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Makeup Sponge Dupes

Happy Blogmas day 12! Today is a beauty post and it seems like a while since I did one. I went to Daiso recently and finally found a decent one that has so many things. You may have watched it in my vlogmas but they had these makeup sponges and I do have a Real Techniques sponge and love it but I thought these would be a great dupe and a more affordable one so I don’t feel as bad. So I’m just going to give my intial review and what I think of them so far.

It’s pretty standard packaging and nothing fussy about it. I got them for 88php a piece which is an okay price for me. I don’t think I’ve found anything cheaper than that but if I have I will let you know. On the back of the plastic case it comes in has the instructions and a guide o how to use them. There were so many options there and different kinds and from reading this it seems like each spong has a different use to them which is so cool. I thought it was just diferent colors but they all are made for certain things. The one on the left seems like it is for application and the one on the right is for correcting and redoing mistakes or that’s what I get from it. I didn’t check the rest but if I do go in again than I would have to see if what I’m thinking is actually correct.

The sponges are pretty good quality considering. I went in thinking the worst so I wouldn’t get my hopes up but turns out it does a pretty good job. They are both firm and can be squeezed nicely. I’m not an expert on this subject so I don’t know the lingo but my first use out of them I quite liked them and they applied makeup well. The orange sponge seems like a Beauty Blender dupe in regards to it’s shape but since I don’t own one I can’t compare it. The orange color however reminds me of the Real Techniques sponge. The pink one is in the shape of the RT one and has the same finish, shape and size and i seems quit similar since I do own it. I use it for application too so I don’t use it like it says on the back but it works pretty well. So in short the orange one is in the shape of the Beauty Blender but is th color of the RT sponge and the pink one is in the shape of the RT sponge and in the color of the BB sponge. I know quite trippy and it gets me confused myself but they do seem similar and are good quality. I think I’ going to use them some more but right now I am loving them and using them to apply my base makeup. I can see why people love this and it does such a nice job.

That was my beauty sponge dupe review. I hope it was helpful and if you are by a Daiso that sells these then I suggest you pick up a variant they offer or these two as I really like them and do recommend it was worth the purchase plus being only 88php is quite a good deal for me. I’d love to know what your thoughts are or if you prefer the original ones. I’m not sure yet but if you can save a few cash then why not try is what I think. So that was today’s blogmas and can’t wait to put out some more beauty content. I was going to try and make a lot more festive or holiday themed posts but this can be a little related as it can be a great gift idea or stocking filler for those beauty enthusiast in your life. I guess that is it and again I will see you all lovely readers tomorrow for a new post!

Only 13 days until Christmas!

What do you think of the makeup sponge dupes?

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