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Happy Monday! As promised I have another planning style post which is a fun chatty post about weddings but more specifically in my cousin Mae’s point of view. Since I’m not going to have a wedding any time soon she is the closest to me planning one. We’ve been doing it together for a while now and I can’t wait till it gets it all together and seeing the results. I love browsing for dresses and just looking at all the styles and dreaming up my own but for now I can just live through Mae and her upcoming day. I will let her take over I’ll see you at the end.

Hi, I’m back. I miss Jackie blog and love her for this. I pick 4 fancy dress and had a fitting of mine last week. It was really fun and can’t wait. I pick these four dresses as this is what I imagined as my first design. The first is pretty and love the lace and sleeves on it. It feels very frilly and I like it. The second dress is so beautiful and love the style of it. The third is really sexy and so fun and daring which is not me but I can dream. The last has lace and is really poofy which love the puffiness of it.

I wanted to give my thoughts too so I love this style and my sweet sixteen dress was this high low trend and I find it so cute in a wedding dress. I love the shortness and then you still have a long train as well. I think my favorite is the second and third as they are the prettiest for me and totally my style and would love to wear it at mine whenever that comes.

prince ball gown wedding dress

My real dress has train and love it. I went with simple and elegance. So I pick another 4 dresses to  show my style. I love first dress and the lace and design on bottom. It is pretty and has many details I like. The second is really bling and I like and so sparkle which you can se from the aisle. The third is really long and sometimes I want to make mine longer like this but really bad to walk in and I’m nervous I fall in front of everyone and be bad for all of us. Last I really like this pretty dress and classic white style of it. Best be looking at it and love small details of it. I find all pretty though and be really happy to get mine done and see it complete. It is so exciting and really nice to pass time already.

I love these gowns and the long train dresses seem so cool but I can never walk in them. If I ever had a church wedding I think I would go for the long train and be like the full skirt. My favorites from this bunch is the second and fourth one as they are so girly and elegant and I would see myself with these kinds of gowns. I do love all her picks and find that I was agreeing with a lot of Mae’s choices. There are so many Cheap Ivory Wedding Dresses Australia on the site ad we had great fun scrolling and choosing.

That was it for this planning style. I love when my cousin comes on and writes about updates and we can spend the evening hanging out and talking about not only planning but about anything. It’s been so great that this experience is bringing us closer. I hope you found these dresses as much as we did and can’t wait to do more posts on different dresses and details of her day. So I guess that is it and next time again until we do another planning style post. Also go check out the site yourself if you looking for dresses or just some inspiration like we were doing during the first stages of designing her dress.

*This post was written in collaboration with Amandadress but my opinions of choosing my own bridesmaid dresses in fall are all on my own.

What style of dress do you prefer: fancy or simple?

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