shape of it will really show off the curves. The last dress in this set is a swirl of gold and black sequins and are smaller sequins. It is a nice simple dress but with a design and I feel black based dresses with the sequins are so nice and easy to style. Now to tell you my favorite dress with this set has to go to the second one because it is just gorgeous and the color is so unique and would be too pretty for the Christmas parties because honestly I love going all out and being a tad bit extra with the whole dressing up occasion.

For the second set I have the short sleeve kind of baby doll dress. These are loose and pretty good for the fair weather which is in the middle. The first dress in this set is the simplest as well and is not as sequined as the other. The next one is a multi colored one and I love all the colors in this and probably the way this will hit the light and it seems so festive even though the colors aren’t holiday themed. The third is the most festive of the bunch and I love the style and cut of this plus the color is kind of festive but not overly so. Now my favorite in this has to be the third since it is just so cute and something I can really see going out in and I do love the color and the shiny sequins on this.

As for the third and final set is for the colder climate with a long sleeve body con style dress. I needed to add ones that are for the winter months some places have and having the first set of dresses in cold weather will be terrible. At lest with this one you can just add some tights under and then it will keep you warmer. The first dress is a royal blue so it is paying tribute to last years theme and this is such a pretty sequin dress. The second is a printed design and is a black and gold. I love the pattern on it and I wanted one with a sequins and it still had a design so this was perfect. The last dress is an ombre colored dress and love that it is red on top to still be festive and then go down to a purple. I really love this and how pretty would that be and how fun to style it with so many things. My favorite from this bunch would have to be the first one because I can see myself wearing it and I don’t have many blue things in my wardrobe.

That is it for this year’s version of my picks for Christmas party dresses. I really hope you enjoy this years choices by me and got some inspiration just in case you have any to go to that are dressed up. I wish I had one to go to this year but sadly I don’t but with a small gathering with my family. I still might dress up a bit but nothing like this for me this year so if you are than I will live through you. I think that is it for his year’s and it is sad to wrap up my fourth one of these. However if you want to see my previous years and can’t get enough I linked each one below for you so click on those if you are curios and weren’t here when I wrote them. I guess that is it and I will see you all again tomorrow for another Blogmas post!



Only 8 days until Christmas!


What kind of holiday trend of dress are you loving for this year?

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    Gorgeous dresses!

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