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Pizza disguised as a Christmas tree?

Happy Blogmas day 19! Today’s Blogmas is another festive outfit that I’ve recently worn.This one is yet again another Christmas jumper and I love this one. I went out and tried to find the most gigantic Christmas tree I could find and I managed to but this might be a tad bit similar as it is the same tree from one of my festive outfits from last year but in a different location. This year it was inside the mall as it is now done but last year it was under construction but the front and some of the shops were open so they put it outside. I do love this tree as I’ve been taking pictures with it for maybe 3 or maybe even 4 years now which is so cool and it’s kind of become a tradition. So I should just give you the details of this outfit now and the rest of that info!

For this outfit the main focus again is the Christmas sweater. The magic effect of this one is it is a green Christmas tree with red baubles but when you swipe it up it changes into pizza so orange for the cheese and the red baubles turn into the pepperoni. If you didn’t know pizza is one of my favorite foods and if you’ve watched my Vlogmas lately and caught up with it then you may see a lot of shots of pizza in there. I love that this sweater can be festive or just regular wear with a slice of pepperoni pizza on it. I wore the sweater with a white shirt underneath as it was a bit short to wear with these olive green leggings from Forever 21 that I also wore last year during this time of year as well because that is when I get most use out of them. Then I wore black ballet flats to match the color of the sweater. The accessories I paired it with a red bag to match my sequin Santa hat with these pigtails that I did in my hairstyle video and blog post a while back. The jewelry I wore is a green hart pendent necklace that kind of looks like it is the star of the tree and mint green bow earrings I thought looked nice with the whole look. The last detail is my red lipstick and that’s the whole outfit!

| xmas jumper: H&M, leggings: Forever 21+ {similar}, bag: Forever 21,
shoes: Lower East Side, santa hat: Daiso, lipstick: BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status |

That is it for another Christmas themed outfit! I hope you liked it and as you can tell I just love me a sequined Christmas jumper. If you want to see what I did and where I shot this you can see the behind the scenes in my weekly Vlogmas I have on my Youtube channel with that and what i was up to the whole week. It’s my third one so you can see almost my whole December and what I’m doing everyday. I think I am just going to keep it short for this one as I still need to go take blog photos for the remainder of Blogmas. So I guess I will see you tomorrow for something new.

Only 6 days until Christmas!

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What is your favorite food related to Christmas?

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