3 Holiday Hairstyles | How to style Christmas Hair Accessories

Holiday Hairstyles

Happy Blogmas day 7! Today’s blogmas is something different and my first one in a while. I’m going to be showing you 3 easy and so simple hairstyles that I accessorized with all the festive hair accessories I own. These have been my go to looks and I filmed a hair tutorial for you but in this post I will just talk about them. I find it so interesting and was so curious how to style hair with different hair accessories for Christmas so when I planned posts and videos I thought this would be so cool to show you my take on it so I’ll get on with it now.

The first style is an updo and I styled it with a bow. I already wear bows on the daily but om may only wear it during the holiday. If I want my hair out of my face and don’t want a top knot I do this and it makes it more presentable and classy. It transforms you and you feel so feminine and put together. I pull out the front pieces to frame my face but you can style it how ever you prefer.

The second hairstyle has been my absolute favorite at the moment and is just the most easiest hairstyle ever. I love the high pony tail so I either do it half up and down or my first section or the crown of my head like in this picture. I love the cute little pony on top and with the more the volume the more it is high up. The accessory I added with this hairstyle is a headband but not just any old headband but a reindeer antler headband. There are a few I own but these are just a classic for me and had ones when I was little so it reminds me of that. I can’t wait to wear my growing collection of these festive headbands. Such a simple hairstyle but adding an accessory can change it up.

The last hairstyle is another simple one and one I’ve been wearing for quite sometime now to be all cutesy. This is a throwback hairstyle as I call it because I always had these two ponytails and now I have a a permanent middle part because of it. Now I’m back for it and unlike before I let my front layers out and have it frame my face. With this hairstyle you can braid it or leave them alone or half braided whatever takes your fancy. The accessory I added is a santa hat and I thought this was the perfect hairstyle for it. Mine is quite cute and has sequins on it. I actually bought a few that are really out there and not a regular one so I have this sequin one, a glitter one and even a flashing lights one so maybe I should get plain one. I love it and it is such a fun way to wear a santa hat or I think so.

That was it for blogmas and I hope you got some hairstyle inspiration with all the festive head accessories there is. I quite enjoyed putting this together and doing these fun hairstyles and putting these hair things to good use and finding a reason to wear them. It definitely puts me into the Christmas spirit and more festive wearing things like these. Also don’t forget that I filmed these hairstyles so if you want to visual see step by step than you can watch that here or above. It is apart of my Chrsitmas Countdown with Jackie video and there is a sneaky giveaway in there so if you’d like to find out what the prize is and how to win it then it is in the video and make sure you subscribe because I am doing vlogmas on there and more giveaways for Christmas. So that is it for today’s blogmas and you got some hairstyle inspiration from me and if you do recreate one of these please show me on twitter or tag me and it would be so cool we will be matching together. I guess that is it so I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Only 18 days until Christmas!

What hairstyle will you be trying this holiday season?

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