Christmas Wish List 2016

Maybe this year

Dear Santa,

Has it already been a year since I wrote to you last? I can’t believe it and it seems like the years has gone by in a flash. My year hasn’t been too great and a lot has happened since I wrote my last wish list to you. Some were good and some were bad but I have made it another year and here I am again. I’ve been good this year despite everything that’s been going on. I tried to stay positive as much as possible but sometimes it is so hard. This letter however is not supposed to be about that but about the things maybe you could deliver to me this year to make up for everything. I don’t expect much I never do but it will sure make me happy to get at least one thing on my wish list this year.

Unlike last year I wanted a lot of photography equipment which I ended up getting myself this year. After much thought on getting a second camera and looking at so many options I finally picked one and that is the Sony A5000. It seems to have everything I want and the best thing of all it is pink. Another photography based item is a portable tripod to carry that camera and maybe get 2 for my DSLR which is so heavy to vlog with. Next I think a pair of sparkly sneakers would be such a great present for me. I’e been thinking of getting a pair and maybe just maybe you wouldn’t mind dropping a pair down the chimney. Another thing I would appreciate is a set of suitcases. I’m heading on a summer holiday and going on a plane again after a few years so I am in need of a suitcase preferably a 3 set which is pretty and pink and can get me there and maybe go traveling more.

I feel like this year was the year of makeup for me so naturally I think majority of what I want Santa is makeup. I’d love anything from the Too Faced Holiday Collection but I choose 3 to give you options or if you can maybe bring all 3 to me. I’d love to try more of their products and what better way than getting them for Christmas. Next is a lipstick set and since I couldn’t decide which I just ended up putting both for you to choose from again. I am in love with the Pink Sugar brand so adding this was a no brainer to my wish list. Last beauty item is makeup brushes. I am in need of getting me some new brushes. I think any brand would do Santa but preferably a base and eye set from Real Techniques would be the perfect starter kit.

Just like last year if you can’t get me any of these then maybe gift cards to just go by myself something would do. One to Forever 21, H&M and Starbucks would be fine and they’re my favorite things at the moment.

That is all for my wish list for 2016 Santa! I’d love to get any one of these or
maybe all of them debating on how generous you are and what I deserve or not. Anyhow I will still be grateful for anything I
receive underneath the Christmas. If not I understand and making this letter to you is fun enough for me. I remembered doing them every year and now I have this space to continue that tradition on. If this letter doesn’t convince you then maybe go to the blog post I just did where I share our pictures together here maybe then that will remind you we’ve met and convince you to get any of the things on my wish list for me. This is it for this year’s Christmas wish list and until next year Santa I’ll write you again!

With Love,

Only 4 days until Christmas!

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