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Festive PJ’s

Happy Blogmas day 23! Today’s Blogmas is a roundup of a few pairs of Christmas pajamas. I am such a big fan of them and the festiver the better. So I just picked a few that are so cute and perfect since it is Christmas Eve Eve and I’m currently writing this in mine. I wish I could have picked up more but I might wait till their on sale and wear them next year. Now here are a few to look at in this fashion finds!

I love the matching sets and the I love when they have tops and bottom. I haven’t had a pair of the fleece and the satin pair before so think those would be nice. I love prints and patterns and the busier the better. There are so many different types to choose from and ones for different people.

That’s it for this fashion finds for my Christmas pajamas roundup. I’m keep this short as I am heading to bed early since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will be busy since there is a lot going on. I hope you found this inspiring and get to wear your Christmas pajamas for much longer. I can’t blieve after this there will be 2 posts left and it will be Christmas. I’ve made it so far and really stuc to it so I will be back tomorrow for another Blogmas!

Only 2 days until Christmas!

What do your Christmas pajamas look like?

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