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Happy Blogmas day 14! Today’s blogmas is going to be another festive and a dressy holiday wedding themed one. Last year I did a similar version you can read here but with the whole ceremony but this year I focused only on the bride and the wedding dress but with so many cheap wedding dresses online nowadays there are so many ones that might look a like so why not try something different and go with a Christmas colored one especially if you’re wedding is close to Christmas. So I will show you some Christmas themed dresses to get you inspired.

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I choose three choices that are not too festive but still have some sort of Christmas feel to them. I have two red dress options because how unique would that be or a silver one so still quite special but not as out there as a red colored one. I don’t think I would ever choose a dress other than white but it seems so fun especially if it suites your personality and are more daring in fashion. I think it would be so cool to look back on and see if you changed from that moment to this moment. The middle one though is a spin off and isn’t white but it isn’t too bold and I think the silver look so pretty and perfect for the holidays and maybe the bridesmaids can wear red and have a red and silver theme. It would look like such a festive wedding and probably be so fun to attend something like that. I love all these styles and such a fan of the cuts but my favorite would have to be the silver because of the cut and the diamond bodice making it sparkly and I do love the sparkle.

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That is it for my Christmas themed wedding dresses. I think it is such a fun idea and I’m considering it a little bit since I love Christmas but it is a unique theme and how gorgeous will you look and be the most talked about with friends for having such a crazy unique themed wedding. I’m sure there are a lot more choices and so many wedding dress suppliers to do something like this for you. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some inspiration for the future if you are stuck on themes or want to try something different. I’m so glad I got to do a similar post like this again this year as it is so nice and fun to come up with. So I guess that is it and I will see you again tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

*This post was written in collaboration with Sposadress but my opinions of choosing my own Christmas themed wedding dresses are all on my own.

Only 11 days until Christmas!


What doyou think about colored wedding dresses?

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